E3 2012: Mario gets greedy in new Super Mario Bros. 2 trailer

Nintendo has two new Mario games coming out this fall, one each for the Nintendo 3DS and the upcoming Nintendo Wii U. Unfortunately for consumers, Nintendo gave both games almost the exact same name, the only difference is the character at the end of the title. 

The 3DS version is the New Super Mario Bros. 2, while the Wii U version is New Super Mario Bros. U. The new 3DS game changes things up a bit and has Mario going after coins, more coins than he’s ever gone for before — in fact he’s looking a bit greedy. We were able to get our hands on New Super Mario Bros. 2 at E3, check out our early take on the new Mario game.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 will drop late this summer on August 19 for the Nintendo 3DS.