Freedom isn’t free (but it can be very reasonably priced): A look at PlayStation Plus in 2013

Sony’s PlayStation Plus, the PlayStation’s premium online service, recorded its best year yet in 2012 thanks to exclusive content, and a bunch o’ free stuff. 2013 should be even bigger.

At E3 in 2012, Sony earned plenty of;oohs; and;aahs; with the announcement that those who joined the PlayStation Plus Premium service, either via three month subscription for $17.99, or through a single annual payment of $49.99, would receive several full games available via download. And these weren;t small titles either: We;re not talking about a free copy of >Burger King;s Sneak King>, but rather games like >Infamous> and >Little Big Planet>.>

Members currently have access to 18 games for the PS3 and PS Vita, ranging in style and genre, from blockbusters to indie releases. Unless you are such a PlayStation fan that you already own all these titles (and in that case you would probably have rushed to join the PlayStation Plus service anyway), this is not just a bargain, it is a deal. In fact, it;s kind of a ridiculously good deal.>

That;s part of the reason that the PlayStation Plus saw such remarkable sales this Black Friday. As a gift, it was boss. You not only gave a service to gamers that granted them access to exclusive content like game demos, but you also gave them nearly 20 games for free. And again, many of these are very good, award winning games.>

We spoke with Jack Buser, Senior Director for PlayStation Digital Platforms, about the success of PlayStation Plus, as well as what the future holds>