Halo 4’s remix album: Now that’s what I call pwning music

If you’ve been keeping up with all the Halo 4 trailers we’ve been posting, you’re probably already aware that the guys at 343 have a soft spot for electronic dance music. Halo 4 will even feature an all-new score from producer Neil Davidge, a former member of the group Massive Attack. Being a creative guy, he didn’t stop there — he invited a handful of big names from the booming EDM scene to remix his tracks, and then put them all on a remix album that will be released alongside the game itself. Most of the original songs are airy and majestic, but the remixers — Alvin Risk, Koan Sound, and Caspa just to name a few — have added some dubstep, electro, and trance sounds to them. 

The album isn’t scheduled to come out until October 22nd, but most of the artists have posted their tracks on Soundcloud already, so you can catch a listen there if you’re not fond of waiting.