Grateful Dead Game trailer

This exists. Is it good? Is it bad? Does it actually honor the band? We don’t know but apparently you end up playing as Care Bears whose sole goal in life is to attend The Grateful Dead concerts.

Here, we’ll let the developers – Curious Sense Inc. – explain the game a bit:

The Epic Tour is a social game playable on online and mobile devices; it’s a trip through Grateful Dead time and space in which we will re-imagine ten of the Dead’s most Epic Shows.  In the Game World, each Epic Show is a Planet in Space. Players in The Epic Tourare in an adventure game trying to get to every show of the tour.

As a social game, the community of players faces a common challenge: in The Epic Tourit’s a tug-of-war between The Dark and Light. Darkness in the Game World is undiscovered, empty, or unkind places. The community of players works together to shine the Love Light in places where there is Darkness. Light represents the collective positive vibe of the Grateful Dead experience: the music, fun, community, celebration, cooperation, individualism, hope, freedom, escape, and joy. Light is brought by acts of kindness to other players, by cooperation, and by cultivating gardens of flowers.

Yep. Honestly, we just wanted to let you know that this is a thing because it’s so…weird. You can find out more at the game’s website here.