Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gameplay trailer

“Creativity and personal preference will make a huge difference, and the choices you make will radically affect the game.” This is something that gamers have been hearing for years. Again and again, developers and publishers have claimed that the choices you make will have far reaching consequences, and the game will tailor itself to the way you play. Usually that is true in only the most literal sense, but in practical terms, it generally amounts to you helping someone in a sidequest and as a result receiving a special item later, and that’s about it. Maybe a new door will be open later if you are lucky. Other times it simply means that if you start shooting at people, you can’t continue to move stealthily, because the guards know you are there.

While these mechanics are all well and good, they aren’t truly freedom of choice. In reality it is just a branching gameplay option, where one choice will result in one thing or another, and that is it. But in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the game is all about choice—for real. The way you play effects the way you will upgrade, and how you handle a situation will have long term consequences. There really is no wrong way to play, but there will be many ways to play. Check out the video for a look at the many ways to approach the gameplay.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on August 23.