Gamescom 2012: Ghost Recon Online trailer

Gamescom 2012: Ghost Recon Online trailer

Dipping their toes into the free-to-play pool, Ubisoft has just put Ghost Recon Online into open Beta, and also released this trailer that gives us a bit of insight into what kinds of weapons, classes, and abilities players will have access to. The game has been in closed Beta since March.

In this clip we get a glimpse of different abilities, along with brief explanations of what they do. Although they’re new to Ghost Recon, the abilities are largely things we’ve seen in FPS’s of the past. 

First we have the Oracle ability, which will show you the location of hidden enemies.

Next, we’re shown the Aegis: a power-up that looks much like the Bubble Shield from the Halo franchise, and will deflect enemy bullets.

After that, it’s Blackout: pretty much the same thing as an EMP that we’ve seen from numerous other FPS’s. It disables enemy electronics.

Then we have Cloak, which makes you semi-invisible (similar to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier‘s active cammo); Blitz, which gives you an impenetrable shield that you can bash enemies with (CoD’s shield class?); and finally the Heat ability, which looks like a weaponized stove coil attached to a backpack. That one’s new to us.

Despite a lack of originality, the familiarity of these abilities will likely make the tactics of Ghost Recon Online easy to rally around. Check out the Beta version for yourself here