DrLupo’s Charity Stream + Boeing Starliner Gets Up But Can’t Finish | Digital Trends Live 12.20.19

On the show today: The Boeing Starliner OFT took off but didn’t achieve the orbit needed to dock with ISS; Facebook data leak exposes 267 million account IDs…


It's Friday, December 20th 2019. Digital Trends Live is about to start here Some of the topics for covering today the race to send astronauts to space from the U. S mainland continued today with Boeing Starliner Test Launch Walk through what went right and what went Little Widow. And speaking of space, it's finally here. Episode nine of the Star Wars. 42 year long Syriza's out in theaters. Now we promise no spoilers on the show, but we have to talk about the price of Skywalker. There's just no choice better. And as we've reached the end of 2019 we'll have. Dr. Jeffrey Wessler, vice president of IBM Research, joined discuss accomplishments this year and five trends. They see the upcoming year, and you know him for being one of the most popular twitch streamers. Long time Dr Lupo will be here on the show. I'm talking about his partnership with State Farm charity streams and its upcoming 24 hour play Live Stream. But if it's a dude's charities, all that and more coming up on today's episode of digital trends live it is Friday. Let's have some fun today. Thank you for joining us This is digital trends. Live is our daily show here from additional trends where we bring you the trending tech topics of the day news, interviews, headlines, discussions and so much more. All well broadcasting. Live across a number of different platforms. Run periscope, Twitter, Facebook linked in YouTube, Daily motion, Apple News. Two different mobile app. So smart television app and at digital trends dot com slash live. That was one breath that happened in one breath. Thank you. So, whatever. Whatever platform you're on, we do want to see your comments. This is interactive. Let's talk about a lot of things. They've got some great content coming up, so we want you to be a ah part of this. Let's get started right now. I'm Greg Miller. Joined by Mr Caleb Dennison. Good morning. Hello, Caleb. I realized I was doing sort of a deer in the headlights. Look, while you were finishing your intro there. So, yes, why was having a sip of my coffee? I'm a real person with this amazing only moves when the camera is on that is it otherwise, that's what it's like always here at the office, just staring off into space waiting to talk. That's right. Whatever it is that we want to talk about, not even listening to you. I'm just waiting to talk about it. That's what it is. All right, let's get going here. Let's talk about some trending tech news. Okay, So here are the big stories that are happening today. Let's start off with this. One has to do with Bo it. So we're all getting accustomed to space sex, having launches all the time. It seems like blue origin has has some Virgin Galactic has some. But Boeing? Yes. Boeing is still watching some some pretty amazing things when it comes to their own space ships. And this was their test today of the Starliner, So this was highly anticipated. This is another one of the partnerships, and NASA has so NASA partner with space X am bowing in order. Thio bring these ships up there and eventually able to bring us astronauts back to the space station from U. S soil. That's a big thing right now we go to Russia to do that or Kazakhstan. So this is a huge test, and it's went kind of all right. Poor boing Boing! Having a tough time this year in the in the press. This does not help. This does, though it doesn't seem. Obviously, this is not a Boeing 7 37 max type situation. No. However, there was some sort of failure as it headed up. It went into the wrong orbit, and now it will never meet up with the space station. It's not got enough fuel. Yes, to make that happen. And I should explain to you there are no humans on board. This is didn't say that there is a test dummy by the name of Rosie. However, the test dummy may be lost forever. We don't know about that, but yeah, that's true. The test dummy is out there now. They are still actually planning to attempt to bring it back. They've been releasing some information about this. So that launch, what happened is they got into orbit. But then one of the won something didn't fire correctly. Essentially, that precluded it from hitting the right orbit in order to meet up with that space. Yeah, which is really unfortunate, but it just goes to show you how even just tiny little mishaps can for you. Way off trajectory I mean, this really is rocket science. Yeah, it See what you did there? Yes. No data. Joe Dennison. That's what Chelsea says. No eso eso anyway, what? They what they have here This, um you know, like bringing up what you did say, though, if something does go just a little bit off, it could have a huge ramification. I mean, if you think about how complicated it really is, and we're getting a little bit used to it as far as like Oh, well, yeah, I know it's no big deal. Space X does it all timer or NASA's been doing this forever. Well, it's it's really hard. And the key here is the res ability factor. And then making sure that this could be something that's sustainable as we go forward with all of these plans for commercial space endeavors and then going to the moon again and going to Mars, whatever it may be, these tests are important. And one thing they did say in their press conference afterwards, they said that actually, so that the humans on board would have been perfectly fine and safe. Despite this miss happened, they would have been able to get them back down. Maybe a little scared, a little scared right now. Rosie is probably a little scare, Rose. He's probably scared. That's true. Can help that too much. But they did say that if the humans were on board, they might have been able to actually readjust it and reconvene tomorrow because of them acting and seeing that the problem. So that's that's also, I guess, a testament to the the power of human ingenuity s suppose onboard versus the whatever the computers that are running this wouldn't didn't respond quickly. Yeah, So I'm excited to get a look at excited to see this project. I'm not going to say get off the ground. But, you know, like really make some headway to the point where we can launch from the U. S. It's lunch again. I missed the space shuttle days. Really? Do those air, you know, growing up, watching the shuttle take off. Yeah, was always an and land was always really exciting. Obviously, there were some mishaps there, and, uh, and those were terrible tragedies. But I miss I miss having our own, like, legit human space program. Yeah, that's what's missing. Right now we're launching a lot of supplies. I'm really glad that musket and Space six are succeeding where they're succeeding. Reusing rockets. I think that's fantastic. But this is something that we really need. Um, Boeing, please fix it and make the next one of success. I think we all want to see that. Yeah. We all want to see Boeing succeed here. Yeah, 100%. And they did say, you know, this was a largely successful. We had a mistake. He said, we're gonna learn. And this was part of the conference was actually quite a few people talking about One of the one of them in particular was talking about this. Just saying that look, we made something screwed up here. We don't know exactly how it screwed up, but we're gonna figure it out. This is going to help us down the line, And that's the important part of all of these tests. Is their tests. It's incredibly complicated. Something's going to go wrong, and it's better to happen right now before you no further down the line people on there, But yeah, it's exciting. It's the exciting time for space travel, so you can read more about that at digital trends dot com and Boeing is still making announcements, bowing in NASA's faras what their next steps are gonna be. But we'll have you all updated right there on the website, continuing on talking about space. Actually, it's a big news for that today because we have an ongoing battle with satellites. So we we've talked about this ad nauseam here on the show, and a lot of people are probably aware of it. But if you're not Elon Musk and Space X has a side company called Startling and StarLink is their goal to blanket the Internet in satellites, I believe it's up to 30 thousands what their eventual goal is to provide broadband Internet access no matter where you are on the planet at all times, maybe even up to 40,000 satellites. But it's it's a lot and, ah, lot of satellites. So this is just their plan, and they have actual approval to do that. There's some stipulations that go into it as far as the satellites have to be ableto go back down into the burn up in the orbit on their own, all of that. But they're not the only company. There's company called One Web. That's also doing this. Facebook has talked about doing this, but Amazon has definitely made it clear that they have plans for it. Problem is, Amazon is not as far ahead as Space X. Not only that, but they missed the window to file for a regulatory approval back in 2016. We've currently got a waiver requested in. They want to say no. Uh, the rules don't apply to us. We want to go anyway, and they may get it. They may actually be able to put the satellites up in space, But at this point, um, the way they're they're not gonna be necessarily placed where they want him. I mean, they're jockeying for position. Um, yes, yeah, there. And there's and there's already plenty of space junk lying around where adding to it, that's almost That's definitely a different discussion. But the fact the matter is Amazon is not in as competitive a spot as it would like to be. Yeah, and I'm sure that Jeff Bezos finds that very frustrating. Yeah, they they dio and that That's why trying to jump ahead is definitely causing a problem with some of these other companies where Space X is making statements, saying, That's not right. We've gone through this. They shouldn't be able to be allowed to jump the line and get these waivers and get the river approvals because they weren't ready to do it. So that's Ah, that's gonna be a huge huge issue. I mean, I think the idea of of space based Internet is great, because providing broadband Internet access to people wherever you are is is ultimately a good thing. I feel like for humanity, but there's a lot of complications that come with it because that's so many satellites. There's all kinds of issues that are gonna be coming up with that, that people are already trying to figure out how we deal with that. I'm already feeling really selfish because I happen to fly on Ah plane across country to New York from Portland a couple days ago, this was the good one on actually, both ways they had the new high speed, satellite based Internet available on the onboard, so the plane had been fitted to take advantage of the satellite Internet that was available already, and you can stream Netflix. You can really Oh yeah, it was great. That's awesome. Street Netflix the entire time on the way home and part of the way there as well. Um, and I have to know that that is coming from yet another satellite deployed into space, and I really enjoyed taking advantage of it. So now I'm kind of at odds with this project, which I feel like again littering. Ah, you know, a very close orbit with a bunch of space junk does not sound like a great idea to me space junk because, you know, eventually it what's it stops working. Then what is it? Well, yeah, exactly. And if they get it, Thio, dive back into desperate atmosphere and burn up Fine. But I mean, at what point have we just I know it's a really big place, the orbit of the earth, But I just feel like the more stuff that goes up there I mean, you've seen the pictures of all there's like you can actually take a look at the debris and where it is around the earth, and it's kind of scary. Yeah. How much stuff is up there? Some of it is already derelict. Ah, lot. There's a There's a couple of different websites. I think it's SAT view dot org's where you can actually track satellites in real time. And there's a couple of other ones, too, that showcase, how much debris is out there even tracking the debris. And, you know, if you think about it, even just something that's the size of a marble could could punch a hole in this Mason. Yeah, exactly. I mean, that's that's how how important that reasons going 12,000? Yeah, it's going really, really fast. It's very, very dangerous. And I just feel like adding, I know it's a It's a big It's a big spot. I'm sure that they feel like there's plenty of room for it. But when you're talking about many thousands and thousands and thousands of satellites, yeah, how big are these satellites? Have you seen when you know they're not gigantic because they're sending 60 up at a time? But I did. I couldn't tell you exactly how big they are, right? They're not. They're not huge because the idea is you have them all spaced out. They're relaying with each other, but still it's a lot of satellites. A lot of satellites going up there, and that's why this is an important issue to you. I'm just figuring out what to do about this and and that's why it's also important that jumping the line on approval is kind of an issue, because you want to make sure that they know they've got to take care of this. This stuff. Once it stops working, it's gotta be able to burn up and get it out of there. So it's There's a lot to unravel with that, and this is all. These are all things that were figuring out right now, but this is going to be very near future. StarLink even said It's possible. Bye bye, maybe end of next year. You know, that's what they're saying, that we could have some of this space based Internet available here in North America. So it's happening. It's something to think about, but that's a lot to keep up with you and follow along a digital trends dot com. I know we've got more stuff to get to hear, though, before we take a break and we'll come back with some. Let's talk about another data leak. Oh, it has been a week of privacy issues we're not talking about ring this time. We're talking about Facebook. So here is the latest news, and this comes from a security researcher who uncovered this database. This is at least according to the A report from comparing Tex. That's where this is all coming from. That Ah, database was indexed on December 4th and ah, and this was when it was discovered to have 267 million Facebook users ID's phone numbers and names exposed in an online database where that could have been used and downloaded for any number of things. They don't know how many people downloaded it, How many people utilized it. It's not there now, but that's kind of an issue, because the way the way they supposedly got it was by gleaning it off of Facebook itself by finding a hole in the A p. I just kind of giving that information off and then putting it up for everybody to get, you know, I mean so a leak, a data breach like this is never a good thing. I'm glad that there's not Aton of sensitive information involved. The phone number true? Yeah, maybe that's why I'm getting so many robo calls lately. Yeah, but I mean, outside of that, my name is already personally speaking. My name is already out there. You know what I mean, Right? Not that hard to find my phone number, to be honest with you, but apparently you can prevent No, But apparently, don't start calling, please. Apparently, it's really not that difficult Thio to put to protect yourself against this by just setting your profile to friends on Lee. It is thereby not scrape a ble, at least by this particular method for this one. Yeah, which I didn't realize that either. So I have changed mine now because of that. But it's just I think you're right, you know, comparatively to what some of the data breaches are that we've seen before with passwords and everything else. This isn't that huge, but just the fact that it happened even amid, you know, I missed all of these issues that are going on, not just with Facebook. Everybody else. It's like find where these holes are. And plus, I think the problem is you have no idea where they are at the last big breach that we heard about was both Facebook and Twitter were infiltrated through third party APS. Yes, because they you know that again. It was a whole found through the AP, I and and nobody knew to look for it. Nobody knew that it was It was there, so I don't know. It seems like they should, and I'm sure they do. Why don't they? Why don't they hire their own hackers to find this stuff before third party hackers do it? You think you would think I mean just paid really well and say like, Hey, you find it until us first. You know, your Facebook say, give him a $1,000,000. Yeah. Come beyond our team, you know, and not not, you know, hold this like ransom. You know, we found a hole. You want to know where it is? Get out of your marketing budget that you're gonna spend anyway covering after exactly doing all that. Damage control is also expensive on Facebook. We're solving your problems right here. But anyway, that's part of the news. So you can check that out. General trends dot com. I know we need to get to a break, but I have to address this. Today is the day That's Star Wars. Episode nine. This is least everywhere. So actually saw it last night. Technically, it's last night, but it is out there now. The rise of Skywalker. I want to say this right now. No spoilers. I will say no spoilers here. You know, there's the trailer trailer. Kind of gives away quite a bit, but the no spoilers on the show. Um, just a couple of words. All right. Caleb, have you seen this? I have not. Okay, but I assume it's something like blah, blah, blah, blah. Millennium falcon, blah, blah, blah Light sabers, blah, blah, blah. Good versus evil. Yes. Why? You summed it up. I said, there's gonna be no snow spoilers and all right. Well, Caleb already ruined it. No. No sense in going now. No, it's I'll say, there's a lot of reviews out. We have some good articles up a digital trends dot com. I think personally, we're going to discuss it more. In between the streams, I think, was a good movie. Yeah, I enjoyed it. It's just what you said. There's light sabers there. Spaceships. There's aliens, and there's stuff being blown up and there's good guys and bad guys boom. Done a movie that you got my money? Yeah, that's it, That's all. You know what? That's fine. That's fine. Yeah, I think there's a lot of expectations built up around this because it is the final chapter. They want to Really, they want, you know, people want fans want a really big wrap up. They wanted to kind of tie everything together. Yes, maybe I understand. Make up for three particular movies in the franchise that Charlotte is still upset about. Sure, So I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of discussion. There's a lot of discussion of my only words of warning. If you haven't seen it, do not Google Star Wars there spoilers everywhere out there, Twitter is landmine of terrible things that are being spoiled. Also one word of advice when you go see the movie. At least when I saw it, it was 35 minutes of teasers and commercials and trailers before you even got to the movie. So just be a word of warning on that. Like if you're worried like oh, it's gonna start any minute should go use the bathroom and get some more popcorn. Not go. You're gonna be fine. It was like, Yes, seriously was so long the worst. But that's it. Okay, we'll talk more about that between the streams. I know we need to get to a break because we gotta reset here and prepare mentally for reading and weak, which is gonna be happening next. We take a look, some of the comments across the Internet and, of course, here online. So go and drop your comment on whatever platform you're watching back in a minute. With more digital trends live. Welcome back to digital trends live. Thank you for joining us. It is now time where we take a look at some of the comments to come through across not only our platform, but all across the Internet. And we address those comments directly. Right now, we're broadcasting live. We can see your comments to so police drop those in whatever platform. I'm Greg Miller here with Caleb Dennison. It is now time for some reason. We Yes, read, um, and possibly week. We don't know. I mean, that's that's what You never know what's gonna happen. Nor Beto regarding tech that died in the 20 tens MP three players are still very useful DVDs as well. Interesting. Yeah, to a certain extent. Yes. You know, if you like rocking it old school like that. That's fine. That's absolutely fine. I do know some people are still watching. Ah, good old DVDs. You know, nobody's. I get the MP three player hitting the red box MP three's, though, like I mean, I get it. You have? Ah, huge catalog of music. Yeah. You don't necessarily want tohave to stream it if you're still, you know, rocking an MP three player, by all means. But but don't act like it's still alive in the weighty. Yeah, you're not really by an MP three players these days. Those things are thing of the past. Thank you. Spotify. Yes, that is true. While no, Beto, thank you very much. YouTube's That video is actually there where you can watch. We've got some great year in videos that people in Check out. All right, Brandon, regarding launch of the Starliner atop an Atlas five at the Space Coast. I was there shooting video, but some but got some snaps. Maybe a NASA social will take notice for next time. Okay, So somebody who is posting and wanting NASA, NASA, Social Thio to share their picture. How can I blame him? You know, cat once is ah, photography out there taking some good stuff that I really think that does look nice. Yeah, that's a pretty cool shot that you have right there. NASA social, By the way, if you want digital trends, live broadcast from there. I'm just saying, you know, we can always range broadcast live from the next launch. All right, we've got, uh I'm not gonna try it regarding NASA's coverage of Boeing's orbital flight desk and maiden voyage to the I s s great bowing. Now we have all have to worry about space shuttles falling out of this guy. Great. Oh, man. Heil sh! Now, I I avoided going there. Yeah, but ah, brother man here did not. Okay? Yeah. I mean, again, I get your fricking Boeing. They're just Well, there's a lot of their own. Yeah, I know. It's it's a problem, but it's there. It's there. Yeah, that's a It's a rough one. I mean, thing is, any time this happens, that's gonna get brought up. Totally. That's a Friday zinger. Right there. That is a that is a Friday. Yep. That's a stabbers. What? That was was a quick stab in. That's where we went there. All right, that was on YouTube. That's what you do for Ed. Okay? All those suitcases move with you. That's the okay. What is this? Oh, a suitcase that moves with you all effing suitcases. Move with you. That's the point. By the way. I've said it before. The f in music that your site uses is blank. Clearly, the song to play here was on the road again by what we know, Cem. But you do bring some interesting things to the table now and then and I'd buy. Wow. It's just like stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, by the way. Like your sight. Yeah. Yeah. It's like you stabbed us three different times and you came through with the gauze in the yeah tape in the alcohol swabs and tried to fix us up in the air. And there No, not a great compliment at the end, like your interesting now and then, I guess. But, you know, I kind of understand. Here's the thing, though. You can't use just a little bit of a lesson on song copyrights. We can't use Willie Nelson's on the road again on a video that goes up like that. There's there's all kinds of copyright issues, so, yeah, that stuff gets taken down immediately. Oh, yeah, Walk into, like, walk into a cafe. And if you're doing a YouTube stream from that cafe or recording yourself of YouTube video or whatever and that music, you're not even playing it. It's just coming through the recording because you happen to be there. That's a copyright strike. Yep, it's over for you. And that's a big problem right now. Yeah, the way. But yeah, copyright music is a thing. And so we like many other places, get our stuff from a service. You know where we can pull some stuff down and play it at least their stinking tunes there. Ed, thank you for your comment. I'm not mad at you, and I promise all Iran sense of character from Star Wars regarding everything you need to know about Disney streaming service me complete subscription just need plus unavailable in your country. That is an issue that you're where you're at, but yeah, watching something like the man DeLorean, which is I don't know, the first television series off of one of the biggest franchises of all time and then only allowing it in, like, five countries. That's how you end up getting some pirate going. Oh, yeah, Definitely some pirating happening. And I feel I feel for this this person. Yeah. Then sorry. Because the thing you should become spoiled too. Yeah, you know, so and yet they don't even have a chance to watch it. Yeah, that is I've managed to avoid all man DeLorean spoiler, have you? Unless, you know, baby Yoda would say at least not really a spoiler. Like it's president. No, I mean, I don't think that spoils anything. No, it doesn't really. Give me the child. The child that's so wrong. This is the way, All right? Oh, recording the lid opens to slowly When you've got to go, you got to go. Okay. This is what happens when I read this before I realized the context. The smart toilet is the future of going to the bathroom. Yes. Well, that's Ah, that's something that is that it's true. There's a legend. See, that problem is a little bit faster of a motor or actuator on that guy. That is true, because emergency. I'm sure you can manually open it, right. It's not. What? Is there an override button? I would hope so. I don't know. You know what? I bet we're going to see that thing at sea. Yes. And we can find out for ourselves. Forgot to charge it. Dang it. You're gonna wait two hours anyway, Thank you for the comets that come to you again. Read it. And weep is always fun. We love seeing what people have to say, whether it's on our platforms, about our videos or whatever it is looking at you, Ed. All right, we've got some great things to talk about here on the show today. And I'm really looking forward to conversations. We have talked about artificial intelligence next, and to do so, we have Jeffrey Wessler, the vice president of IBM Research. We're gonna be talking about some of the trends. Looking forward. 2021 big thing in this last year has had a huge years that's coming up before we go to break, though. Thank you to Caleb. Hey, Thank you, too. Greg Miller. Thank you. And thanks. Everybody out there who's watching? We appreciate it. So stick around. Have fun with these conversations I've got. Dr. Lupo is gonna be on the show too. Here in just a little bit. You won't want to miss that. So all that's coming up. Stick around back in a minute. With more digital trends alive. Uh huh. Welcome back to you. Digital trends live. I'm Greg Nibbler. Thank you for joining us today, and it's so much fun talking about technology here with everybody and we're interactives. You can drop in your comments as we go throughout the show. And as we're getting to the end of the year, it's one of those times where you take a look back at some of the biggest trends in tech, but also looking forward to what we can expect in 2020. And certainly artificial intelligence has been huge this year. It's grown by leaps and bounds, at least as far as what we know about it. What? We're kind of getting an idea of what it can do. And it's such an exciting topic to talk about. And that's what we're gonna do right now. We have Dr Jeffrey Wessler from IBM Research, the vice president of IBM research. Thank you so much for joining us. Absolutely going to be here, Greg. Thanks. This is always a fun time of year to kind of reassess where we're at and then take a look forward. And that's definitely something that IBM does when it comes Artificial intelligence, I mean us or at the at the forefront of a lot of this different kind of technology. Can you talk a little bit about what IBM is role is with a I Yes. I mean, yeah, I have. This has played a huge role in everything we're doing these days across the Enterprise. I think in particular we've seen a rise in the emphasis on doing natural language processing something you can actually help us to read documents and interact on chap pots and things as well as other ways to automate a I and hopefully make it also more trustworthy, which the big issue in anything we're going to use here. Yeah, I think that's that's definitely all those great points. Yeah, when you think about it, what some of the issues are that we've seen, you know, if as just not ready yet or the data doesn't kind of match it. And looking back from this last year, it's been huge. But you all just put out a report detailing what the trends are you think are gonna be happening in 2020. Can we talk about what that is? Yeah, absolutely. Here we try and figure out what kind of five things we think will be really important. That'll have impact in the coming year. Based on where we receive things going on today. I think the number one thing we're seeing is an increase in helping I actually understand things, not just able to recognize the understand it so that you can do more with you. So if you think about it right now, eh, I can. Maybe you recognize a picture can recognize a cat or a dog, but it doesn't know what a counter a dog is or when it should actually do with that. Combining our neural net technologies, then with symbolic systems that have logic and actually reason about things, is really a big a big effort for us in 2020. So it's adding more context to what, what it's taken a look at that's exactly right. Just like a person understands a picture. It understands the context around it and basically has two more common sense. We want a I to have a little bit of that as well. Nice. So, yeah, I guess I'm just keeping trying to think about it in that context. Like not air be It could be a C also in there somewhere, somewhere along the line. So that way, haven't we? Did demonstration just just last month of a system that could see a picture of objects a sphere, a cube, a pyramid and you could ask that system. So how many objects are behind the large red sphere? So it has to actually figure out what that all means that actually use about easy for a person to do, not something different. A I system, right, getting the concept of a sphere that there could be something behind. And then what would be behind it? Yeah, that's right. And that's what one of the trends. So this is again looking forward to this year. We're going to see a I grow. Let's walk on to the next one. What's that? What's the next trend? Sex one is that you know, there's a lot of talk about a I taking your job. I don't think any concern for that right now, but it's definitely start changing the way where you work. We're seeing what the eye is, just like every other technology in the past. What is good at is automating some things for us that we don't have to do that anymore. So we're seeing a lot of impact on a I saying things like scheduling, especially beatings like trips, these sorts of tasks which were difficult for older systems to do. But any eye system could do it fairly well. You'll see less impacted things like you design, industrial design or industrial strategy, making a list of things that people are very good at doing. So figure out how you merge those things together and help your job is gonna be a big issue. So it says those Aye aye assistance kind of that were used to. Right now I'm just gonna get better and better at handling our day to day needs. That's exactly writing, really automating those tests that most of us find to be mundane and frustrating. All right, but we have more time to spend time on things we actually enjoy. That is a great use of a I so walking through some of the trends here from IBM Research. So let's go the next one. You know, when you think about it and just how it's changing a lot. One of the things that a lot of people have is OK was this are the computers taking over is, you know, and you kind of mentioned it briefly there with a CZ far as people you know, being worried about jobs being taken over. But no, it's actually gonna help out in a lot of ways. But as far as that trust side of things, I know that was something that you were bringing up. Yeah, it is because I think there's a lot of concern about when a I makes a decision or helps. It was something we want to be able to trust. That decision was made on the right basis, and sometimes I can be a bit of a black box, so we're trying to have more explain ability into a I. Already we have the I 360 toolkit, for example, which which helps to surface what the eye is doing and why it's making some decisions, but increasingly, we think in 2020 we're gonna actually use a I systems tow watch A I systems that is having a I system that's watching how the main system is functioning to see, Is it is it getting correlations that makes sense? Is that giving answers that seem to make sense or having subtle biases? It always leaning in one direction when it gives an answer? In which case, then that system can alert the person who's using it. Hate that there seems to be something is just a little strange. Why am I always getting this answer in these situations? Does that make sense? And again, it's up to the first thing to look at that and say, Yeah, that makes sense that that trend that that pattern makes sense or actually, no, I wouldn't expect that. It doesn't seem like a correlation that would make sense to me. Let me go in now and dig in and see why I'm getting that. That would be something, and I'm just kind of guessing here, but something like some of the issues that come up with facial recognition technology or something, issues we're seeing with that along with a I where it's just making these blanket declarations are understanding as far as it knows. But then, having a I judge that and then bring that to the attention of a person to make that ultimate decision, that's exactly right aren't a good example. Let's say on a I systems assisting somebody in making loans and it says to you, Hey, I noticed that you give fewer loans to people who make less money. I might say, OK, that makes sense. That's a correlation. I would expect it was, Hey, I see make fewer loans to people in this zip code. I think that doesn't make sense. Why would that be so that I want to go in and understand what's going on? Why is it making his connection? That's good. So yeah, kind of rectify some things that could be happening that maybe people aren't aware of. But with this analyzation of data that we could find out about that's exactly right. Um, all right, so we're walking through again the trends here for 2020 with artificial intelligence. What are that? One of the next to that? We want to hear it. That's to all the say I continues to grow and grow, and although we say it runs in the cloud, the cloud is made of hardware and data centers and that consumes a lot of energy. Data centers right now take about 2% of the world's energy. Eso We need to find ways to make hardware that runs a I more efficiently and greener, basically greener tech for it. So we're doing a lot of work on the hardwood chips themselves, the systems themselves. We open a big guy hardware center up in Albany, New York, and we're looking at new designs for the architecture. But even like new materials things called transition metal oxides that might allow us to analog a mixed signal processing to make a I even more efficient what we see today and that would help a lot for energy use. So that's S oh, that's interesting. Looking at the hardware side of things as far as how that's going toe possibly change how we use a I. That's exactly why I think it's something. The software, the ABS, get all the glory but also runs on hardware. And if we don't keep up with that hardware trend, we might find ourselves in a situation. We can't actually get us much out of A as we'd like. That's very interesting. Well, looking at that, um, and with their one more to that, you wanted it just on the last one way. Talk about materials we actually want. Concrete application we're seeing for A. I is helping people even find new materials or finding chemicals. So if you think about a chemist or somebody looking for a new drug molecule or a new catalyst, there's so many different ways you can make a molecule, something different. Reaction should go through. We have a I systems. Now that you could say, this is the molecule I'm trying to make and it could. They go through all of it and say, Well, here's a way you could start from base ingredients You goodbye today, put him together and actually make that knowledge. We actually put this out here for people to start playing with because we think it's actually the sign of a larger trend around the way. I can actually help us in making new advancements in materials or chemistry or any kind of area where large amounts of research necessary. So custom. I customized chemistry. Essentially, yeah, exactly. Right chemistry and actually making it practical so you can dream of this. But if you can't make it, it's no good. Just help figure out exactly how to make it. That makes a big difference. That's fascinating, and all of this is really interesting just seeing where we're going with it. In some of these rapid advancements, you know, they're happening with artificial intelligence. Where can people go and read more about your research and this study that you put out? I look at research that IBM dot com you'll find you'll find all this stuff from this blogger as well as other things we're doing today in the lab is what? Well, what? Was he going forward? Well, thank you so much for joining us here on general trends live. It's always such a fun topic to talk about and love having people from IBM on to discuss artificial intelligence and and thanks for joining us here today. Absolutely a pleasure. Thanks. Great. All right, so looking forward for 2020 on just what to look forward to with artificial intelligence and such a huge topic, and it's really something that we're gonna hear more and more about. So it's always interesting to hear from experts to talk about what they expect going forward. And that's what we just did right there. All right, Speaking of experts, we have syrup. Wrestler was gonna join us here next for another segment of work life talking about that work in life balance that we all need. She is our expert. She's gonna walk us through some issues that I think probably a lot of people are going through. We're gonna talk about that next stick around back here in a minute. With more digital trends live. Welcome back to digital trends live. Thanks for joining us. Hit that subscribe button wherever you're watching and get the notifications when we do go alive and you can join the conversation that we get to have And that is what this next segment is all about. It's why we love having Siara Pressler here in Studio for Work Life. When we talk about balancing work and life and some of those different issues that come up for all of us and this time of year in particular, this topic, it's so pertinent. The stick it. Stick with it or quit it. Stick or quit Sticker. Quit. Decker. Quit. Sticker quit. So let's talk about that. And what that Exactly. Absolutely. So, um, what we've been doing, you know, with all my clients at pre game, where we do business coaching for people on having that work, life balance is clearing things out. What do you want to take into 2020? What do you want to leave in 2019. And so one of the big topics is which things can I afford to quit? And I know with all of us, you know, if we've been in our job a long time or we're itching to start that business we're trying to think about how do I know if it's the right timing? You know, New Year new start? Is this a new decade, right? Yeah, it's all of the above. Everything. I mean, and that is such a huge thing. Because, you know, throughout the year, it feels like like your workload just gets Maura, Maura, or you just get busier and busier and busier and everybody, I feel like a lot of people have this conversation where it's like I just wish I had more free time or I wish I had more time to do this. So how do you go through and categorize what you're doing and manage that stuff? Yeah, You have to ask yourself some difficult questions and, you know, before even that there's different levels of what you stick with or quit. Okay, so, um, you know, if you have your own business, you can't just walk away from it. But sometimes business gets difficult, the market shifts and you start asking yourself like, Is it really worth all this work and all this risk to be doing this? And I've worked with clients before, too. Either pivot their businesses or close them with style, you know, when it just wasn't serving their life anymore. And so if you're kind of hitting a wall, it's really important to ask some serious questions. Of course, if you have a job, you might be thinking it's time to make a move. You know what other opportunities air out there Or, you know, maybe you're going from a job to start your own thing, to go freelance to become a consultant and you're thinking about, you know, can I afford to do that in every sense of the word afford. Yeah, yeah, Whether it's just all senses of that financially, you know everything else that comes along with it so that to stick or quit exactly such a hard decision to make it is. And then you've got the more granular level of your projects, you know? Oh, I've been working on this thing and this thing in this thing and and you know, especially if you're creative, there might be other things you want to dio. And then there's life to life takes over there so many things going on. So we gotta ask some questions. So it's making that personal assessment, asking questions of yourself Exactly. So think about why you're doing the things you're doing. The first thing is to say, what is my motive and make sure you're being motivated by the right things because sometimes we want to quit something out of frustration or fear, and that's not the best reason to quit. You want to quit because you're choosing something better. So if you're feeling a lot of anxiety about something, calm down, decide, like in the long run, bigger picture. Is this something that's going to serve me and my goals, and you can get through that slump. I feel like that is something that can happen quite easily if you're in the moment, you know? And you're feeling like, Okay, I'm upset about this right now and just just acting, you know, not necessarily irrationally, but just spur of the moment. So you're saying take a step back, take a look at the bigger picture compound, see where you're at. Is this something is a good decision or not? Yes. And there are three experts on cleaning out things that you can take their philosophies into your life. So of course, we all know Marie Condo, um, doesn't spark joy. You can look at the events in your life, the people in your life, the projects in your life and say, you know, is this giving me energy or is this training me? Okay, you have permission to say no. I give you express permission. That's hard to do. Sometimes it's really hard, but, you know, And just last month I was doing too much. I was going to every event. I didn't want to miss out on anything, and I realized. You know, I'm just giving everything, like, 10% of myself. I want to give everything my full, best self. And so I started saying no to every event, an opportunity that wasn't really on point with my goals or that I wasn't really excited about. So what did you do? Like just personally with the Abbotts. So you get invited to event, and I'm sure you're invited to a lot of things where it's like, Okay, this looks pretty cool. I don't want to miss that. You know that Fear of missing out? Yes. Aspect. So you just do you sit down with it and just be like, Okay, what am I going to get out of this? Like how you walk through that? I look at my calendar. Okay? No. In the five day view and trying to take everything out that you can and then add back in. That's very Marie condo instead of taking one thing out at a time. Like, what do I really want to go to and what are my other priorities? You know, if going to this networking happy hour means missing the gym, is that something I'm willing to do? right now for my other goals, which might involve getting in shape, not just in my business, right in my actual body and in my life. Yeah. So and then not being afraid to say no. Yeah, really Look like, is this more important, or is this more important to me right now? You know, the other thing we use a lot of pre game is the Mark Manson viral article. The hell yes or no? Okay. Like, do I feel really hell? Yes. Excited about this, or is it a no? And it makes it very polarized. If it's a maybe that means it's a no. Okay. So unless you really passionate about it, uh, just throw it out. Yes. There's 1/3 expert I absolutely love. His name is Brooks Palmer. He wrote a book called Clutter Busting, which is about your stuff. But then he makes the point that the things you're holding on to are really about something deeper about something you're holding onto in life that you need to let go of. So if I'm trying to attend every single holiday event, even if I don't really like it, maybe that's about something else about like, Oh, I feel like if I don't show up everywhere that I'm not valued, get that nonsense out of there. Give yourself permission to say no, you don't have to do every project. Say yes to everything in order to be valued. So when you do say no, you know and you're going through that and people are, you know, if they're following along, you know, going through your everything that you go doing in your life like deciding stick or quit doing that, what do you do after that? Do you have any guilty feelings afterward, or is anything that you have to manage with that is that that's part of process? You will be surprised how not guilty you will, and the people who make you feel guilty are the ones that you probably shouldn't be dedicating yourself Dio. Anyway, if people give you a guilt trip about saying no, maybe it's time to clutter. Bust those people as well clutter busting blunderbuss down. Somebody's gonna get clutter. Busted? Yes, And over the holidays, when you have some downtime I want to recommend to more resource is that are really helpful if you're figuring out whether to stick or quit with professional projects or even your business itself. Okay. Thes air two books. They're both one hour reads. Don't listen to them while you're doing something else. Really? Sit with them, read them and hear what they have to say. Um, the first book is the Dip by Seth Godin. Everyone knows Seth Goaded Awesome guru. It's called the Dip. It really creates that metaphor that, you know, if you're in the marathon, you're at mile 22. You're hitting the wall. It doesn't make sense to give up. You should push through because the finish line is in sight. Okay, But in other projects it You know, if you're hitting that wall Mile five and you're injured, it might be time to quit. So, looking at your whole life that way, sticker quit. How to know whether it is something to push through or something like no, in the fold. Um, I will read that one. Yeah, that that sounds great. It's such a hard decision, but yeah, it sounds like there's easier ways to do this. Just understand and make that make that decision. And what I have found is that what's difficult with the decision is delaying it. Um, I have a bad habit of standing at that crossroads because I want to make the perfect decision every time I want the game plan, right? That's what I'm all about. But sometimes you just have to go for it. And making the decision releases a lot of stress. Okay, and I promise you a second book. The second book is called Do the Work. It's By Steve Press Hman. I found this book because it was on the bookshelf next to my book game plan, and it had a shiny your spine, so I had to buy it so that it didn't distract anyone from my book. I'm not ashamed to admit that, but it turned out to be the best hook. So I bought three more copies, and I give them away to people all the time because it talks about the creative journey and how you have to stick with doing something. You know, say you get writer's block right doesn't mean you should give up. It means you need to keep showing up to that creative project and see where it goes. So it's figuring out what works, what doesn't work but actually helping you to make that decision for yourself. Exactly. Well, speaking of decisions, if someone were to pick up that other book that you mentioned, where would they get that other book? It's called Game Plan. Achieve your goals in life, career and business. It is the perfect New Year's gift for your team, for your friends, for anyone you believe in, and I will be going on my annual Gold Brunch tour. We do a New Year's Gold Brunch kickoff, um, in Portland in New York and a number of other cities, and everyone's invited to that. You can check it out at pregame h q dot com slash gold brunch Nice and what's the best site for people to go to? Pre game. H q dot com for game h q dot com There it is right there. Well, there are always fun, always nice having in here. Thank you for helping everybody gives giving everybody something to think about here for the end of the year, to make your next year even better. That's right. I will be back next time with even more gold sending tips. Perfect. All right, and thank you to everyone who's tuning in right now. We appreciate all of you joining us. We have so much to talk about today we have Ken Young coming up from FLIPBOARD for tech briefs. We have Dr Lupo from Twitch, like one of the biggest twitch streamers of all time is gonna be joining a show. But up next, we have Luke Larson to talk about some tech from the last decade, and, ah, very heated discussions that happened with our editors here about this. So that's coming up. We want to know your opinion. Stick around back here in a minute with more digital trends. Lives. Okay. Welcome back. This is digital trends Life. I'm Greg Nibbler. Join in the conversation, won't you? Whatever platform you're on, we want to see your comments questions as we go throughout the show. And we have got a lot to talk about joining us. Now we have Mr Luke Larson. Hello. Look, um, we I'm excited to talk about this subject because we have an article that just went up at digital trends talking about, you know, reaching the end of this decade. Yep. And some of the big tech that has happened during that time I know you and the other editors here digital trends sat down and walk through each decade to pick out one thing that stood out the most. Yes, we went there each year and chose the most important piece of tech that we thought had the biggest influence that today is still important, those kinds of things. And it was on not always an easy debates. There was a lot of going back and forth is like, Okay, this thing, I think made a larger impact, you know, going back and forth. So and I feel like, you know, with with here, I mean is everybody who is very passionate about technology. Very knowledgeable. But everybody has different approaches. This part is what would be big. So this list is out at digital trends dot com Right now, we're gonna walk through some of it. So let's go back to 2010. Yeah, The most important thing in 2010. Yeah, 2010. Um, the we chose instagram as the tech of the year. So obviously this does include things like aps and service is, but we really felt like this decade has just been dominated by Instagram Instagram has completely taken over. And I said this in the piece. I think if the two thousands were the decade of Facebook, you know, 2010 you look back. It's like we really start to see Instagram takeover, of course, owned by Facebook. But it as a as an app and as a platform really made a huge mark. What's interesting? We also did a runner ups for each of these. So as we go through, all mentioned run up for this one, which I thought pretty strongly for at the time. I Tad Oh, yeah, the original iPad launched in 2010. And that's a pretty big deal. That's a huge deal. Yep. So But ultimately we thought Instagram was, um or influential thing. IPad versus Instagram. You know, some. I think next year when you do this, we need to have, like, an extra special live stream of just hating debating everybody going back and forth. Yeah. Yeah, a trial of it or something. Yeah. Eso instagram iPad getting the runner up again. These are all at digital trends. I know everybody out there has their own opinions too, but I think that's a tough call. But Instagram definitely is very dominant. What are more people using right instagram for sure. Okay, well, kind of skip around. Some of these will go in in order, but we want you to go to digital trends dot com to read all of the list. So let's go up to 2012. This one is definitely 2012. Another app. Another service. It's uber uber uber officially launched in San Francisco in 2011 but 2012 when I got a pretty wide rule out across the nation in a few other big cities around the world. So this is really when Hoover became a big phenomenon and I The the interesting thing the runner up here is the runner up is the Tesla model s, which is another transportation right motive, innovation, the 2012 the year of transportation, apparently. But I think I think when you think when you look about look, look at the actual influence, like how uber has become just a permanent structure in urban life in, you know, in how cities work, I think a lot of much bigger influence in the first electric big electric car out there. Yeah, uber. I mean, it's it's one of those things where I remember not having uber. And it wasn't that fun. Not because of over, but just the idea of right area. That's actually a huge waves. 2012 uber being selected as the best not best but the most influential tech of that year. Let's skip ahead a couple more years and again, the whole less is that digital trends, and it's really fascinating to walk through. Let's go to 2015. Okay, 2015. We pretty big year. We've got the launch of Amazon Echo, which big is the for? It was the first big smart speaker to go come out. Um, and obviously this Since then it's just been huge runaway success for not only Amazon, but for all the companies that have Yeah, for this. I mean, essentially the center sign of the times to have where we're going and this is just going to expand it feel like this next 10 years could be, you know, still very influenced by echo, whatever that where Whatever else Amazon does with this or wherever, else in that smart home category expands on that huge building for that. Um Okay, go in up to 2016 2016 I'm travelling through the coming through, and I think that as you move forward, you get things that are more and more like while these are things everyone still has. Toy sixteen's airpods. Yeah, Huge. Yeah, And what's really interesting about each of these products is usually these are not the first, like the first, whatever type of product to come out. It's when things hit like, Whoa, this is a thing now, like is a thing that everyone is interested in. Other company ever. All the companies were jumping on board, in this case, the the wireless ear buds. Now these things are just everywhere. Oh, yeah, it's just it's ah, like it's you pictures. You see it everywhere? Yeah. I mean, you always see the golf tees in there. And I remember laughing at the design of these in the shape of them when they came out. And, yeah, like, are you, like people are gonna use these really is Yeah, you know, and look over all the jokes about him being lost. You know, that kind of thing. And lo and behold, today they're everywhere. You look basically and kind of spurt on this whole market of wireless earbuds out there. So so again, walking through these, you know, 10 things for for this last decade and hold this is that digital trends dot com. I know. We need to get to a break. You're pretty quick. But I did just want to comment on 2019. That's yeah, area. This one was kind of controversial. I am. But our pick was tic tac Tic tac, The hot new social media fad. That is an interesting choice. That's the discussion I want to hear. Yeah, um is on TIC tac. But what's interesting is we don't have a lot of people in the office or on our staff were like avid tic tac people, because talk is a Gen Z social media platform. But given the amount of influence it's already having, the amount of people that are using it just active users like this is a huge, huge, huge deal on, and I think as more Gen Z as that generation is moving into adulthood, now it's they're gonna take this thing with them, and I think over the next 10 years we're gonna see, take talk, be a really important platform you know, it's only making back. It will be a no brainer. Yeah, it's already making some new. Like these social media celebrities out of out of, you know, kids using it's It's it's it's a pretty big deal. So Tic Tac getting it for 2019 you can read the full list of digital trends dot com. Luke, thank you. Yep, all kinds of great stuff on the Web site. I know we gotta march along because we have so much to talk about. We have Ken Young from FLIPBOARD joining us Next. Protect briefs To recap three of the biggest stories in Tech over this last week. It's a lot to cover in a short amount of time, but we're gonna do it for you to stick around. We'll be right back with more digital trends live. This is digital trends live. Thank you for joining us. We like to keep you up to date on what's going on in technology, and that's what we're gonna do right now. Joining us. We have Mr Can Young for another edition of tech briefs to talk about the biggest stories in tech over the last week, and as always, it was not a slow week, but this week, in particular, privacy. With such a huge issue, it feels like privacy, data security. All of that came to the forefront in a big way. And to start off, let's talk about Ring Ring has not had a very good week can walk us through some of these leaks. So I think I think that not having a good week is an understatement. Look, I think a CZ we approached the Christmas holiday week. I think it's important to know that if you are planning on buying, ah, ring smart law doorbell or anything like that from Nest or anything like that, be aware of the privacy implications here. And I think for the But if anything that we're talking about. 2019 uh, Ring has had a privacy cloud hanging over it for the past year. It all started with revelations that the cut that the company, which is Amazon own, is actually working with law enforcement to kind of create this neighborhood esque type of surveillance network. And so people are outraged of what's going on with this and, ah, Amazons, making no apologies for for such such a program But it's also been revealed that that these ring doorbells are prone to hacking. And there's been instances where media outlets have been looking at looking more in depth at this at this data has been revealed and say like they can actually track who's going, uh, coming and going around your house. And this is kind of housing some panic among some people, right? And what we're talking about this week is that this is actually two. To emphasize all these other data breaches and privacy issues, there's been a data breach is actually multiple data breaches this week where I believe, like almost 45 hundreds of nearly 5000 people have reportedly had their information stolen by hackers. But Amazon and Ring have denied that there's been any data breach at all, and blame that that any potential intrusion is the result of customers having their own information there, their log in and password and credentials stolen because they re used it on other sites and applications that have been impacted by their own data breaches. So this would went well, I was just gonna say, I mean that that is an issue as faras Yeah, you gotta. You can't be reusing the same password over and over. But I mean, this is just there's so much of it happening The company really needs to take some kind of, you know, some kind of answer. Other than that, I feel like there's a lot more to it because one of the big things that was happening this week to it is just all these instances of people hacking into cameras and then speaking through them. And and we have video evidence of all of that going on. So there's just so much that happened with that. And like you mentioned the 4500 customers so far, that's what that's what's been reported, you know, access to through third parties that get in there and then they're able to access these devices or or take that information. It's a lot that's going on, and it's just been such a huge issued this week intact. That's why it's definitely one of our one of our things to cover here, and you can read more about it flip board and it is real trends to as far as what's going on. But ring be aware. I just bought the entire ring home security system myself. So I made sure that I have the two factor authentication on. Now that is, that something that's out there is. There's a lot that's gonna be going on with that. I feel like that's a trend that's gonna be happening for a little while. Another big report this week came up from The New York Times, and this is a pretty shocking one. It's one that I guess, you know, in hindsight, you think, Oh, yeah, that makes sense. But you don't really realize how accessible your location data is. And so this this report is part of a series. It's called One Nation tracked and there's going to be some different articles. Come out about it. It's from Stuart Thompson and Charlie Water Wars, all of New York times, And what they did is they got access to some of these giant data sets of location data. So your phone we have a location on, it's pinging where you are all the time, and if somebody gets that information, it doesn't that they're saying the data sets don't say who it is, so it is anonymous, but it tracks you everywhere You go. And so when they got access to some of these data sets, which are which are owned by all kinds of different companies, Um who who can get this, they can sell it. It's pretty much unregulated. What they could do is they went in and they just tracked, like one person's ping tracked where that person went it pink from here, Here, here, all of a sudden, boom, they get to somebody's house and then you can correlate that data and figure out who someone is. They said in some instances, it took a little is 30 seconds to figure out who someone was and get all of their information and see where they're going. And that is just so unnerve ing hearing about this and this is just part of what's gonna be revealed part of these revelations when it comes to our location data. Oh, sure and look, privacy is is like buying A is probably just a word at this point. And, yeah, you know, you can say like, oh, a cz you check in at a location or or you tag yourself in an instagram photo or or in a tweet or whatever it is. I think the thing people are are fooled by is that they believe that the terms of service is saying, Look, the's companies say we won't track you, we won't We won't release any personal information about you and to a certain degree, that's true. But there's no actual enforcement in place to actual t protect you should that actually the worst happened. And I think the point in the New York Times article is clear, like there needs to be some sort of a regulation in place to track the location, to protect people from their location, whether it's some sort of a GPR or a privacy policy. California has had taken some steps to to that, but I think some sort of, Ah, I think there's been steps by by lawmakers to enact some sort, something more federal across the United States and even abroad. But I think this is This is pretty, pretty damning overboard. I mean, there's been like, millions of tags that The New York Times came across through through a source and they could track people including, like us people that shouldn't be tracked. Those that like those that are protecting the president those from Secret Service. Those in the Pentagon, those in ah, other other classified installations. Yeah, but I don't think that, you know, if you believe that you know your data, your location is anonymized like in NATO, and your and your data is not is not tag specifically to you. Your location can actually be mapped. As this report shows that say, Like, Look, I don't I may not know that this is Ken, but tracking from here, too, and in and out Burger too. Thio caltrain to, you know, to the airport and or words to digital trends. They will know that it's going to be me. They're gonna know my pattern and whether it's for do malicious purposes or for commercial purposes, there are always ways that that data is more valuable than anything else out there. Yeah, it's it's really unnerve ing and illuminating this interview. So I suggest people read it just because it really gives you full, bigger picture of where Gate is going Also. Now we know Ken goes in and out a lot, so but that's that's a whole other issue. So So that's a huge one, though. From this week talking about that report from New York Times. Let's go out of something that's a little bit lighter. Let's talk about some big news coming from Samsung, and with the possible unveiling, well, it's a leak is really what happened. We have some pictures that came out, and it was what it was was a picture of this possible foldable screen Samsung clamshell style phone. So think about more like the Motorola razor. It looks very similar, actually, at least as far as functionally how the new motoring Motorola razor floatable phone works and ah, these leaks kind of fall in line with a lot of what we already anticipated Samsung to be doing. So I I kind of feel like these are a lot more legitimate than a lot of other leaks that we see. So I think this kind of puts the team to arrest. Like, will it blend? Will it bend? I think you're talking about with the iPhone back in the day is like, Does it bend in your pocket? Now you can figure out if the Galaxy Samsung Galaxy will actually, Ben, I think the I mean with typical foldable phones and Samsung, I think the question. Do you have to ask is will it break when you take off the plastic film on top on the screen? So this is the second time that Samsung's come out. We will come out with a portable device there, there, ahead of the head of many other people, like a four way and Rolla. And even Microsoft is coming out with it with a portable device, I believe, by my next year, actually s. So I think this is gonna be very, very interesting to see I I think the fact that if you look at all the affordable devices these days right that are available, that will be available their price at about over $1000 and that's actually priced way more. There are more expensive than the top tier phones now the Galaxies, the iPhones and anything else out there s. So this is, you know, they need to reduce the cost of these four doubles actually make it more enticing for people. Whether or not Samsung is actually gonna if this is gonna be a hit remains to be seen just because you know that after they tentatively announced revealed, I believe earlier this month or last month that they sold a 1,000,000 galaxy folds. But then they walked that back maybe a week later. So who knows what the real amount is? I think they were gunning for a 1,000,000 phones to be sold on the galaxy gold to be sold, but certainly not hitting that that Oh, uh, you know, wondered whether this new form factor this clam shell will actually make that big of a difference. But, you know, with the fact that Motorola Razor is bringing back this vintage device, who knows? I I think I think it's gonna be a big seller, but it's definitely gonna be interesting. I think it's kind of illuminating what we're gonna be seeing coming up in the next a few weeks, as we see from manufacturers, come out with some of their new designs and this foldable technology. I know we need to get to a break. I know that this is our time and, ah, we always try to pack in as much as possible for embodies listing difficult to hit subscribe where we get podcasts to tech briefs can, as always. Thank you so much. Thanks, Greg. Happy holidays. Same to you. Alright and thanks, everybody who's watching? Here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna get to a break because we have Dr Lupo from Twitch. He's gonna be on here, talk about play live his his live streaming, 24 hour live stream to help out the ST Jude's charity. And we've got a lot to unravel with. That's gonna take a break. Me right back dropping your comments, Questions if you have them for Dr Lupo. Actually, it was more dismal. Trends, live eyes, digital trends live. I'm Greg Nibbler. Thank you for joining us. We're broadcasting live on a number of different platforms, including twitch right now. And, uh, you're gonna know our next guest. And he is a twitch streaming legend. We've got so much to talk about with him. We've got Dr Lupo. Hello. Thank you so much for joining us. How's it going, man? Thank you very much for taking the opportunity to talk to me about that streaming stuff as well as what we're doing tomorrow. Literally. Honestly, for me, one of the biggest and most nervous, nerve wracking events I think of the year. So yeah, I was gonna say, like we're coming up on it so quick, I kinda want to talk about what some of the preparation is. So to give everybody just an idea, let's talk about what play live is just to give everybody the base knowledge of it. So since you play Live or ST Jude as a whole, is one of the my opinion, greatest charity events that you can give, Thio said. You play live is the gaming side of raising money through charity for the ST Jude Children's Research Hospital. For people that don't know about ST Jude, the any patient that gets admitted there they are a pediatric cancer center, Oswald's Research center for pediatric cancer. They do an excellent job of. I've taken care of every single person that ends up processing through there because not a single person pays for medication. You don't pay for any of your operations. You don't pay for travel. They try and help the parents, uh, get work while they're there. Because some of these patients and these kids end up having to stay there for, uh, for literally months, two years, even sometimes I've had the opportunity to talk to them directly myself. A number of times and the story there is Ah, I think Maur touching and a lot of people realize, Ah, top of that, like all of the research that is done at ST Jude is shared with the entire planet absolutely free. So if you donate to ST Jude, not only are you helping run the hospital, you're also helping people around the entire world every single time you donate. And even if it's just $1 that goes a long way because a surgical mask costs $3 so every little bit counts and those things adding up are huge. So Play Live is a series of events over the course of an entire year. My charity stream on Saturday starts at noon Central time, and I'm playing four night for 24 hours with a whole bunch of goals and incentives and actually more raffle prizing than we've ever had for any of these events ever. It's absolutely ridiculous how much stuff they put together you could even see, I think on screen you got a clip of me playing vi Har Fortnight, which was a really stupid thing that I did just for fun the other day. But all in preparation for this event tomorrow. 24 hours of me being live trying to raise as much money as we can, which is just such a great It's a great charity, and it really does just emphasize that I want to talk about that just a little bit more to at the end of this interview, just to come back to that talking about this 24 hour streaming what we brought up at the beginning of this. What do you do to prep for something like that? Do you try to stay up as long as you can and see if you can push yourself or or how do you? How do you get prepared? Trying to maintain just a normal rhythm? I think it's probably most important thing and don't overdo it. You don't want to like you don't go overboard on caffeine and that kind of stuff or hand typically for me. May I have a cup of coffee or two in the morning and then the entire rest of the day I'll just get carried through by adrenaline Honestly, because these things, these events for me are, ah, more emotional, more riel connection to what we're trying to do then than almost anything else not to make light of oven everyday stream. Don't get me wrong, right? It's about the community that's built up around the channel. But a long time ago I feel like I felt like I got really, really lucky. And so being given the opportunity to raise money for a good cause for these kids that to be honest, man, it's It's incredible to see them in person and being able to help them in a way that I feel like it's meaningful because ultimately it's not about me. It's not about the people who watch the channel. It's about the kids at ST Jude, and I hope people realize that when we do these things, it's it's not for anything other than them. You know, What was it that you know, somebody at your level who has the ability Oh, really influence and make a difference for a lot of people's lives? You know, if you decide to do that, which is clearly what you did, how did you decide which charity that you wanted to work with? Or maybe what was it that made you select ST Jude's um, I actually I did a couple charity streams for other charities in the past. My brother Dale, my brother in law, my wife's brother has something similar to fragile X. So I did a couple way like, four and 1/2 years ago for the National Fragile X Foundation. I've done the stream for Make a Wish, and we got involved with ST Jude because of an event called Originally called Destin Community Khan, then Guardian Con. Now it's just called GC X on they raise money for ST Jude and play Live is a big integrated thing on a lot of platforms as well. And so all of those pieces kind of added up. And once I got involved Jude and really seeing the impact that they've had and what they provide for the families and for these kids that are fighting against pretty horrible stuff and actually meeting them in person, it's it. The best part about my job and raising this money is it's not on me to raise money for every single charity I get to choose to do what you know to support what I want to. And when I said I've seen ST Jude in person that it just It means so much to be able to help these kids directly. And I physically met. That's incredible to me. That's I mean, that's gotta be a tremendous feeling to know that, you know, this is going towards actually helping somebody just like you said, helping these actual kids, you know, that are out there. It's something tangible that you can. You can see the benefits of your hard work, talked about, play live for, to bring everybody into this two of them, how they can help you and donate and and contribute to this for the for the 24 hour stream that you're doing. We talked a little bit about what to expect, but can you give us some more ideas of what actually you'll be doing during that 24 hours? So starting at noon tomorrow, Central time, I will be playing fortnight, a game that maybe some people might have heard of. I don't know if you've heard of now, but, you know, I'm sure somebody can google it. Maybe for 24 hours I'll be playing for night. And on this Ah, in this stream, I do things like allow people. If you donate $100 to ST Jude in the little message attached to it, you can include telling me to put down a weapon or an item in my inventory, those kind of things. And so the idea is, if I win a game, that means people have not been forcing me to play worst basically, which is the goal I want. I want, I want to lose. I don't want to win a single game because if if I'm I'm losing them, people are messing with my game play enough that that means that we're raising a ton of money. All they have to do if you're watching right now and you want to support saying Jud in the research hospital in what were you know, but what we're trying to do tomorrow at noon, go to twitch dot tv slash doctor Lupo. That's my channel is where it happens. There will be very clear ways, is links and shat. There's gonna be a button down below. You know where the video isn't stuff. You just click that, fill out the information and submit your donation. Like I said, even if it's just $1 it could be $10. It could be $1000. They're surprising for all that stuff. There's different incentives and goals. That information is on my Twitter already. But pull it up and watch. I'll have, uh, I have some interviews with some parents from ST Jude that have been there So you can really hear directly from patients and their families. What seems you, just like I've got I've got all sorts of stuff planned. It should be a really good should be a really, really good What sounds like this. I mean, clearly a lot that's gonna be going on with it. I was interested just staying up 24 hours and broadcasting being somebody said that to that takes a lot just in its own right. Like, don't recommend it seriously. It's gonna fail. Some people do 24 hour streams just because I look at it as like a perseverance thing, because if I can stay up and do it, if I can stay up and and and push through 24 hours trying to motivate people to raise money than hopefully I can get, you know somebody feels like it's worth donating if I feel like it's putting that much, you know, it's worth putting that much energy into. Do you schedule yourself breaks to, like, eat or just take a break? Um, yeah. Whatever happens, happens. I my wife remember him. I'm not alone in this team. My wife, Samantha, is a huge part of this whole thing. If it were not for her, I probably would not make it through something like this. So she's around my manager, too. So she does all the email correspondents, everything, but she'll be here in case anything, like finding a snack or a meal or whatever. If I have to step away for two minutes, she's around to help out. I got good people on my side. You got his number one, that's for sure. Well, thank you so much for coming here to digital. Turns live to talk about this And just you know what a great thing that you're doing. They're working on that and helping people out. And we appreciate you joining us. Ah, and I want to let people know. So it's so again this to give everybody where to go. Can you tell them one more time tomorrow at noon? central time for 24 hours. Pull up twitch dot tv slash doctor Lupo. All one words, uh, I should be on the screen right now. Just go there. Tomorrow. Everything will be super clear is how to donate. The goal for the 24 hours is $2 million. But even if we just raise $1 that's you still helping make it. So you have some time, find your way there, and I hope it, but he has really good. They appreciate the time in. Yeah. Thank you. Thanks for being here in digital trends. Live any time. Appreciate it. All right. Doctor Lupo from Twitch right here talking about that Cherries to play live 24 hour stream. That is a monumental task ahead of him to do. 24 hours. That's that's a long time to be to be on camera like that. So good for him. And again, you can go there and support them. And we have a lot about here on digital translated. We have between the streams coming up. We got Ryan when he was gonna join us. Rick Marshall to talk about Star Wars. No spoilers, no spoilers. Well, talk about Star Wars. We'll talk about some other things that are happening in movies and entertainment. We're broadcasting live. Let's take your comments, questions back in a minute, with more additional trends. Live. Huh? Huh? Hello, This is digital trends live. I'm Greg Miller. Thanks for joining us. We're broadcasting live, and it's Friday and it's about 10:20 a.m. Pacific, which means you know what time it is. It's time for between the streams where myself and Mr Right money, you're right. That's true. That's me. And that's it for our safe sex again. Where we take a look at what's going on in movies and entertainment. We've got a few everything's gonna talk about what we do have our own Rick Marshall, who is probably gonna be joining us here in just a few to talk about the Witcher, which is out this weekend. But there's another little movie that we need to bring up here. The top of the show. No spoilers. Star Wars, The rise of Skywalker. Yeah, it is out. We both saw it last night. We did again. No spoilers. And if you're watching live, don't put any spoilers in the chat. I will track you down. But, ah, I got to say this for a lot of the reviews. They're coming out. There's no denying that. You know, we've seen some of that where people are either, you know, just like any Star Wars movie. Do you love it or they hate it or they Yeah, but there's a lot more vitriol for this one than I think anyone expected. I think forms really takes the Clickbait title by saying, this is the worst Star Wars movie ever made. Oh, apparently Forbes didn't see Attack of the Clones. Yeah, but it becomes a paper thin, tiny, yes, thickness of a character for no apparent reason and falls in love with Anakin for no apparent reason, right? Those people are bad. All of the new movies air better, this one included. And I'm just going to say that because I feel like that's almost objective truth. Now, if you bring something into this movie that you're just not gonna like it or if you're like looking for some sort of existentially, you know, complicated, it sent snowman. Take on it, or if you're looking for any holes in the script, you will find them Oh, yeah, But if you go in just to have a good time Yes, my contention is you will. It's a fun movie. I had a great time. It's a Star Wars movie to Star Wars. There are light sabers. We saw Star Wars. There are aliens. There's weird planets there, some jokes. There's a few things where you're like I don't know how it's possible that that happened, right? And and then you have to just be like, but I am. It's fun to look at, but also it's a space wizard ninja. Yeah, you know, I mean, really, if you're trying to look for too much logic, just just don't That was a fun movie. I really enjoyed it. And we're not gonna spoil anything, But it is a fun time on guy. We're finding this out of the more people I talk, Thio. Sorry, didn't mean we're finding this out around the office. The more people I talk to you that have seen it, enjoy it. I don't know if we're like the only digital media publication that is really enjoying this movie. I don't know if people are just looking for a reason to hate. Um Well, I think it for any of these things. If you want to find reasons to dislike something, it's very easy to find things to dislike. But, you know, it's tough. Times always do that way, come together and find things that we like about, right? Yeah, that's that's I think the interesting thing about this is all the things that people got on last Jet I for they're not opposing Lee getting on, you know? Yeah, rise of Skywalker, for it's like, Oh, you were too subversive. You changed it up too much. You went too big. Oh, you went to small like your script wasn't like, fully explained enough or whatever. There's there's multiple question. Everybody's mad about something. Yeah, and you know, J. J. Abrams is a consummate filmmaker. He knows how to make it films. He made a pretty decent little film like I just you know, the evil thing. The Star Wars or Star Wars A decade. I mean, he didn't have a lot of time. He had to work with, you know, the death of Carrie Fisher, which was a real challenge. He came in little later, and I you know, if you want to hate certain elements. Some of the ones that people hated the most were some of the ones that I thought were the coolest. So I don't know, maybe I'm just an idiot. It's a It's a fun movie. And I enjoyed it tremendously there a couple of things that I will say. And this I am going to give a spoiler and not about the movie. There's way too many trailers at the beginning. Wait, my God, that is such It was like, Thank you. Five minutes. That's I don't know if my movie theater or our chains here in Portland. I don't know either, but we had 30 30 minutes full. We got there at 8 40 It started and the movie didn't start till 9th 15? Yeah, exactly. Right. So you'll have some time, Thio. Yeah, Yeah. Don't get your Get your seats going to go Use the bathroom before it starts. Don't work. It's your theater. Have your first beer out there. Wait. Another beer? Yeah. I mean, seriously, you've got 1/2 hour to do it. So that is That is a huge thing with that. And then we've got some of the things we're talking about here, too. Why don't go and bring on our power, Rick Marshall, Because to talk about Star Wars. Rick. Hello. Good, great. Great. So we're gonna get some audio fixed there on that. But we are telling anybody No spoilers, no spoilers. We're not spoiling anything. But we just kind of gave our opinion that we thought it was a fun movie and we had a good time with it. And I know a lot of different outlets are saying otherwise. But again, talk about Star Wars. The rise of Skywalker Before we bring Rick on just once again, seriously, 30 35 minutes of trading, like, no joke. It was getting frustrating. But we are gonna talk about a couple of those here in a minute. Some of the ones that were kind of showcased eso we'll work to get, get Rick. You're on the show. Why don't we talk about something else, though? That's very important that I really feel we need to bring up. So yeah, it's even bigger than Star Wars. And that is cats. Cats is sensational movie that is taking the world by storm. Now the oh, my God. So cats might be okay. So Star Wars was fun. Yeah, but cats might be the funnest thing that's happening at the theaters this year. Yeah, um, it's it's it's a phenomenon. It is a phenomenal if you read some of these. If you read some of these reviews, it is just amazing. You just get really gonna want to read through them. Uh, excuse me. And it's become an art form as faras a lot of different sites and media outlets tried to come up with their own unique way to talk about how we're two. Terrible it is. One of my favorites was worryingly erotic on that. Also way too horny. Oh. Then my friend my friend sent me a few cats is the worst thing to happen to cats since dogs. It is blood. Just got asked truly horrifying, like a Snapchat filter created by David Cronenberg. I mean, I love out. Everybody's coming up with their own ways due to rebut. Even NPR was talking about it. To assess Cat's is good or bad feels like the entirely wrong access on which to see it. It is with all affection, a monstrosity. I think there was a pair of raising one of them. It was somebody just like cats. Just the play and the movie. It's like a dare that just keeps going, which someone keeps going further and further to see if they can get it done. Speaking of it there, I don't know how deep we can get on this, but our own Matt Katz, who his last name is really cats. And he was very excited about cats, like, sort of sarcastically, It's cats on cats. Uh, he has made a bet that if this movie doesn't make $500 million he has to go out to lunch in a cat suit. One question I do have about that is who's buying the cat suit? Does he have to buy his own? I think you should have to provide his own cab. Yeah, that's that's tough. Yeah, not only does he have to look that way, right? Yeah. Defy a cat, I So, what? Catches like the funnest thing. If you just need something to, like, make you like, yeah, chill your stress. Like exactly we can all agree on cats. Except that which it it's his life. Apparently, that's gonna be great. So excited So there we go talk about Star Wars, not about cats. Um, let's go ahead and bring. I believe we have Rick on right now and we'll touch on Star Wars again here at the end. But before we do that, let's talk about you. Want to about 10 it. Let's talk about the Witcher. Talk about Rick is the only one who's seen it, and he's got some thoughts. Ric, Hello. I have thoughts, things, things We gotta talk about something all right, The Witcher coming out on Netflix and you have had a chance to review this. It feels like this is just like every site, and I hate to use this term, but it's their game of Thrones or what they want to be their game of Thrones. It's fair enough to say, I think everybody wants their own game. It's obviously that's the comparison. Everyone's making. Any time, any dark fantasy. You know, medieval things like that come out, you know that everyone's comparing them to game of Thrones. So in this case, the comparison is apt in some ways. But I think that it doesn't get a sort of brutal and sort of Ah, you know it's it's not as as gory and depressing. I mean, from my perspective as game of Thrones was, I really love the which I think was great, and I have never read the books or play the video game. So this was big for me to really like this and connect with it. That's what I was worried about coming in is that I just wouldn't get it, but it's really great, and it's a very slow burning Siri's, which it was surprising to me. It takes a little while to get into. I wasn't sure how I felt about it after the first episode, but if you just let it go, it it really like, brings you in and it's a great It's a great story. It's very layered, interesting, and it's already been renewed. Is that right? Yes, it's already been renewed for a second season. Uh, and you know what? It's one those shows where you're going to finish it and go. I can't wait for the second season. It's gonna be when those agonizing waits. Okay, that's that's fun to look forward to, and you kind of said not to give too much away, but I'm sure anyone who reads the books will know this or replace the games or whatever. But it's basically sort of three separate stories happening and sort of converging at the same time. Which is kind of fun as well. Yes, very much so. It's despite the fact that it's called the Witcher Henry Cavill's, which are their garage. He is not sort of the only main character in it as much like the books in the games. From what I'm told, there's, you know, the three main characters, really, and while in the books in the game and such you sort of experience the other characters on get his use to them through Peralta and this one, they can take their time introducing each of the characters individually and then sort of bringing them together. Which makes it feel that much more epic when they finally all sort of come together, much like in game of Thrones. When all these you know, desperate characters finally come together that those are big moments and that's great because they're going to be some female leads, which we always need more of. I feel like in Hollywood, so that's fun, and I hear that they're well fleshed out. One of the things I liked about your review, which is up now people can read it right now is that one of the things I was interested in is, he said it was good world building, but also sort of good character building and those the two of the main things I want for many of these Siri's Yeah, yeah, all three of the main characters have done very, very well you. And to be honest, I don't think that Ah, Karol is really the standout. Actually, Jennifer's when the characters that I really, really love and I want to see more of it, I'm I'm completely intrigued by that character. I'm lukewarm on the name Jennifer, as was I. What I did after I read your review was like, OK, I don't hate it as much as the medieval days. They were weird. You know what? The best compliment, rank and gift. I don't need it. I don't hate it so much. Weight could read the review. Rick's got his review up there at digital trends right now. And get the Witcher is out for every watch I'm watching this weekend. I know we need to get through a couple other things here, though. Let's talk about a trailer that I feel like is getting a lot of steam right now. And as do with Tenet and this trailer that came out at Christopher Nolan's new Weird What's Going on? A movie Absolutely as great for one thing. To see him get back to Weird. What's going on? Move? Yeah, after doing his, you know, his epic last time. I wasn't sure what this is gonna be in the trailer really delivered that they really kept a mystery. Shrouded. Very strange. Based on John David Washington. Yeah, Robert Pattinson of Black. Fantastic is good. Yeah, he's the dude from Black Clansmen. He's great. Also. Denzel Washington. Well, that's true to a street Fair enough. That's why he's so good looking, of course. But then they have Michael Caine in there. Elizabeth Becky, who's fantastic. Kenneth Brana makes an appearance, and you're just you have no idea what's going on. You realize to some degree, he's warping time. I think he's warping the time. Yeah, it seems like he's sort of doing a force type of time warping. They say that tenant is this word that can open all the right doors and open some that aren't right as well or something like that. So there's a lot of Mr here, but it looks really interesting. Yeah, I'm excited to see it. I feel like a lot of people are gonna be, you know, wanting to get back to this kind of crazy Christopher Christopher Nolan project. Yeah, everyone wants to know about it. There's always that mystery, and the mystery is part of the fun. All the speculation is part of the build up to every Christopher Nolan project, that great trailer. After that, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of that that it doesn't come out until July 17 2020. But you know, that's not that far away. Also. Just sorry. Also, it's just so beautifully shot. Yeah, it just like it does look great. What does it matter when it's gonna be about? It's just gonna be so pretty and, you know, he's using, like, I'm X cameras and you know, it's gonna be in 70 millimeter, I believe as well as 35 millimeter, because no one's just, you know, super old school film guy, which I love. So all of those things are gonna be great. This is probably gonna be a movie. You do want to see an IMAX. Yeah, I'm so excited for it. So that trailer is out. Can we worry about that at digital trends dot com? And I think kind of the final thing here that we want to bring up is Bill and Ted's excellent adventure. Three s O. This is the one where they're finally getting back together. We got to see some of the images from the actual shooting. There they are, the rich in the original and then seeing them. Now, I personally I'm very excited about this. There's their daughters. That's one of the key things in this. So that's each one of them has a daughter who is now I can only imagine how they're gonna have them act. Yeah, there's an actual shot from the set Bringing back a lot of people from the original in the parents are back there is that they're actually gonna be back. Death is bad, but am actor, you know, clearly there's some people that couldn't be back, but still, it's just looks awesome. Yeah, I'm not I just, you know, this is a whole again Going back to Star Wars with the expectations like this isn't going to be an Oscar winner. But like if you love the Quiano salts, it's happening. If you love those old movies, I think that it's as weird it is as it is to bring this back this late. Yeah, in you know, since the last one which happened, I think maybe 30 years ago or 25 years ago or something like that. Maybe not quite that far. But a long time ago. Yeah, I feel like this is the smartest way they could do it. For those who don't know, the idea is they were supposed to write a song to save the world, and they just never got around to it. And so then all of a sudden, the clock is ticking and they're back on the clock like these movies do where they have to figure it all out really quickly. But now they're old and and a little bit, you know, slower and and all these things. So I think the way they wrote that the script, from from what I've heard about it, that's it's a good way to go at it. Whenever you do a sequel to something that's like this nostalgic and has this much astrologer behind it, you always hear directors and writers talk about a will do when the idea is right or when we have the right sort of outlined for it or the right, you know, premise for it. And this is pretty much like you said the best premise that you could possibly do. I think for this, because it really taps into that feeling of all of us who saw the original movies and sort of where we are now. And did you achieve the things that you know you meant to do and write, you know, or that you felt you were destined to do? And I think that's really the key to this one is they kind of tapped right into that, and I think that's what's going to be the draw of this great point. I mean, like, who doesn't feel like that, right? Like the stuff you were supposed to do by family or whatever? Yeah, exactly. I mean, it's it's I'm looking forward to it, and you're just back to your point don't go in with, like, huge expectations of this is gonna change your life. Just have fun, right? Which is what I think that's great, too. Because I ended up, I think maybe years and years ago interviewed Alex Winter four digital trends about a documentary he was making. I think about Napster or something like that. And, uh and we were talking about it. Then 345 years ago, we were talking about this project and to finally actually see it. There be photos of it and it's happening. And there's a script and it's a police state for it is really phenomenal. Yeah, just 20th 20 and 20. Like this next year. Yeah, it seemed like it was never gonna come out, But then, you know, that just kicks off the whole year of the Chiana essence. You know, leading up to John Wick for just It's like every movie has to be made by Disney or starring Chiana Reeves and sometimes both. It sounds like cause he might even join the Marvel universe. I'm fine. I'm all onboard the Cheonan Asan. But speaking of having fun, we do need to get Ricks thoughts on Star Wars so we can confirm complete the trifecta Deal that Like it. We're running a little low on time. But why do you want to hear what Rick has to say about it? I loved it. I thought it was a great nostalgic sort of throwback and managed to somehow combine nostalgia of the old with sort of everything that we want to see. I think in the new Why didn't you know it wasn't my favorite movie of the year? It was very satisfying to me. It was a great, satisfying way to end the sequel trilogy and sort of wrap up all the loose ends while also kind of establishing. Okay, this is the way things are going to be moving forward. That's what I loved about it. I agree. And I think if there's one thing you can take away from this for someone who's a little bit trepidatious now TOC this movie is Don't worry about it. Yeah, Go have fun and you will enjoy it. Yeah, Yeah, in the theater Where I so I'm thinking we're cheering. Yeah, it was It was people loved it there. I mean, I walked out. I was kind of curious because I was walked looking around the theater on my way out just to see what people's reactions were. And everyone around was kind of freaking out about and really like cheering and the kids in the audience loved it. I heard these kids who are sitting in front of me just freaking out about the movie. And that was really kind of heartwarming, actually. Was a real nice reminder of like what Star Wars was supposed to be. Yeah, that just warms my heart to Yeah, let's go have some fun popcorn. All right. Well, Rick, thank you so much for joining us. And again. Rick's got some amazing articles and assessments of all the things that we're talking about. A digital trends dot com go through there. Very insightful. I love the man. DeLorean reads. I will watch the I'll read those right after I watched an episode. Eggs cool. Little like connections. Its funding from the purse through that. Yeah. Thanks, Rick. Thanks for being here. Noting out is always fun. So thanks a lot, guys. All right. And, uh, thank you. Thank you. Yes, indeed. And thank everybody out there. It's a round of thank you's for everybody here for the holiday season. And seriously, this is general trends. Live or live here every single week day and we appreciate everybody who joins us. Thio Talk about Tech. I mean, that's what we do here. It's It's a lot of fun, and you can also subscribe button and get notifications when we do go live, which is its every weekday, 19 Pacific Noon Eastern. Next week we will be live on Monday. Get some special things planned for you rest. We're gonna have shows coming up. There's all kinds of original stuff that's gonna be happening on. I don't want to give it away. I don't want to spoil any of that. You're gonna want to see it next week. So that's that's gonna be coming up to so but right back here on Monday, as we always are, I won't tell everybody to have a great weekend. Go enjoy Star War or a cat's if you're met cats or whatever, Whatever it is that you're enjoying, definitely do that. And thanks for tuning in will be back next week with episode of trends