Ghost Recon: Future Soldier launch trailer

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier launch trailer

Yesterday, Ubisoft premiered their Ghost Recon: Future Soldier tie-in film Ghost Recon Alpha, which if you haven’t seen yet you can watch here or on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Alpha is closely tied to the story of the game, with the end of the short film rolling into the beginning of Future Soldier

If the film got you excited for the game, unfortunately, it doesn’t hit store shelves until next Tuesday, but Ubisoft is putting out the launch trailer early. Most of the previous trailers that we’ve seen focused heavily on the gameplay and multiplayer. With this new launch trailer Ubisoft actually shows off a bit of the story which has the Ghosts taking on terrorists after London is nearly nuked. 

We’ve had a couple of chances to test out the multiplayer and single player campaigns of Future Soldier, check them out for an idea of how the game will play out.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will hit next week on May 22 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Sorry PC fans but you have to wait until June 12. 

Make sure to check in with us next week for our full review of Future Soldier.