Inside Assassin’s Creed 3: episode 4

From what we’ve seen in previous episodes of “Inside AC3,” we know that the game is going to be awesome, and we know that Ubisoft has worked harder than ever to make the world of AC3 as realistic, immersive, and historically accurate as possible. This clip highlights how developers worked closely with historians to build digital replicas of colonial-era cities like New York and Boston, which is extremely cool. According to these guys, if you’re from either of these cities, you’ll likely recognize certain historical landmarks and feel oddly familiar with the layout of the maps.

In addition to the cities, they put plenty of work into the American frontier as well. Out in the uncolonized parts of the map, you’ll be able to hunt wild animals, and ambush troops in much the same way as you would in a city. Also highlighted int he video is the new mechanic that Ubisoft has included, the “tree-running’ feature that lets you traverse tree trunks and branches with the same style and finesse as you have on buildings and rooftops.