Hands on with Samsung’s Series 7 Chronos do-it-all laptop

Hands on with Samsung’s Series 7 Chronos do-it-all laptop

Samsung’s new Series 7 Chronos seems to offer everything a laptop user could want. We see if the Chronos looks as good in person as it does on paper. 

A laptop is often a compromise. Consumers can have performance, looks, battery life, and portability, but they usually can’t have it all at once.

There are a few rare laptops, however, that truly offer everything, and the Series 7 Chronos looks set to join their ranks. This 15.6-inch laptop is large enough to provide the wide keyboard and display many buyers crave, yet Samsung says it can manage up to 11 hours of endurance. Performance isn’t sacrificed either, as the system is equipped with Intel Core processors and tackles games with an optional Radeon HD 8870M GPU.

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So is there anything the Chronos can’t do? To find out we headed to the show floor at CES and took a closer look. From afar the laptop’s brushed-aluminum finish blends with the rest of the Samsung line-up. Up close, however, we quickly noticed its slim frame. The system is just 20mm (or .8 inches) thick, a drastic reduction in size compared to the current Samsung Series 7 which, when similarly equipped, is over an inch and a half thick.

A reduction in size also provides a reduction in weight that cuts the new system to just a tad over five pounds. While that doesn’t qualify it for The Biggest Loser, we found that the Chronos felt light in-hand when compared to current competitors with similar hardware. We also expect the Radeon HD 8870M to be at least as quick as the Radeon HD 7870M. If true, this thin system will be able to offer gaming performance on par with current gaming laptops, while weighing less than many systems stuck with integrated graphics.

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Though equipped to handle the latest games, Samsung isn’t marketing the Chronos as a gaming product. It’s a sleek, practical laptop with an enjoyable keyboard, wide touchpad and multi-touch display. Virtually any user can sit with the laptop and have a great experience.

We failed to find any flaw with the Chronos. Still, there is one thing we don’t know – the price. Laptops that truly do it all, like the ASUS Zenbook UX51VZ and the Apple MacBook Pro 15″, aren’t cheap. We expect the Chronos to ship for around $2,000 when it comes out mid-year.