Dragon Eyes trailer

If you think Dragon Eyes is your typical Jean-Claude Van Damme action flick, you might be disappointed. Still, the movie looks plenty engaging with Van Damme stepping away from his typical character into more of a Miyagi role. 

The town of St. Jude is ruled by rival gangs and a chief of police (Peter Weller) who isn’t above cold-blooded murder. Enter out-of-towner Ryan Hong (Cung Le). His vintage car attracts attention and his martial arts skills cause a sensation. The gangs begin vying for Hong’s allegiance in the hopes of exploiting his skills. However, Hong is committed to honoring a promise he made to a mentor he met in prison (Van Damme): that he will “do good” wherever possible. Hong sets out to remove the gangs’ from St. Jude even if he has to do it by himself.

Look for Dragon Eyes in theaters on May 11, which will have a limited release.