High School trailer

High School trailer

This new movie from writer/director John Stalhberg Jr.’s is comedy about a valedictorian who schemes to get the entire student body, and possibly the teachers, stoned.

High School (pun intended) stars Michael Chiklis as Principal Gordan, who suddenly decides that zero-tolerance crusade will snuff out his nemesis, marijuana. He creates a mandatory drug test for all students the failure of which results in an immediate expulsion.

School valedictorian Henry Burke had just smoked his first joint when Gordon starts the policy. In an attempt to save his college scholarship Burke teams up with a pothead to somehow get every student in his school high.

There are some surprisingly big names in this little film starting with Chiklis, but also including Adrien Brody as an insane pot dealer, Colin Hanks, Curtis Armstrong, and Yeardley Smith.

High School hits theaters on June 1 but it will only be out on a limited release.