Hands on: Lenovo K900 Intel Atom Clover Trail Smartphone

Hands on: Lenovo K900 Intel Atom Clover Trail Smartphone

Lenovo’s K900 is the first to feature Intel’s Clover Trail processor. We’d love to have this in the U.S., but will Lenovo give us that satisfaction.

In some ways, the Lenovo K900 is typical of the smartphones we’re seeing here at CES. It has a 5.5-inch display, 16GB of internal storage, 2GB of RAM, and a 13-megapixel camera on the back. The spec that doesn’t seem familiar is the chip that runs it: a dual-core Clover Trail+ Intel Atom. This is the first device to use Intel’s newest phone processor. Lenovo isn’t new to this game as their big smartphone release last year was a phone with the last generation Atom. And, just like last year, we may never see the device stateside.

In our limited hands-on time with the device, the K900 seemed very snappy and fast, from swiping around the screen to playing full HD video. The 5.5-inch IPS display does offer full 1080p resolution, which means gorgeous visuals and wide viewing angles. Even with this big a screen the overall profile is quite slim and fit into our hand comfortably thanks to the very thin bezel. Same goes for weight — the large screen doesn’t indicate a brick of a phone. Instead, it’s a nice 5.7 ounces. We only got to hold the phone for a second, but it feels like something that could fit in a large locket and not drag you down.

The models on display at CES are pre-production, so the software isn’t final. We don’t know much now except that the K900 is running Android, most likely Jelly Bean, with a Le Phone skin on top. This skin will look familiar to owners of Lenovo’s Android tablets. While it isn’t extensive, it’s prevalent enough that skin haters will frown forever.

However if you’re into this phone, you’re probably into a little bling. The metal casing comes in four colors, and the diamond plate is our favorite for sheer boldness and audacity. There are more conservative styles available, including one that gives the impression that your phone is covered in gold.

The Lenovo K900 will go to China first in the spring. No U.S. release details yet, including whether or not it will actually come to our shores.