Capcom releases new cinematic trailer for DmC:Devil May Cry reboot

Capcom releases new cinematic trailer for DmC:Devil May Cry reboot

With just over a week and a half until the much-anticipated Devil May Cry reboot hits stores, Capcom has released a fresh new CG cinematic trailer.

Back when we first got a look at DmC in a hands-off preview this past June, we were blown away by Ninja Theory’s ability to appropriately capture the bizarre, over-the-top nature of the Devil May Cry series. Since this fifth installment will be a reboot of the beloved series, we were a bit worried that a new development team might tarnish Dante’s name — but boy were we wrong.

This latest trailer is more proof that Ninja Theory has put together a game that DMC creator Hideki Kamiya will be proud of. Dante hasn’t changed a bit. Everything about this trailer suggests he’s the same badass half-demon we’ve always known. The very fist shot shows him walking against the crowd, not even breaking stride as he knocks a can of demon goo away from an unsuspecting child. Of course, the oblivious little girl thinks he’s just being an asshole, but he doesn’t care. He’s not afraid to help humanity even if he’s hated for it.

Then all hell literally breaks loose, and as per usual, Dante remains aloof – almost welcoming the fight ahead of him. If Ninja Theory did as good of a job with the gameplay as they did with Dante’s character development, then DMC will undoubtedly be one of the first big hits of 2013

DmC: Devil May Cry is set to be released on January 15th.