How 5G Will Change Gaming & A.R. | Digital Trends Live 12.5.19

Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon talks to Greg Nibler about what’s going to happen with 5G phones in 2020, and what technologies 5G is going to positively impact the most.


a Greg Nibbler with digital transfer of the Qualcomm Snapdragon summit here in now. We're talking about five G technology. We have the person of the hour here with us right now. The president off Qualcomm. Christiano Ammon. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. Happy to be here. Great. It has been really exciting so far, learning about five G. And I know there's a lot more that's gonna be coming out. But what I want to talk about is one of the things you brought up in the beginning, which is how far we've come with five g. And I feel like everybody's kind of catching up to speed on that. Did you talk about where we've come just in this last year? Up to this point? Yeah. Look, we took you know, the challenge with the mobile river system to accelerate five by one year. We felt that the market is ready for fungi in comparison. When when we look at the transition to four g way had, you know, like a four operator stream Korea one in the United States is Verizon Way Had three phones, one information to see one from algae, one from Samsung. And this time we when we put ourselves in the eco system Tau a celebrate five g is incredible. We have now 40 operators that lounge fungi in 19. Remember five G was originally scheduled for the Summer Olympics of 2020 in Japan. Actually can argue more than a year acceleration. We have 40 operators that launch 40 Okay, EMS, and we have over 200 operators in 109 countries investing five. So from the idea to accelerate five G to 19 way we're now, it's incredible what we accomplished in 2019. I mean that adoption rates just amazing without many partners, and that many people from around the world that are clearly seeing the advantages of five G and want to bring this out to more people. And one of the things that you know you were talking about today are your new chips and wonder if you could give us just kind of an overview of those and what they're going to allow providers and partners to d'oh when when you think it's more fun? Today in a smartphone, uh, it's been incorporating a lot of the feature from consumer electronics. It's your camera is your mobile gaming device is your navigation. And when you add five, we see a lot more capabilities coming. Not only the multiple gigabit speeds they're gonna get five G but also a lot of development. Artificial intelligence for own device, artificial intelligence plus capabilities to play mainstream gaming. One of the use cases of five G and 8 65 that announced today is our flagship smartphone, and it's going to be the best smartphone you combine. 2020 will be in 80 65 a power smartphone, and the second announcement is how we're gonna bring five G to the other tears into scale and our 700 Siri's already incorporated five G or devices, and I think that's a really great point to bring up to his five Gs. Everybody's comfortable with that idea, being in a mobile phone where that's what where we see a lot of it coming. But it's other devices to, and that interconnectivity. What will that allow people at home to do? You know, when you start thinking about all these different things connected, what other what are the kinds of things that people look forward to Maybe even in this next year alone, right? It's a long list. Just giving you examples. Your phone is gonna get much better. I think you're gonna have new service is that you're not able to do it today. You'll be able to do it. You're gonna play mainstream gaming's. You're gonna have a completely different social experience. You're gonna be able to become a broadcaster with ability to stream content in high definition in real time, you will be able to change how you deal with social virtual presence. So there's a lot of things coming in their phone spits, but five G's also transform and many other industries. So from the transformation of the automotive industry with 52 connected cars also the where you're going to see in smart cities you're going to see in industrial and then enterprise applications. We see a future when you're gonna be thinking about productivity in your work environment. Whether is your phone or your PC, they're all five g connected. All of your data is on the cloud and everything. It's going to be about bringing the power of the cloud toe, everything that we do, everything that was a really interesting aspect to you. I feel like it's that kind of democratization of access to data that this would allow in this huge amounts of data that we're able to harness now. But what can you do with it? And you brought up artificial intelligence and different use cases in that aspect and talking about the enterprise side of things. That was another really interesting interesting part of it. As far as what people are doing. Is there any one particular thing that you'd like to let people know about with that? That you're excited? I'm very excited about the enterprise use case. For example, if you look of a company like Microsoft and you look at the whole strategy of Microsoft today, they position themselves as the future off Microsoft is the Enterprise Club. So it's about going to the enterprise. Move the entire I T infrastructure to the cloud, move all of the data instead of you storing data data is on the cloud for the Microsoft one drive, and it doesn't matter if you're a pussy on a mobile device. You always have access to data. You always have access to your, you know your corporate information. Whatever you are, old devices are connected. And then the most interesting thing the one that I'm most excited about is five. G allow you to do own demand computing. So whether your PC or your phone if you run out of processing power, you can use five G bandwidth to run the application from the cloud and that allow you to have virtually the ability to run anything you want. That's why, on this smartphone going back to the smartphone, mainstream gaming console gaming will be played on any mobile device. Because of the streaming service is in the main industry of gaming go from councils. Two phones were excited about you think that is the future. That's when it's gonna be because of that processing power of the five power that gaming is gonna go to the cloud. Absolutely, I think with we started to see right now that two things with epic game fortnight, mobile devices and smartphones became part of the main gaming community. Now, with glucose stadia with the Microsoft streaming gaming devices, it's you be able to bring the ability to run any game on the cloud and have that in whatever device you have, it's almost like your smartphone will become your little you know, gaming counsel. And with that was started. See foreign factors changing like foldable, bigger screens for gaming, for video. For all those new applications that you can stream or run from the cloud, that's just that's completely changing how we game that's that's turning phones in. And that's because of these five G chips, like that's the power that that's going to bring to it. That's why we're gonna be able to do that. Yes, and it's not about it's not about what you're gonna have to play Candy Crush. You'll be able to play mainstream gaming titles, and we're not gonna argue about it's this game for Seed is this game for a council is just gonna be a game. You wanna play play online. You're playing your how you knew that I play candy crush. But anyway, um e I want to say thank you so much. The one final question we've been asking everybody to is just on a personal level. What is one thing that you are really excited that you're going to be able to dio with five G I You know, I think there's a lot of it will take a few years, but it is not. It is not a technology limitation anymore. And I'm excited about this because of the potential off transforming things. And I think you can agree with me when I tell her example, when you put all of those things together, you can run things from the cloud you're connected, the cloud and a reliable manner. 100% of the time you have the processing partner device into cloud. We can start thinking of new devices and augment. The reality is going to become a real thing, and it's going to get scale so you'll be able to have devices. They're gonna look like I glasses like this. I think humans won't be walking all of us in a room with big PR helmet, but you wear something like this. This thing has a potential. Have five radios and cameras and a very light device with a lot of process in the cloud, and you'll be able to walk around using artificial intelligence, recognize faces immediately go to their social network and information about this person. If I met this person, we're interacting with any information about this thing that I'm watching. Can you can you bring information from the cloud and that's gonna change how we communicate we're gonna interact are gonna do social big transformation coming. And I'm very excited about that. I mean, that's basically taking science fiction. And now it's reality. It's what it's going to be. How far out for those glasses? I want a pair. I think about 23 years. Okay, fair enough that 2 to 3 years, I'm gonna be asking you about that. Whoa, Cristiano, thank you so much for joining us here and again. You know, thanks for sharing your information on this. It's really exciting what five G's gonna be able to do. And that's why we've been having a really great time. You're bringing you this information. I mean, this is cutting edge stuff that we're going to be able to use, but now and Maurine the future. So it's really exciting, this one. No more about the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, of course, and go to digital trends dot com. Find out about what everybody is doing here, what their partners are doing, and we can always bring you that information right there. So thanks for tuning in back later with more distal trends