Jersey Goes Jersey Shore On Uber + Alienware Aura R10 Unboxing | Digital Trends Live 11.15.19

On the show today: Jedi: Fallen Order drops today; Jersey slaps Uber with a $650 million fine in unpaid employment taxes; Work / Life with Ciara Pressler on how to stay creative…


It's Friday, November 15 2019. Digital trends Lives about to start Here, Some of topics recovering uber is facing a massive fine from the state of New Jersey labor division. Getting them with $649 million they say, is Oh, because misclassification of contractors and crypto currency is increasingly being adopted as an alternative to traditional financial services. Will be joined by Maggie Ing of crypto dot com to discuss the changing marketplace. Will also have Steven Cox, founder and CEO of Take Lessons, stopping by to talk about their global learning platform that connects students of all ages and professions with teachers and hundreds of subjects. And it's Friday, which means we'll have our segment of between the streams with the return of rhyme. Anita, we'll bring you up to date. In the biggest developments in streaming television. That means Disney plus Apple TV, plus Netflix and more. All of that coming up on today's digital trends live Hello, this is digital trends live to start Daily show here from digital trends, bringing you the trending tech topics of the day, news, interviews, headlines, discussions and more. And we're broadcasting live from our Samsung Q let four k studio. We live on a number of different platforms. Ron Periscope, Twitter Twitch, Facebook Linked in YouTube Daily motion, Apple News True Never mobile app. A smart television app and digital trends dot com slash lives. Wherever you're fighting us, dropping your comments, your questions throughout the show, this is interactive. We want to see what you say. What? You want to talk about it in particular for YouTube watchers gonna tell you something here in just a minute about how you can win some prices, but to start off. I'm Greg Nibbler, joined by Maria Lopez Low. Hi. Thank you so much for joining us. Yeah, flesh. It's a pleasure to be here. And those who are fans of DTs Manolo note. Maria is the host of in Vivo and she is amazing and really paying you. And so glad to be here now in DT life DT live. And we've got a lot to talk about today. But I do want to address what, sitting here on the table. So we have a giveaway for you and in particular, this is going to be going to YouTube watchers today. So if you're watching this show on YouTube. Pay attention. I'll tell you about five minutes. Five minutes. We gotta wait. And then I'll tell you how you can win what we have here on the table. We've got two different copies of Apex, the brand new game. We've got this guy right here. The funk. Oh, Pop. So all of this, we're doing three different giveaways and those who watch on YouTube, I'll tell you here in just a minute. But start off. Let's talk about some trending news and certainly something if you are a gaming fan, you know about Jet I being out today. So this is the one that's been anticipated for a long time. Fall in order? Yes, the game. I'm pretty sure many people what's waiting for that gang. And everything is really smart to launch today because he's, you know, almost one month for lunch. The movie. Two of the right words and use, you know, inborn all the Star Wars. November, December is off the funds. I'm pretty sure that would be so happy. Yeah, it is. It's a really smart and you have the man DeLorean, which is out on Disney plus. Yes. So right. It's part of this giant Disney ecosystem that they're you know they're creating right now with Star Wars in particular, because this does fall into the canon of the show because it takes place between revenge of the city and a new hope is where it's supposed to be falling in. So it's another jet I named called testes, and he's got a cool little robot on his shoulder. I mean, the game itself does look like it's a lot of fun, but it's it's really tapping into this huge Star Wars boom. Right now. I gotta ask for us. Star Wars fan. Really, I know. Thank you. Believe in the first time I didn't wash any movie but Stuart years ago than was the lounge the two years ago in December. I think a movie on everybody was so excited here in the office to wash the movie, and I say, Oh my gosh, I need to start The wash is Star Wars. I did. I didn't really like it. I know, really. Gamer friends know about video games, right? Really? Like an hour Days three. Yeah, I mean, it's it's a fun Siri's, that's That's a list. Which one did you start with What's so funny? I just start to watch the movie that was the eighth. Like two years ago. You jumped in and I didn't understand anything right. I was almost my coach Bundy. They watch neither, and he was one sleeping in the movie theater. One thing we say we need to start today and we'll start for the 1st 1 You know, I know many people say it's better if you start with the fire and then you went to the wonders. But I just started. Was there during my order and regular order. Well, yeah, I mean and you're right. It's the timing of this to, you know, a month from the next one. Yeah, it's pretty great. So that is out. And I want to let it ring out to you. We have a full review and a walk through a digital friends dot com should go there and take a look at that and and find out everything you need to know about it if you're not at home playing it already, so check that out. Digital trends dot com Alright, we did talk about a giveaway. So here is what we have we have the fungal pop for Apex right here. We've got two different versions of the game. Got the PS four version, and we have the Xbox one version. And here's how you can win it so youtube dot com slash general trends. Go there, watch us right there right now and take a screen cap of your subscription to our YouTube channels. Just hit, subscribe, or if you're already subscribed, that's fine. Take a screen cap of that and then email it to DT Live at digital trends dot com. That's d t live at digital friends dot com. We'll pick three different winners so three different people will win off of this. So do that right now. Take the screen cap email detail up Digital. Two weeks is pretty easy free stuff. I mean, it wasn't like they were giving away things, So take a look at that, and that's where you could win those. Let's continue on with some trending news, though. Uber is definitely in the news today for a huge fine being levied against them by New Jersey's labor board, and it has to do with misclassification of their workers. This is a huge story that's been going on nationwide with uber about. How do they? What do they consider their employees are? The employees are the contractors, Uber says. They don't have any employees. They don't have drivers. There's just independent contractors that work for them. But New Jersey said no, that, in fact, you are misclassifying your employees, and you owe $650 million in back unemployment taxes. Oh, my God, that is a lot. And that's just one state with this. You also have California. Who's, uh, who's about ready to pass there? Legislation where all employees, essentially for gig economy jobs, would have to be classified as employees, which is a whole different thing on its own. Right. But this is this is something that uber can't ignore. Yes, off court? No. And just wondering, you know, if they now need to pay that really huge amount. Yeah, probably the Rice king increasing the accuracy after that. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, because they're not gonna You're right. They're gonna pass it on. Yes. You know, that could be really bad for customers. Yeah. Yeah, that's a good point. I mean, it's part of this huge debate of what? What should they be caused by uber is saying, You know, these people who are independently contract ID, have the freedom to work whenever they want, leave whenever they want, do whatever they want, and then that's kind of the exchange. We provide the platform. But in reality, that's how uber is making all of their money or off the backs of the drivers. So when they when they mess with the rates, and I think that's probably a lot of it, too, is just how they've treated some of some of the issues where you know they'll they'll take cuts out of the rate or if it's surge, pricing don't give anything to drivers. And there's different issues in different states that have been brought up. And of course, you know uber has their side of the story, but this is something that's gonna have to be figured out and what which side is going to win? And that's what I'm curious. Since we're live, you know what people think about this? Yes, Like how I mean, have you ever driven or for uber lift? I never driver. I just a costumer about driver. You ran leave both every time me too. You know, I really worry that, you know, after that, what happened? Was that right? Later company, right. How the pricing is gonna work out. Yes. Yeah. Sample the price. I don't know. Maybe can be good for the drivers if they gift to thinking a contract. Probably because they can have benefits off something like that. Right. But some people lie that uber or lyft driver because they're free to war when they want right there. Independent. Yeah, you can. He can be a side job. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know how it's all gonna get. You know how it's all going to shake out. But with this kind of a price tag on this just New Jersey doing this. Imagine what other states are going to start doing. Freddie was just for New year. See that? Oh, my God. Just New Jersey if they do in front o United States, you know? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, yeah, I'm taking a look here. Yeah, it's just New Jersey, so it's 119 million of it is interest. Back interest is what they're saying. Yeah, Yeah. I mean, this is a huge fan. Of course, Whoever said they're gonna disputed and they're not gonna pay it, But it's one Maur giant headache. They're gonna have to figure something out one way or another on on how to handle this issue. But it's interesting and read all about it. A digital trends. It's gonna be a trending topic for quite some time, but let us know what you think about that. All right, we have a lot of news to get Thio in a short amount of time. Let's continue on here talking about something else that is trending this one I found really fascinating. It's another legal issue, but it's definitely something that's going to affect a lot of people in the law that passed in the state of Illinois regarding using artificial intelligence when applying for a job. So here's what it is. They're saying that now, and the name of this act is the Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act. And essentially, it would make employers use of somebody's hiring you for a driver going through an interview, process the employer. If they use a I. At any point during that hiring process, they have to disclose it to you and tell you what is being done. Oh, you see this with a lot of companies using artificial intelligence a lot more to where, uh, you know, though, analyze personality traits or they'll analyze some facial recognition software is involved. And now these companies in Illinois will have to make sure that they know about it. They know. Yes, Mom, that is. You know, I think it's for for the people that know that using the kind off intelligence are deficient telling you for them because I think that's another year's increase every time, and that is really good. But I'm pretty sure that people need to know what they're doing with their, you know, private things with your face on with everything. Yeah, is that important? I had set first. Yeah, I agree. I think it's gets good to know I'm part of the part of what you know. The The reasoning for this is just the fact that facial recognition tack and some other way I software has proven to be kind of unreliable in some cases, racist misidentifying people. So there's definitely some huge issues when it comes to that, and I think that's what this is. It's saying like okay, since this isn't necessarily proven. You have to tell everybody what you're doing and why you're doing it and walk through that. And so even the person applying they have to sign off on it, Afraid to be even be used. But the problem is, it's a little bit vague on what is a I and that's not really defined in it. So I think there's a lot of companies. They're just kind of confused on. What would count towards that. Yeah. So which is it? I mean, it's a good point on a lot of things, too, because what is a I You know what? They Yes, right. What they recognized like a Iot. What? No. Yes, it would be just nearly no. Yes. That that just in Illinois? Yeah, that's where that one is. But this is starting. Probably can be more. I mean, you could see California rolling out with something like this to I could definitely see that. Or New York. I mean, this is, uh, one of those issues, you know, that we're all trying to figure out right now is how is artificial intelligence being used? What is it used for? Definitely a big a big talking point right now. That is an act that is past two in 2020 in Illinois. I think January 1st is when it starts. You'll have to be doing this as an employer. So a lot of confusion, But it will be interesting to see as a test case how this plays out and how it's being utilized. And also just to find out how many companies are using, I Yes, I don't even know that, you know? Yeah, I know that I is everywhere right now, but I didn't know that. So companies can use that for in the interview, for figured out, taking contract? No, no, A person, you know? Yeah, I have a lot of facial expressions. I don't I don't know that gang. How was good? I don't know. I don't know if that's good or no, but I'm pretty sure I can told with my eyes sometimes. And I love my eyebrow. I think you like what? Probably I was wondering what seeing like the Aye Aye about that, right? What would you think you're doing? Yes, It would be good or no. Yeah, right. She's a little shifty. I don't know. Yeah, well, maybe I won't move right. I think that's the best policy. Yeah, barely move and just keep your eyes open the whole time. Well, that's a That's a lot of spastic. You check that out. Digital trends dot com Let us know what you think. Final thing to hit on here before we go to our break. This coming from Virgin Galactic. So Virgin Galactic, of course. One of the many companies in the space race for commercial space race in particular. And they are now watching their astronaut readiness program is what they've announced. The Virgin Galactic. There's one of their planes is what's gonna take people up to space or just on the verge of space. They partnered with under armour for their for their astronaut suits. They're calling them astronauts, and, uh, and and this is part of the that plan that you would have to go through the training in order to actually do this. The wall Would you do it? I would love to, but, you know, I'm pretty sure I would love to do it, But I won't like to do the 1st 1 Yeah, no, in the Free street. Yeah, Let him shake it out a few times first. Yeah, Thursday. You know what she called? Everything was perfect. I don't have to try. I remember when I was a Cheyenne. I just always say that I will have to be a Probably many people have seen this hang about. I was wondering to be astronaut will go to the space. I think the dreams can be true. I mean, for right now you need $250,000 to do it, but 90 minutes lips. A little bit of it is hiccup there. But hey, you know what? You probably need some people to go up there and broadcast live and volunteer for me, too. You mean the shortest punish? See? There you go. You got both sides covered. Come on, Virgin Galactic. Let's make this happen. So get me more about that at Digital Trans. I know. We need to get to a break. Maria, Thank you so much. Thank you so much for you. And and, ah, lot to cover it. We've got a lot coming up here on digital trends live. You want reminder, But you've got to give away. So if you're on YouTube hit, subscribe just screen cap it show. Show that you did it. And then email DT live at digital trends dot com. I got three different giveaways right here. So the apex game apiece for Xbox one in the fucking pop you could win it. All right, we're gonna take a break coming up. We have syrup Wrestler. Who's gonna be in here for another edition of work Life Talking about the conundrum of staying creative? Sometimes it's, you know, you get well weighed down with work. It's hard to stay creative sometimes. And that's what we're gonna discuss some great tips. So stick around back in a minute with more digital trends. Live Apollo 11 years go for separation. TV is making history again. Groundbreaking Samsung Que ele e d eight k And welcome back to your digital trends lab again. Thank you, everyone for joining us broadcasting live here every single week dating on a Pacific noon eastern And we do appreciate it. And it is now time for another edition of work. Life with Europe. Wrestler. Hello. Hey, Grey, How you doing? I'm great. I love the jacket. Thanks. Just want to get that out of the way. First you know why I'm wearing it. Why? Because today's topic is creativity. So bring a little sartorial creativity to the show today. Well, that's perfect. And staying creative is so important for a number of different reasons, and I know toe kind of set it up and talk about it. I know that you get a lot of video submissions that come in. Do you wantto get so many guys? So many so many videos. But this is my favorite from this week. So this is the topic we are going to tackle. Hi, Sierra Stephanie here from New York. I've been in the event professional for about 10 years and wondering how you keep it fresh creatively when you hit a wall. All right, there it is. Yeah, that is challenging. So it's one thing to be creative. It's a whole other thing for that to be your job, right? You know, like your job is to come up with an idea right now. Yeah, that's a lot of pressure. It is a lot of pressure. So how do you How do you manage that? Like, how do you walk through, like, staying on top and staying fresh and staying creative. Absolutely so. First of all, when you're going into a new role, a new job, a new project, you have a lot of ideas right at the beginning because you're not thinking the way everyone else's that's been there forever, right? So write them down because you'll forget. So you'll have this treasure trove of ideas that you can use over the next year or so. Okay, that's a good idea. So keep notes, whether it's in your phone or something, or writing down to somewhere. Absolutely. Okay. And I want to say that creativity is not just the job of professional creatives like writers, designers, event producers. It's everybody like we all have to think about things creatively because the world's changing so fast, you have to be able to adapt right and come up with different solutions that could you write that you know how everything has changed so quickly, right? You creativity is part of pretty much any job, no matter what it is now. Absolutely. So my number one tip Okay. If you get nothing else from this today is to get out of your bubble. Okay, be a beginner. This helps you think creatively think differently about everything. So if you can put yourself into situations maybe not at work but outside of work to be a beginner, go try something new. Take a class in something you know nothing about. Read a book about a topic that you're unfamiliar with podcast documentaries. Go visit a new place. Being in unfamiliar territory is going to make you think differently, perceived differently wide in your perspective. And all of that helps you to be creative. Yeah, and that's that's just so such a huge thing. And so walking through that, you know, and talk about that and do it being a beginner, that's a great way to start off. Then what do you do continuing on from there? Absolutely Will you have to create space for the creativity to come. So if you're always and go mode and you're freaking out and you're like, I've got to get this, you know, production together and your project mode all the time. It's very difficult to be creative on demand, so you've got to create some space for it. So whether that is, um, having an hour session, just you and the white board. Or maybe it's you and your team. Maybe you bring it off site, okay, That you guys can think differently because we have those triggers of being in our normal environments in our normal circumstances that make us think in the same ways over and over. So when you change something up, environment people, that helps you to be more creative and see things differently. Yeah. Okay, so that's so that's a really good chip right there. Just working with other people and and yeah, and trying to get off that site. So walking through it again, talk about how to stay creative, which is part of work, life and and, you know, really understanding what we need to do with that and maintain that in your job. Great tips. What else should we know? Well, again, staying outside of your bubble as possible. So actively, hard sometimes to do that, it really can. Because we hang out with people in our own industries. Like if we are out of events and networking were maybe not changing it up that much. You know, like if you work in real estate, you're probably hanging out with real estate people. You know, if you work in music. You're hanging out with music industry people. So try to go to some events, have friends, um, and other professional contacts that don't work in your industry. Okay, they're solving problems differently. And my best ideas, especially around marketing and promotion, have all come from repurpose ing something from one industry to a totally different one. Got ship? That's That's a really great idea. Yeah, I would. I would encourage everybody to try that out. So get out of your bubble. That is certainly something that's huge. So I mean, walking through this, too. What else? You know, And I know I just keep asking what else? But you are expert on how to do this. That's the We're brainstorming. Exactly. See, there it is. We're being created by working on the flight. Yeah. I mean, what I do personally is I get inspired by other people who I find really creative. You know, I'll go to concerts, go to shows. You might remember the Snoop dog conundrum from last time. Yes, I did get a ticket. Did it worse. Thank Sarah. I'll go to the museum. You know, that's like part of my job on some trouble. right is to see other artsy other creative people and get inspired because you know what it does. It expands my mind about what's possible. Okay? Yeah, Great. Well, again walking through these tips and, uh, learning from an expert here syrup wrestler on what to do to stay creative. If you have questions, you can always email those in, right? Absolutely. I would be happy to answer your questions creatively and especially if you have a ticket for Snoop Dog. What? Yeah, and let me say a word. Thio Professional, creative, you know, Or people who are aspiring to be that Let's use writers as an example people who dream of writing a book. You know, if you sit around waiting for the muse to touch down on you, that book might never get written. You have to show up to the page every single day or have designated time where you just right and you just get it done. I finished my first book by doing a couple of different things. One I started a blogged that I had to publish a new one every single day just to get in the habit of hitting publish. Okay. And then the other thing was I would just write a chapter and finish it. No matter what, You can always come back and edit. But just getting word's out on the paper so important. And that can translate, of course, to a lot of other creative practices. Just walking through that practice of doing that, whether it's whether it's whether it's not but just showing up. Yeah, walking through that process and then the creativity will come to you. Absolutely. I love that. So consistency. Really awesome. Well, Sierra, thank you so much as always for being here on the show to talk about this, and I wanna, as always, let people know where they go. Find out more information about you. Mark Rowe tips at pregame mag on insta and Twitter. And you can follow me personally for all kinds of useless information and rants at the mayor s and amazing this so follow their as always. Thank you so much. And this is what we have here with work life. We keep you up to date and there's so many great episodes of this already. Go back through and watch him any time. They're always applicable to whatever you are doing so Check that out. And we've got more. Coming up here on digital translates to ground back here to meet with more digital trends. Live 11 years go for separation. TV is making history again. Groundbreaking Samsung Que Led eight K. Welcome back to digital trends live. Thank you for joining us. Wherever you're watching. We do appreciate it. Broadcasting live across a number of different platforms. And we always appreciate your input as well as we go throughout the show. And certainly Cryptocurrency is something that has talked about on a broad spectrum across a number of different industries. We're gonna talk about the prevalence of that right now joining us. We have Maggie in the senior vice president and head of marking marketing for crypto dot com. Thank you so much for joining us. Hello. Thanks for having me s o. Can we give everybody just kind of a little bit of context on what crypto dot com is? Sure, we were founded in 2016. We rode out our crypto dot com one in May last year. Um, as of today, if you download it out at what you can do is that you can buy it can still you can store your Cryptocurrency. You can also spend it with our M c o visa card if you used pairing with our water up. Uh, more than that, you can also earn up to 8% off your Cryptocurrency that you deposit three. I want it up and also use it as a collateral to get an instant home. So to keep a short, uh, we aim at providing an end to an ecosystem when it comes to how you can manage every single you're holding, that's what we are crypto dot com. What? I'm taking a look here, too. We actually have one of the cards here in here. I have it on. Yeah, we've got it. We got here in studio. It is heavy. I've got to say I was surprised It feels nice. And, uh, yeah, it's It's very sturdy guard. So this is actually something that you know that you can utilize just like you said. Walking through this and talking about Cryptocurrency is changing. How many people have been adopting this? What kind of usage? As you've been seeing? And what's the feedback Ben out? We, uh, have launched the wallet up now about one and 1/2 year. Okay, but we have literally started shipping out cars up in July for the U. S. Market s o. There have been a lot of reservations in the backlog that we have been working really hard to clear them up, um, to tie into the first brand campaign we have launched in the U. S. Market in downtown San Francisco. Uh, we have a now is that we have accumulated now one million uses worldwide, and us is our biggest market on. We're gonna continue to work very hard to acquire more uses, talking about that, you know, with more and more people starting to use it. You also see bigger companies getting involved in it and and what that means. I thought maybe we could just ask a little bit from industrywide. You know, you look at some of the people that are having some struggles like Facebook with liberal trying to launch that. What are some of the issues that they're having versus some of things that you're doing right? I think that back, uh, that is a very good question. Um, the a couple of principles that were really follow. Where would you rather every single part of that we roll out? Um, before any of those compliance and security is always on top of mine. Even that means it took us actually longer than originally anticipated. Product. So there are bigger plays out there that have been doing Peyman and now tapping into crypto. But we believe that onto expects that we I'll pay more extra attention than ours. Comparator, that we think that we're doing better. The first area is incentives. Um, we're not just thinking about the other Crypto Kat plays out. Yeah. I'm thinking about you as a consumer that you have been using a credit card. What are the pain points that you experienced fees is the 1st 1 So we try to eliminate us that we're going to charge annual fees. We don't charge 18 which drove. Ease up Just a minute. Uh, posing a favorite of my is because I'm a frequent traveler. Uh, you trouble for it? Um, foreign current foreign currency exchange rate is a cripple into the ray that you search on Google. You think that we don't charge extra peas and on top, we over fees in cash back up to 5%. These are very competitive. Just as financial incentives a za reason for people to sign Sign up our car. You don't have to have crypt or experience. Um, but the other expert is used experience. We have just yesterday announced, uh, launder our exchange meaning starting from early December after the exchange is in full operation, you can then sign up on the exchange and you can trade crypto and then store your crypt alone now, would it for the portion of the portfolio that you would like to hold and you can then earn some Ah ah, season up to 8% out of that and or you can just spend it without. We believe that this sort of anti rent experienced meditators I love consumers, and we believe that not many players out there will be able to offer them. Well, I I love this, Um, I think it's a really good plan to try to make it that that ease of transitioning from a standard card, like like you said, you know, these are the things that people normally use cards for. And then all of this is there plus the incentives to make it a really easy experience to switch over to that you mentioned, you know, this is the U. S. Card that's been shipping out, but worldwide. Have you seen the adoption of crypto currency? Is it's Maura or less than us. Which one of the study's been on that, uh, you as is the very important, Monica is sort of like the earliest market that stop getting into crypto you're is our second biggest market. When we rolled out, it was a made available worldwide. So the attraction was more like from organics that point that naturally us husband out because customer base full about your, um, as the high court in Hong home. We seeing loss of traction happening in nature. Uh, from like like a macro Marcus standpoint, we're also seeing a a rise off in terms of trading bowties from Asia. And what a lot of developing markets. So in order for off for for 2020 I think we're just gonna keep working really hard, not just focusing on one monk it, but be really sensitive off seeing that where the traction is coming from and put our acquisition that for their, but you asked, Grew remain as a CZ, one of the most important Monica's given. That is the second marker that we have growed out. I'm zero music art, and, um, starting from 1 to 2020 will be able to shooting us. But the you know about this. So for people out there who want to sign up and join and join in and get one of these cards which do feel really nice, I gotta say you Well, yeah, they I I want I want to use this card. So for people who want a side up, where did they go? Like, what's the easiest step for them to join in? How is very easy? Go to either Apple or Andhra Obstacle. So much for krypton dot com wanted. We have a very smooth application. Registrations process takes you less than five minutes, I think, to complete the sign up and then within 7 to 14 working days, then you get the physical Cardon hat. Nice. Well, thank you so much for joining us here to talk about this. It's It's a fascinating, you know, section of technology and crypto on what it could do great. You are l by the way, to you. I didn't mention that. Uh, but, uh, yeah, I go there and check it out. I love that. Just makes it easy for people. Thank you so much for joining us. You're a general. Trends live to talk about this. Thank you. Thank you. All right. So learning about crypto currency like such a such an amazing thing and seeing this start proliferate maw remorse where more people can get access to it. It's gonna be huge to see the adoption rates come up in what people start seeing something that benefits. That's when we'll see more of that. All right, we'll continue on here with show. We're broadcasting live. We're live. Just in case you didn't know that. So you could drop in your comments, questions. Whatever. You want to break up here on the show as we go through, it's Friday. Let's have some fun. We've got Luke. Larson is gonna be joining us here to talk about the new computer. Find out what that is. After the break that came in with more digital trends, live 11 year go for separation. TV is making history again. Groundbreaking Samsung que led eight k. Well, welcome back to digital trends live. Thanks for joining us. Nothing to see here on the desk. We are broadcasting live. We appreciate your joining us Hit that subscribe button and joining the show. I'm Greg Miller. Joined now by Luke Larson. Hello, Luke. Hi. I've got something fun. Toe dio if I can barely see you over this thing, uh, this is enormous. Let's walk through what it is that we have here. Yeah. So this is the new desktop from aliens called the Aurora are 10. Okay, this is a popular, you know, desktop in their lineup, Obviously. Gaming desktop. Yeah, but I think it's a really and so this is this is new. Just came out a bunch of new things to talk about it, but I think just the look of it just start off. Yeah, Like what? I mean, Oh, what is your It's impressive reaction. I mean, you brought it in here and set it down, and then we turned it on, actually, just before before we went on and just the fans alone. You were? Yeah. Launching a missile in here or something s Oh, it's It's impressive Yeah, and I think that's the first thing I have to say. That's a beast that has a different vibe than your typical gaming desktop. I think it does definitely scream gamer gaming, but like in a different way, I think it's pretty clean looking. It's got this, like, interesting white on. Then all the lighting effects are really. I think you're nice, like they're really not subtle, but they're like they're, like, different than your your typical thing, a CZ much like and say So you got the ring around the front and you got some nice, like branding across the offsides. Well, and that's what these things, too, with gaming, computers and gaming especially, well giving setups like this, you know you want something showy. Yeah, gamers really wanted to show it off totally, and especially if you're not like, you know, if you build your own, you build your own desktop. You know you can kind of do it everyone with it. But this is like if you're gonna go out and buy a premade system like you want something that has a little extra right paying a little more you you want something that's gonna pop as a product in itself, and I think this definitely definitely does that. So, going beyond the look, you know, alien were obviously very well known when it comes to giving computers. But what were we doing dealing with, I guess, for internals. Well, that's what I wanted to kind of show off. So I'm gonna employ, get here and kind of show how it how it comes open because it's really cool the inside. So it's got the big thing. Talk about Andy. Yeah, Something's gonna go. Okay, get this open here. But Andy's the big thing. So, um, a Leewards basically bringing a m d. Okay, Sure. Yeah. Thing is a mid sized tower. Okay. Really? You know, this is not as big as it gets. Um, pop out off there and see I am D is the big story here. Like alien. Where is the, You know, they have a and he had a great year in 20. They really did. They brought a ton of, like, really powerful chips, and this most recent one is the most powerful, and I'm gonna show you how this works. There swings open and with a little poof, you can see the inside. So the way that this is a unique set up if you've never seen the inside of this thing the way this is the this is the power supply over here and it swings open like a door, which is pretty cool. And then you gotta take a look at the internals air. You can see the really cool alien where water block on the processor. There underneath there is the big deal, which is a new rising processor that is 16 cores in it. This is the most powerful processor basically made in for 16 horse for a mainstream kind of thing. Um, now, what's really interesting about this is not only do you get this one here, this really powerful one, which is honestly overkill for gaming, it's way too many crackers for gaming. Really, It's what you would want to use this for us to be like video editing, but down lower you. You still get rising processors all the way through from Andy all the way through the lineup, and you're really, really good options for gaming. So it starts at $1200. Okay, with a quad core processor, of course, comes with video graphics card all the way up to this guy, which is the the risen 9 39 50 x 16 cores. This is the this is as powerful a system as you can basically make. Artie X 2080 ti, Iet's just like topped out in every way so you can throw in terms of what gaming you could do. You could throw pretty much any game at it. You can play in four K, you'll get 60 friends per second, or you can dip down to 14 40 p and get like, you know, you're really high frame rates. If you want that. Why, though, if you could do for K with the same 60 right, it's more depending on the game you're playing. You want something super smooth and really, you know, really high frame rates like, you know, in a shooter or something like that. You want to get those really high frame rates. That's true. That's what you'd want to do that for. But yeah, I mean, this thing is super super powerful. So you mentioned with that many quarters. You know, that's not just yeah, the truth actually used this as a something for a lot of other jobs. The truth is, you don't really need more than six scores for gaming and beyond. That is really overkill. It's not gonna be able to games just aren't made to be used with that many cores. So So, yeah, you go out and buy this version, which starts at 23 50 to 2250 bucks, with the second actually kind of surprised that it's that low. Not crazy. Yeah, And if you want to go for that like, it's a little bit overkill it for just gaming. So you want the person that this is really for somebody who likes to game but also maybe likes to do some consecration video editor or something like that? Oh, man, this thing is so powerful for that kind of stuff, like it goes through video renders so so fast. Like if I were to bring the server TV, our video team, they would they would like this thing, you know, And then the gaming is like, Yeah, you could also obviously do that as well, and then game on. Yeah, but a more realistic option for a game where you probably wanna dip it down. You know, go start with something a little bit cheaper again. Extra cores. Not always. Doesn't always mean better frame rates for gaming. So Right. Um so, yeah, it's so starting. You said 23 50 23 50 for the 16 core version. I think if you if you go down to the $1200 version, starts at four cores, which would be great, but you could you could go from there a little bit, get some better graphics options. They really have ah, full lineup of MD. And it's a huge deal for a M. D. Honestly, you know, that's the thing. Like talking about that. What you brought up the beginning to just a m d versus in telling you. Really Making a big push? Yeah. Yeah. Do you think we're gonna see more and more of that? Like he's gonna get adopted more and more by some of these manufacturers? Yeah, I think so. I think it's really the beginning of that. Just because, um, for so long companies like alien, where Dell or whoever they were little, I think, hesitant to put process processes from Andy and their systems because you know the public perception of a M D. Especially for gamers like, I don't know if if it feels like the cheaper alternative. You know, I don't want Intels the premium. Yeah, yeah, if you got this premium system, you don't want to put a cheap processor in it, But that's slowly changing. And I think the perception is changing for gamers and just in general on. So the more that changes, the more system makers like Alien, we're gonna be, like, putting their chips and the it's kind of like once the ball starts rolling and then things really start, right? Somebody does somebody like alien weirdo? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So they'll take the first step, and then and then other other will do the same. Which also means that intel's gonna be working very hard to combat that. So they're probably gonna come up with something innovative, Yes, to go against it and which ends up being great for everybody when it comes to get more cores, more power. Last price. You know, that whole thing's Yeah, So that battle is actually good for all of us. Well, again, this is the alien where, and we get the name of it again. We Aurora are 10. The Aurora are 10 when they always do. You have somebody get their computers. So the Aurora are 10. You can take a look that says that review up. Yeah, my full review is up on the site, and I gave it a really high score. Look at this is a great option for gamers looking for this kind of a system. Okay, awesome. Well, check it out. And, Luke, as always, thank you for bringing this in. I don't know how you're gonna get us out of here. We're gonna need a a forklift to get out of here. But it's still it's impressive. And we have a lot more coming up here. We're broadcasting live here In general trends. It's Friday. We have a lot of tech to talk about, and so many different things cover coming up. Next we have. Steven Cox is the founder and CEO of Take Lessons. It's a global learning platform that connects students of all ages with teachers of any type of education that you want to learn. So it's a really, really cool platform. Gonna talk about that in the interactivity of it. and more. All coming up after this break on digital trends Lied Apollo 11 years go for separation. TV is making history again. Groundbreaking Samsung Que ele e d eight k. This is digital trends live. I'm Greg Nibbler. Thank you for joining us. We talk a lot about technology here, and we broadcast every single week day, not a Pacific Noon Eastern that subscribe button, whatever platform you're on. And then we get the notifications. When we do go live your joining the conversations that we get to have we're gonna have a conversation right now talking about the changing ways. Education is adapting to technology in different ways. That we can learn and interact with each other. And a really cool platform that we got right now is take lessons. We have the founder and CEO Steven Cox is joining the show. Thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me appreciate it. I want to talk about your platform and give everybody kind of an overview toe, understand where we're coming from. Then we get into some of the intricacies and just talk about education in general. But can you tell us what take lessons is and maybe what? Some of the problems where that you saw that wanted you to found this company. Yeah, sure. So when we first started, the company were about 11 years old, But, um, you know, heck, everything was kind of taught locally at the given point in time. And we had this kind of fundamental belief that first of all, people needed to keep learning that lifelong learning was a good thing. And I had seen a couple of folks just here Friends of mine really struggle who were instructors, and they found it really hard to make a living doing what they love to do. While at the same time, we saw a lot of consumers trying to find, you know, knowing that they needed toe keep learning. But trying to find the right instructor made it difficult. And with the advent of kind of technology and streaming technology and faster Internet connections as well as faster moving from three G, the 42 5 t through cellular technology, um, we were able to also take this local learning sort of model and then expanded out where you could do video streaming. And instead of just learning kind of French from whoever happened to be kind of by you. Now you can take a live French classes from someone who lives literally underneath the Eiffel Tower just about so it's a whole new world. It's really super incredible, and it's just untethered of people's ability. Thio, toe, learn and they can literally learn anywhere, at any given point in time, on anything that they're looking to learn. While that interactivity. I mean, that's just huge to be able to do that, you know, and like, talk to somebody who lives by the Eiffel Tower and learn French from them, uh, walking through some of different platforms, some of different types of things that people learn, I guess. Let's talk about who this is targeted toward. Is there a specific age group, or is this for anybody? And then what kinds of different classes of people take? Sure, great. Well, you know, the good thing about learning is we're never too old to learn, so that's super wonderful. So our youngest student right now is five years old, and our oldest student is a 94 year old person in a gentlemen in Michigan, and he's actually learning drums, so it spans the gamut. No matter of, you know, kind of your age. What? You're what you're looking for. It could be moms who are buying for kid or maybe perhaps a little bit older folks who are finally, you know, they look back on their life and go. You know what? I've always wanted to paint or learn Farsi. And so now they have the opportunity to do that. So, um, what was the second part of your question? Oh, just talking about what kinds of classes you just mentioned, you know, far, some more painting or drumming. I mean, that's a pretty broad range. Right there. So what? What kinds of, Ah, guess educational opportunities are on the platform. No, man, we teach about 350 different categories. It's all in the kind of the lifelong learning. So things that we have a bunch them into music and performing arts. So that's one category languages which obviously people d'oh for benefit for just themselves, but also for for other career. And then third, we do a lot of career advancement. So things everything from Microsoft excel to photo shop and graphic design those sorts of things. But The key difference is that instead of just learning by watching a video, there's actually a live person on the other side making it happen for you. So you get direct interaction with a live person in every single one of her classes. Wow, that's that's really impressive. I want to talk about coming up here just about how you put everybody together. But just in general, I want to bring up something. And I know there was a study that came out talking about how people want to people more prefer experiences now than ever before over products, and this would certainly fall into that category. Can you speak to a little bit about what that study is? Sure Well, the way we think about it is, you know, we see that you know, whether it's the political generation on up. But you know, a I has a purpose and a point in which you can kind of communicate back and forth with a computer. And it's kind of what we do all the time, you know, here in our digital life. But, um, you know there's something about the human element and that ties in with experiences that ties in with learning from someone that you just can't get through a I or through a computer. So we have a tendency to believe that there's there's a place or kind of a I learning, and that's sort of a model and blended a sort of learning. But we also believe that God will never take the place of humans. Yeah, and and that's good. I think that blending of the two is a really good example in use case for something like this. Talking about my next question, George just brought it up right there. Who's watching live and thanks? Everybody is watching live. If you have questions, feel free to drop those in there. How do you curate your experts? So on Dhe? That's something that was wondering that. So how do you bring all these people together, I guess, to get them onto the platform. Sure. So we've got gosh, tens of thousands of instructors, and we have been fortunate that we've been able to, over the years first of all, find the right instructors and then have them proved themselves over the over the years. So when we first started, we hand selected the individual instructors and then we actually owned interviewed every single person before they came online. We've been able to adopt our technology over. I'm gonna figure out, exactly, ah, the type of person and the type of instructor that works best on the platform. And so about 78 to 80% of all of our instructors have have degrees or advanced degrees, and there's kind of 15 20% that, you know, they didn't get a degree in crow, Shea or knitting or whatever. But that's starting. They're the best knitters you'll ever find. We've got one of the one of our instructors that plays professionally with a very well known rock group. Um, never went to college, but he's really, really good at guitar, so we kind of kind of blend those sorts of ideas together. And it's really whatever the consumer is looking for. We have a tendency to find that right instructor. So if somebody goes to the platform, walk us through what that user experience is like so say somebody goes there. Maybe they're not sure what kind of class they would want to take what they want to take a look at it, and they're interested in something. How does that user experience work? Yeah, I'd say most of our folks who come through the front door have an idea. Okay, something that they're looking for. But we have a big search far there that says, What do you want to learn? And you can literally type in just about anything you want. And if we have, instructors will immediately be able to kind of quantify what you're looking for and then show you either local instructors, if you'd like or online instructors of that best suits you as well. We're fairly agnostic towards where the lesson occurs. It's Ah, it's whatever works for the individual, something that's really cool that we've seen over the past, say, 45 years when we first started online learning. By the first year, about 3% of all of our total lessons were done online. This is the first year we're now It's grown from 3% to over half so very, very short time. What we're experiencing is that people are just getting really, really comfortable learning online, learning from other people, learning on their mobile device, and we think it's just getting started that that's that's an incredible jump. I mean, you have to think, too, with the increasing connectivity with technology. Better video, it feels like you're right. There was someone, so that's probably a huge move that way. Haven't even kicked off five Gs, right? Exact. Still right around the corner. Imagine when these speeds happen. You're gonna be able to take lessons from literally anyone you want from around the world. We have some of our U. S. Service members. Right now, we're located in the Middle East, able to take lessons with their current instructor who's located still here in the U. S. Wow, that is really cool talking about this, you know, from a gig economy standpoint for these independent instructors, these experts who go on there, you know, they're making extra money. You, uh, tell us a little bit more about that going back to that expert side of things. So that's, you know, that's the reason why I started the business out of the gate. My good friend was an incredible drummer, but couldn't figure out how to make a living doing this. And he was about to take a job at some restaurant and quit his studies. Even though he had been studying for seven years in music, and I wanted to help him make a better living doing what he loved to dio instead of doing what he had to dio. And so we've taken that same philosophy and applied it to our business. And I'm very, very proud to say that literally every single week we have one of our instructors that writes us and says, Hey, Steven, I just want to let you know I was able to quit my boring office job because of making enough money on the platform now doing what I wanted to so super super rewarding for us. That is very cool while looking at it going forward. Where do you see this growing? You know, you have this 11 years. Obviously, the growth is tremendous. Where do you see it going and say, like the next five? Sure. So one thing that we've been testing and we're getting very, very good results with is this idea of online group classes instead of just private lessons. And the reason why that's important is because, as we know private lessons, they're fairly expensive, right? You're getting one on one direct attention But the thing that we learned with languages is that you can put a consumer end with other folks in a group setting, and they learn better because they're able to learn from each other and practice as well as the cost drops from, you know, maybe 150 bucks a month or something down to like 20 bucks a month. So we're able to kind of use technology to give people a great experience at a cost that literally just about anyone can afford. So we see that continuing. We think the world is getting smaller. Um, it's not just about who happens to be in your location anymore, where you can learn, it's what do you want to learn? How do I find the right instructor no matter where they're located, And technology allows us to do that today. Really cool. Well, for people who want to join, and I want to learn more about it. What's the best place for them to go? If you like private lessons, go to take lessons dot com and just do a search, and I'm sure you'll find who you're looking for if you like. Live group classes, which is also a super cool product. It's a product called Take Lessons Live and you go to take lessons dot com slash live Nice. Well, thank you so much for joining us here on the show to talk about this. Congratulations on the success so far on this and looking forward to seeing where it goes next. Thanks for being here on digital trends live. Absolutely. Thanks for having me all rights. A really interesting way to learn. I know I said cool a lot during that interview, but that's because it is. That's a really neat platform. And ah, lot of fun. So I'm sure a lot if you're gonna go take a look at that and see what kind of classes you could take. No, I want to do that. All right. We've got more coming up, though, because we talk a lot about tech here all week long, but we need to catch you up to date with the biggest stories we're going to do that we have. Ken Young from foot board is gonna be joining us for our tech brief segment that's coming up. Next. Got Ryan money. There's gonna be a terrific for between the streams Ah, lot more to talk about. We're broadcasting live. We take your comments and questions back in a minute with more digital trends. Live 11 years go for separation. TV is making history again. Groundbreaking Samsung Que Led eight k Welcome back to digital trends live. Thank you for joining us. It's Friday and we like to keep you up to date on everything that's going on in the world of technology. And to do that we have another segment of tech briefs. I am joined now by Ken Young from Flipboard Cat. Thank you so much as always, for being here to talk about tech. Thanks, Greg is nothing to see. Here s O. Let's let's get to the biggest story. I think of the week and there's certainly some big ones, but none bigger than Disney. Plus, this thing has been anticipated for so long, finally rolling out on November 12th. I mean, this is a huge, huge edition to the television streaming platforms. They're already out there, one of the biggest competitors. All the other ones are nervous about it and probably for good Reason. 6 99 a month. The wealth of Disney's content all available Star Wars Marvel Disney's classic movies Pixar, National Geographic I mean so much. But with the rollout itself, with everybody having their eyes on, it didn't go quite so smoothly. What happened with this? So, you know, this is this is an interesting thing, because I think a large a lot of people did encounter this and what we're talking about. Is it? It crashed, like there people were having problems accessing movies, streaming qualities, the whole the whole caboodle. What, you couldn't possibly the worst you could possibly imagine about a launch. You know, it happened. And I'm personally for me. I didn't have that happen. I loved in on Monday evening. Ah, a couple hours before midnight, before the launch was able to to download and install it, log in. And, uh, at that point, it kind of just blew me away in terms of like what? What did I wanna watch? You know, I was about to go to bed. So it's like, what? What could I possibly consume? And, you know, it was debating between, you know, I want did I want to start, You know, the man DeLorean, the new Star Wars. Ah, Siri's that that's out there don't want to start a ridge of something else. I want to go watch a movie like a classic movie. You know, whether it's an Avengers or or Beauty and Beast or Aladdin or whatever or, you know, go watch The Simpsons. And ultimately that's what you know. It wound up being, you know, I watched an episode of The Simpsons, but aside from that crash, uh, that went down. I mean, now it seems like Disney Plus is working. But there are a lot of issues that are that plague Disney plus, especially around their concept that people are complaining about how The Simpsons is in wide wide screen format, which is which is interfering with how the original pranks were were displayed in the show and original episodes way. Have Bill Oakley, one of the former show runners of The Simpsons, on on the day that it launched, and he was talking about that. He's like, you know, talking about some of the stuff that he wrote, and he's like, Yeah, but it's missing this part. That's the whole key to the joke and and that's kind of unfortunate that they don't have that option So that's definitely something that you know. I know Simpson's hardcore Simpsons fans definitely want that. People who are running the show, people who are watching it knew for the first time maybe they won't. They don't know what they're missing, I guess. But you would think that maybe they could provide that option on that. Like you said, you know, some of the some of different issues that they're having content wise, you would assume they'll get that worked out. But it's a little bit surprising. They didn't try to figure out some of this stuff before they watch this massive service. Yeah, I think Disney Plus for for all, it's all its intent. You know, they have, like, they're banking on your nostalgia. It's the people that are gonna be watching this kind of already have seen these shows, these movies, these episodes before, so they kind of Disney's probably thinking look all right, you've seen The Simpsons episodes 50 billion times. So do you really want to see this gag over and over again? On reality is like, Who are you to kind of really interfere with that for, You know, this is this is how we enjoyed it. You know, this is how I enjoyed watching, you know, like Swiss Family Robinson back then and now and also with The Simpsons were or whatever whatever favorite show you have. But it also brings up another issue where Disney's also throwing up disclaimers in certain shows and the movies. You know, saying like, Look, this this type of stuff that you've seen here is not representative of modern day culture, So you know, I don't I can't cite anything specifically, but I know that there are reports about, like, you know, ah, racist behavior or something of that effect That's kind of being, you know, that this is trying to stop a step away from and say, Look where this is This was done way back in the day. This is different times, different era. Eso you have to understand in that context weren't This is not who Disney is now. So yeah, there's a lot of ah, a little bit of a pr ah crisis that has to do with I don't think this is going to really impact them. I mean, look, they announced that like was it two days after they launched 10 million subscribers. Yeah. Now the caveat there is how many are actually gonna stick around after a year now, realizing that most of them probably got got there from a three year of Verizon or other marketing gimmick step that were out there, You know, I paid for mine for like, I'm looking for three years and you know whether or not what happens after that, you know, that time expires, will I continue to do to be a subscriber s O That that number is is pretty impressive. That 10 million, whether or not I mean it is well short of Netflix there, hundreds of millions of subscribers. But, I mean, it's it's only the first week for Disney. So exactly, No, I think you know, with that all of that back catalog and the new content that they're gonna keep on pumping out because they have the money to do this. And they've got those premium brands of things like Star Wars and the Marvel universe. I think that's where they're gonna start getting more people hooked in. Especially when the new Marvel shows started coming out and where it's tied into the movies. So you have to watch it to understand something that's going on in the movie. That's where they're gonna get us hooked. And I do think it's gonna go up in price, that's for sure. It's not gonna be 6 99 a month forever. It could go up. It'll probably go up after three years. But, you know, for me, I don't care. But know that I think that's but what we talked about recently Ah, few episodes ago is that there's a lot of the streaming service is are raising their prices that Netflix to starting Racer Price after. But it took them a while from Netflix to do that. And so was we talked about original content, apples spending billions of dollars. And Disney will probably also spend those dollars on just one wonder Siri's. So yeah, this does. He could start this. We could start to see Disney raise prices may be whether it's next year or the year after, I don't know, but it's not gonna be fixed at 6.9 for that long. No, but definitely something to think about. We're both subscribers, so I'm already and they were two of 10 million. You check out more about that, of course, at digital trends and on FLIPBOARD. All right, let's get you on another big story this week. Apple. When it comes to hardware. Couple of hardware announcements 1st 1 being the new Mac Book Pro, something we've been anticipating for a wild Apple just kind of threw it out there. There was no real big fanfare, no huge performance that they dio with which they usually do for a lot of their products. This was just Oh, by the way, here's a new MacBook Pro it 16 inches. It is a pretty impressive version. Some updates to it. They fix some of the keyboard issues that people get kind of upset about. When it came to the keyboards, they fixed him of that. Ah, the screen. The bustles air are a little bit different. You've got a really nice screen on it. Overall, it sounds like it's actually a really great computer. Yeah, I mean, the specs are top of the line. I think people will get this Ford probably two reasons. One. It's an inch larger than people. Typical 15 inch e. I mean, what would be interesting specifically with that is those that have book bags or bags that are have slots for computers. How will this account for that extra inch? Who knows? And whether or not the end of the bag industry is gonna, you know, have a field day as a result of this. You know, I did not think about the fact that when it came to this apples, apples gonna acquire a bad cos you never know just for that, But I think it is. But seriously, though, I think it's going to be with the keyboard, right? I mean, everyone was complaining about the butterfly keyboard with the accuracy, And Apple has has kind of done a man culpa and said, Look, bring your laptop in, we'll fix it Lovable. Anything like that. Now, instead of a butterfly keyboard, you have a sister keyboard groups back to original What this is. There's no word whether that scissors keyboard is actually going to be implemented retroactively. Or I mean back to previous two other other models of the Mac book s O. I mean, it'll be interesting to see what happens next year when they when they released new hardware. If they're going to follow suit with this, But I think the fact that this kind of has, Ah, some sense of exclusivity. People will start Thio, go after us. But, I mean, the fact that it's like over $2000 for Mac Book Pro. I mean, this is right. It's probably average, but I don't I don't think it's gonna be necessary. Something people gonna thio want to open up their wallets wholeheartedly for. Yeah, this is certainly for a pro Sumer. This is going to be for the creative people. I mean, but that's the trend for protect companies when it released new hardware. It's for the creative right on, then. Yeah. Then there'll be some other versions that come out later on. You're down. You're going for those creatures. They do have an eight terabytes option that I think goes for around six grand eight terabytes. Which is ridiculous, But but still, it's Ah, yeah, definitely heading toward that creator side of things. That's the Mac book pro again. You can read more about that digital transit footboard. So a lot with that one other hardware announcement. I know you know about this. We're talking about the Motorola foldable razor. So this is another one that we've been anticipating for a long time. We knew they were working on something. But bringing back the classic razor with the actual foldable screen, doing it in a different way with that foldable screen. Then Samsung's done. Or why way? Kind of hitting both the sentimental side, I suppose nostalgia, but also showcasing some new technology with screen on the front when you fold it down. Personally, I kind of want this. I definitely want this, but but not for the phone. And it's simply just for the flip. Now, if you remember back in old school Star Trek, I think it was like the original stories with Captain Kirk and run tomorrow and it's spot when they're opening up their communicators. And then there's that flip action like this is kind of what it reminds me of, you know? But of course, anyone back in like the nineties andtwo thousands that when they first after you know, their first phone likely had a Motorola razor phone. I mean, that was that was the coolest one to get. Yeah, Yeah, that's that's the iPhone of of that Time s O. Now they kind of made it combined the benefits of an iPhone or in this case, Ah, on an android phone with the flip. And but it's gonna cost you 1500 bucks for that phone now. I mean, if it was top of the line, great. But this is a mid range phone at end of itself, right? Your pace basically paying $1500 for the flip. It's almost like you. And inside it's a bit bare butts, right? I mean, you have a you have a decent software. You have decent camera, decent hardware. But it's not, You know, Motor really does. Yeah, it is. Yeah. Motorola doesn't have the necessary expertise in terms of like from an aye aye or from a software in terms of the camera. Or, you know, all this other stuff that you that is heavily touted with the Google pixel with Samsung and an apple. So this is this is kind of like, all right. Interesting. And whether or not this comes back, whether we start to see more of these flips, flip phone type, form factors, way will be interesting to see. I mean, Samsung at their developer conference and now started working, uh, supposedly working on a clamshell flip phone. So right. Motorola beat him, beat him to the punch. But I think it's kind of interesting that Motorola has gotten something right in terms of how the screen looks bend in the clip. Right. But Samsung was the first with foldable technically, but they're foldable. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah. So that's I mean, I think we're gonna see maybe some think these other companies getting into the game is I mean, it's great. The key thing with the Motorola razor, you have $1500 is too much. But if it does make the Star Trek sound when you flip it open, that might be worth the 500 extra dollars right there. I don't know. It's a satisfaction you get when you know, in the rare occasion you make a phone call and you won't just wanna hang up on somebody Say bye. Yeah, there it is. Yeah, in the Wall Street, think, buy, sell snow there. That's all I want to do. I just want to review it to walk down the street and just do it all day, Okay? I mean, I'm in All right. Well, can thank you. As always, this is tech briefs every single week we keep you up to date on what's going on in the world of technology. If you're watching the live video, don't forget where a podcast hit the subscribe button. Share the show. Everybody know about it. We will make sure you know the most important things in technology. Ken Thanks again. Thanks. Appreciate it. See it? All right, So again, techniques. We love this segment every single week. So it's always fun to talk about deck and pack in as much as we can and short amount of time. I need to get to a break coming up. We have Chris DeMaria, CEO of IFT i f t t t. If this, then that you have probably heard of their service is before, but we'll be discussing that in some interconnectivity. And we have all that war broadcasting live back in a minute with more digital trends. Live. No huh? 11. You're go for separation. TV is making history again. Groundbreaking Samsung Q L E. D. Eight k and hello, This is digital trends live. I'm Greg Miller here with you every single week Day nine Pacific noon Eastern give you up to date on what's going on with technology and also having some great discussions were broadcasting live to drop in your comments and questions as we go throughout the show. But joining us right now we have Chris Barbarian, who is the CEO of IFT. If this then that Thank you so much for joining us. Hey, how are you doing? Great. I want to give everybody kind of an understanding of what it is if this then that I love the name. But let's see if we can have everybody just to kind of understand what the company does. Sure. So we're a connectivity platform for smart products, and service is so if you're in enterprise, you have a product like a water heater or your dominoes. You sell pizza. You want to create more connectivity to engage your customers, retain your quest customers, acquire new customers and fundamentally make your products. And service is smart and cut activity being such a huge trend in technology across the board. I mean, that's something that a lot of people are talking about wanting to connect their devices well, and it's not just devices. Its service is. So we serve, um, you know, smart home industrial, commercial banking, wellness, health. I mean, at the end of the day, every company wants to embed their product into your digital and your digital life is comprised of music service is email a range of devices and ultimately you want them to talk to each other because you want them to think like you and for you while talking about that, you know? And you're right. So many businesses want to be a part of that. What are some different things that if somebody's, you know, creating a product out there or ah, we're in business and wants their product or service to be interconnected in the Inter, interconnected with others? What is the best way for them to go about that? What do they need to think about where we're going down that path? Well, first, three things number Number one is having an A p I and an A p. I connected to an ecosystem. So we have 19 million users around the world. We get 10,000 new registered users every day. Wow. So they represent early adopters. The people that are really interested in connectivity and help give you signal what connectivity use cases. Really? Secondly, we've got about 200,000 active developers around the world and 700 brand other service's enterprises to witch into who you can connect. So ultimately, it's about getting your AP angel an ecosystem, getting folks playing with it, understanding that your brand is open for business from a connectivity respect. So if somebody does go there, you know they're talking about this and you said that 10,000 new ones per day. That's incredible. That's mind blowing that shows you what a growth industry this is. What are some of the trends that you're seeing when it comes to that? As far as you know, we touched on surfaces and products. But what are some of the trends that you're seeing with this? Overall? Yes. So there's not a single company around the world where a product owner, head of innovation, is thinking, How do I drive Competitive advantage? How doe eyed driving, engaging with customers and ultimately, what they're finding is connectivity. Embedding a product into into a customs digital life is probably the lowest cost, highest impact way of getting that engagement, that stickiness, that retention the joy from user experiences just because things work together seamlessly. And so ultimately, what we're seeing is again industry after industry knocking on our door saying, Hey, we need a low code, no code platform to do that because creating all these bespoke integrations is extremely complex, very costly and a disaster to maintain. So some of our customers have. Our integrations with hundreds of other service is like like Phillips You, for example, if you want to be really connected a smart home, you have to connect to hundreds of different light sockets of cameras, alarms. And essentially, every industry is waking up to the fact that you know low code, no code connectivity is the way well, and talk about that. With every industry and everybody kind of adopting this. There's also when we get into the terminology, really understanding that because there's marketing and there's actual function. And when we say smart homes, a smart product, I feel like it gets thrown around a lot. But what in your definition, actually makes ah product smart? Sure. Well, first and foremost, you know, a smart product sends signal back to the product. Last active live data. What are they using? Whether they're using what are they using it with? Because that informs the product. Secondly, it's connected to create higher utility. So we have a customer that makes a water heater. They put a chip in so it knows when you're home when you're away. So when you're away powers down when you're in your home, that power's back up. It saves money on Elect on energy. It's the same water here. It just became 20% more energy efficient, more effective, more valuable to you simply by the exchange of information. So that's an example of what? You know, what utility that customer seats. But you know, also, you know what? What? What makes a product smart is how it creates engagement with other service is, and that creates whole new use cases that essentially transformed the product into a service. So, you know, ultimately at in the future, people are gonna buy water heaters. They're gonna buy hot water as a service because that's essentially what connectivity. Wow, that's that's an interesting way to think about it, looking at it from from now, I guess, and talking about this, you know where more companies are incorporating it in what are some other things that you think are going to change in the next couple of years. So you mention that is a service. What other kinds of things do you think they're gonna be happening? Yeah. And you know, so, aside from changing everything, every brand of the company, from a product into a service comic Jimmy is going to touch every every aspect of our lives. And ultimately, what customers want it. Seamless integration, right? They walled gardens. And I think one of the things you're seeing is that tech giants air trying to figure out howto howto create these walled gardens. And ultimately, customers want the freedom. If I got half a love, you know, a nest thermostat with a Phillips, you light, they all should talk to each other. It's it's ones and zeros. It should be seen what? It should be easy. And it should enrich my life. And ultimately, you know, we all kind of have to recognize that the world of like the comic, the connected Internet as a trend as a capability as a kind of the next generation of what the Internet is going to be is already here, and customers are at the center, and I think the companies that understand it's all about you and how we embed ourselves into your life fight as opposed to vice versa. That's ultimately what I think. Do you think there will be a future where, like a Google home device will work with an Amazon Alexa device? Or that they'll have something Maur cross platform in that aspect? Or will like the big ones stick to that wall mentality or it just won't work? You know, it's hard to say, but I think ultimately we're on the side of customers and open catch right. So at the end of the day, you know we want everyone wants ease of use, security, privacy, right? Those are becoming increasingly important. And so therefore, these these platforms like ours that encrypt and ensure that information is authenticated in ways that you know, that protect the user and consumer equally, and Vitaly is important. But at the end of the day, the connectivity revolutions here more more Service is for not just consumers but industrial commercial applications or take well. I know there's like you said 10,000 new people per day, so I'm sure there's people watching right now that want to get involved. So what's the best place for them to go? Thio Sign up with If come to If dot com and, you know, check out the range of Apple, it's and service is. And by the way, we've just launched a fundamentally new capability that allows enterprises to enable connectivity in there in their email in their Web experience, so that it's an even more seamless experience. So, ultimately, like we're just committed to making sure consumers and users have delightful, connected experiences with whatever brands and service is they want. And it's not just about the home, it's where they work. It's where they drive. It's what they do. And so at the end of the day, everyone's got a digital universe circling around them and and that's forming into a connected ecosystem. And we just wanna make that work. Well, thank you so much for joining us here on digital trends live to talk about this and, you know, congratulations on the success with that. That is enormous. With that many people getting involved, it's just gonna get more and more. It's a fun discussion to have really appreciate you joining us here on digital trends live. Cheers. Thank you. All right, so tired about that. Everything's getting connected. Interconnectivity. It's something that we bring up a lot of your industrial trends. And, yeah, there's further proof right there. So if you're out there wanting to connect your devices or your service is, that is a place that you could go and get involved with that. All right, here's what's happening. We need to take a break because we're coming back with between the streams. We're gonna talk about some trends in streaming television and content. Disney Plus might be mentioned. We also have the return of Ryan Juanita here on the show for Between the Streams, he's back from his adventures across the world will find out where that was coming up next. So back in a bit of more digital trends live, huh? Apollo 11 years go for separation. TV is making history again. Groundbreaking Samsung Q L E. D. Eight k. Well, hello there. This is digital trends live. Thanks for joining us wherever you're joining us. We do appreciate it will broadcast live here every week day and it's Friday, which means it's time for between the streams and I'm Greg Nibbler. And for the first time in five weeks and say I'm here was Ryan. Juanita. That's true. It is? Yeah. Ryan has been off on adventures. We've talked about some of them. You were picking apples in Mongolia. That's true. Climbed Mount Everest. At some point, I got bit by a monkey. You got bit by a monkey. I mean, all kinds of things have happened in the life of ran Juanita. That's gonna be the new series on Netflix picture. Yeah, Yeah, all of this. I mean, a lot of elevation. Yeah. Yeah, a lot of climbing. Can't get enough of climbing anyway, right? Is backing out offices vacation? Let's talk about some big developments and you came back just in time for Disney. Plus, Yeah, that's what I was trying. I was trying to skip it. Yeah, you don't have to do anything, But then they plant work ethic. They pushed it back so I could so I could do it. Uh, no, it's s o Disney plus. Yeah. Is that what you want to know? November 12th obviously. And we've been talking about it a lot here on the show, too, but I mean everybody is so finally out anticipated for so long. I want to talk about the content because I have not been able to watch a lot of it. You have? Yeah, I want no spoilers. But the man DeLorean, clearly the biggest new original content on there. Yeah, and really, there's not that much. If you want to call it original content, it's all original because it's Disney. But if you want to talk about Disney plus Original, it's kind of confusing movie. Yeah, we know what you're saying. Hopefully, everyone else knows what that means, because it's like Star Wars. Is original Disney content, too? No, no, it's not you. I'm just saying, like, funny how they're categorizing it. But you knew Siri's new stuff for the service? Yeah, the man DeLorean. There's, ah, that high school musical. The musical Siri's will be washing. That's a weird one. Uh, the name is. Anyway. There's the new Jeff Goldblum, one, which I have watched will be well, but yeah, the man Lauren is the star of the show, and in the first episode, it's really fun. There's one major problem with it. What's and it's that. Why don't speeders have rooftops. Okay, This'll isn't a spoiler. Your debate. So I was talking about this to my wife and a couple of people in Angela. Panic smartly jumped on this. But there's a scene. It's not a school in Islamic. What's followed your lead? No, they didn't at all. I was just thinking first thing. This is the one thing that doesn't make sense to me out of all of this, there's a bunch of callbacks, a bunch of return, the jet I stuff. But I'm like they're on a frozen planet and he essentially as Matt Katz. What it calls an uber skater shows up. It doesn't have a roof. Okay, then what about this later shows up. It doesn't have a roof. And there's Brian Hussein. I believe driving it. He's got a big beard. That's ice in it. And why isn't there a roof on the street? It's really cold outside, do you think? And as Jill opt out on you could put it. Couldn't 1/3 party make him if they don't know how to do it on the computer company of themselves? It's very vexing. We need a little segment just on the tech of star other than wrong with it. It's kind of one of those things where it's like, Oh, you saw that speeders don't have rooftops in, You know, the first Star Wars movie. So how can we put a rooftop on it? That would be the last one you don't know. I just don't know what they were thinking. But that aside, beside that aside, it is really fun. We have been calling it nostalgia porn. You know, that's a great name for what stranger things is. But this is kind of a different kind. It's very, very return of the jet I. It's set right after the fall of the Empire, and it also is very western and samurai to weigh. Had heard that. And, you know, they called Logan a Western. But this is really a Western really is, you know, walking into a saloon and you're feeling like it's a Western. So I mean, one of the most interesting things for me is, and I don't think this is a spoiler either. But the man DeLorean, who is paid by Pedro Pascal, a very handsome man, does not take off his helmet. Yeah, and I don't know if he doesn't for the entire Siri's. I'm sorry if this is spoiling for you, but he doesn't. For the first episode, it's something that man DeLoreans apparently don't do. It's in the Star Wars lore, but it's very interesting I deposit. Has there ever been a character, a major lead character who didn't take off his helmet, who didn't show his face? I would have to think about that. I mean, you know, all of the, you know, all the superheroes. They might have masks, but they showed traces somewhere, and even if you know they don't very often, that's a good question. Dead port mask is very animated, the Spider Man masses very animated. This guy is working on Lee with a big metal helmet and actually, when I kind of finally just fell for it, cause I was I was, you know, a little trepidatious. At first, I wasn't sure what really really fell for it is when Pedro Pascal made this head move and it was like you could tell exactly what he was thinking just by the way he moved the helmet. He's a good actor. That's good acting. Yeah, but yeah, it's a really fun movie or it's a really fun serious so far and looking forward to see the next episode, which is out now. But I haven't had a chance to watch. Well, there it is, man DeLorean that is out Disney. Plus just a couple of quick things on that. The Simpsons also out some people. I mean, it's great going back watching The Simpsons. It's in that 69 ratio. So it's cutting off some of the jokes, which is an issue I didn't maybe, yeah, I mean, jeez, there's a lot of jokes I didn't notice. Any problem with that? I've just been enjoying watching season to, uh, Season one is, Yeah, kind of weird. But Season two, I feel like, is where it gains its stride. I couldn't I forgot how funny it is. It's so funny. I had been watching some of the later seasons stuff not even, you know, Season 30 or whatever the heck it's on now. But right somewhere around 10 or 12. And like, you know, I thought I remembered this being funnier. And then I watched three episodes from season to Mr Burns man. Yeah, he just steals the show. Well, I don't want to remind you two, we had Bill Oakley on the show earlier. Bill was one of the original show runners, and he kind of walked down some of his favorites from the classic era of The Simpsons. It's great to be able to stream that. So that is a great addition to Disney. Plus, that might be worth the price of admission. Just there. So that's again. Plan of slack jawed truck trunk that that's the best lines everywhere. DTs, Mr Burns, It was all right. How do you know what that means? E. I wish I was a stripper. Let's keep walking through. So and Disney Plus are on to something else. HBO. Before we get to that, let's talk about the apple quick because the play of the absolute does have some app troubles. Of course, you know about all the people that had the sign in trouble. Some of them were having problems with loading, right? I have been watching it for a few days, and I've already noticed a lot of rough edges. For one thing, there's slow loading time. Some of the shows I loaded up have taken 678 seconds to load it doesn't seem like a long time about it. Click it and it just circles like that. It feels rough, yes, especially when you look at who and especially Netflix. Yeah, also, I've gone into the app, and all of the tiles are just blank. You've got category after category after category, but it's just blank grey tiles and it's set there for 10 20 seconds without great tiles. Again, as we talked about on Tuesday, Delivering this kind of content into your home and high resolution isn't easy, so I'll be I'll be working on that in the next few days. We'll have a review out nice, but you're probably going to want this service no matter what. But it is interesting inspection. They're having some troubles. Well, that's great. So you'll have that out coming up to check out a general trends dot com. Alright, let's get through some other stuff because we do have ah few things that we want to get Thio quickly. His dark materials on HBO, one of the new Siri's kind of launching along the same time as the as the watchman. Yes, this one based off of the books so far, The reviews are amazing. You've watched it. What were what were thoughts without spoiling? Yeah, it's pretty fabulous. The acting specifically with Ruth Wilson as Miss Coulter and Daphne King, who is the lead as Lyra Belacqua, they are both really good. Spend the second season. I feel like, really ramped up the acting, and the story is opening up for everybody. I just want I just want more. That's really hard waiting for the next second because I'm Yeah, well, I've seen the second episode. There's two out. It's hard to wait when you know the story. You just want to jump got. I'm waiting for things that happen. I'm really excited for what's happening in the next few episodes. But one of the things that maybe people haven't been talking about is the quality of the production of the sound quality. For one thing is fantastic. So it's really fun to watch. I I haven't watched it yet, but now that I know that I may wait a couple more episodes and then just it's one of those things where you really want to get going on this thing. It it starts out in, you know, Oxford and then it goes to London, but it's about to take off into other spots, and it's it's really fun stories. Well, and that's HBO's new fantasy, Siri's, I guess if you can call it that kind of kind of a fantasy. It's absolutely a fantasy. There it is, a fantasy. Siri's and Netflix has their next one, which is gonna be the Wichard that's not even out yet. December 20th. When it comes out, it's already renewed for a second season, so we're pretty excited about this. They've already renewed it, so it better be pretty good. Um, you know, it's It's one of those things where it's either gonna be, really it's gonna be fantastic or it's gonna be terrible. I don't think it's gonna be an in between. Well, I really like Henry Cavil. I don't know anything story, but hopefully it's good just for him because a lot of buzz to be based on. And of course, the video games. Yes, the way they went from the books. Yeah, hopefully they did that. But the witch, you're already getting a second season, so that's Netflix is new. Push into that and we're seeing all these platforms really go heavy everyone at their own game of Thrones, you know, And Amazon Prime's gonna be having theirs at some point with water rings whole world that they're creating. But this looks like it could be really amazed. It does seem like we had a really big SciFi hit for a while and now, you know, from the late nineties when when fantasy was really big for a second there, I kind of went back. In the sci fi, it feels like we're cycling back around the fantasy again. Obviously, Game of Thrones has been doing it for a very long time, but it seems like everyone's trying to do as long as it's not more zombie stuff. I'm We did have that zombie sob about zombies. Six years was too long. All right, moving on, you're missing. It was too long. Something else just to bring up just about APS, Apple TV Plus. And how many people are watching that there is something a lot s O you know, they launched their service a couple of weeks ago. So far, what is it? 200,000 subscribers? I haven't actually looked into the numbers yet. I know it's very low compared to Disney, which is now at 10 million subscribers. So, yeah, definitely a difference. So take a look there at that 200,000. Looks like bringing that up. So we'll have to see what goes on with that. I don't know if there's anything. Yeah, you wanna bring up, But no, I wasn't even sure if they were gonna count. Every Apple user is an Apple TV plus subscriber and just say that they had a 1,000,000,000 subscribers. All that could be, but that would be ready. Well, that's Ah, that's where we're at with that. So continuing on a couple other things for the weekend. Just some movies that are coming out for versus Ferrari Me out. Matt Damon, Christian Bale. This looks fun. Looks like it's a fun way to check out. Yeah, it looks really kind of light hearted and, you know, sort of good old Americans like old. Come on, right, the underdog and all that kind of I think the one thing I had to say about this movie, it looks fun, and I'm glad it's getting good reviews. It must have been really weird on set with Matt Damon and Christian Bale. Oh, Yeah, because Matt Damon seems like, you know, for a you know, a primped Hollywood, A lister. He seems like a pretty low key, right, natural guy, you know, down to earth as much as you can be in his position. And then there's Christian Bale. Like total lunatic will kill himself for a role screaming of people totally test because that would be interesting. Must have been uninterested. Shoot. Maybe, maybe Christian Bale is chilled out, But I don't know now I don't know. Behind the scenes on that board versus fry out in the last thing we have is the Irishman finally out and, um, three and 1/2 hour run time three, that's all. And he was really upset about it not being theaters and Rob mentioned, I guess Schindler's List with three hours and 17 minutes, you know, it doesn't feel like it causes such a impactful, compelling story. Apparently, that's the exact same thing with the Irishman. I have been looking at the reviews. They are stellar. I haven't seen reviews this this good in a long time, and I'm kind of surprised. I was wondering if De Niro was past his prime to a degree. Same with Pacino. Really, they haven't done a lot of good movies in a while. Pesci's been out of game. Scorsese apparently made an instant classic. People are calling it a masterpiece I cannot wait to see. That's pretty impressive, and it's going to be in your Netflix que November 15th. So there it is awesome. I will definitely be watching that. Well, that is what we have between the streams again keeping you up to date on what's going on in the world of entertainment, right? And it's nice to have you back. It's great to be here. There it is, all right, and this is digital trends. Life. We broadcast live here every single day, and we do appreciate everybody who joins us again. Live at 9 a.m. Pacific needs that subscribe button victory that you get the notifications when we do go live and talking about next week. We have a whole bunch more programming for you. Joined by John Collins, the CEO and founder of Stay Healthy, discussing a new study that points to an increasing percentage of obese Children and how we can use augmented reality and artificial intelligence to change their activity and consumer behavior. And we have. Sylvia Acevedo, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, will be joining the hope for joining us here on the show. Sylvia was an engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, awesome and pride of drawing the Girl Scouts. And now she is reshaping organization with a focus on stem education, with badges like cybersecurity and outside support from companies like IBM and Dell. Tesla's unveiling of the cyber truck is happening next week. That is gonna be huge. Uh, I know that we'll be on location will be streaming it, and that's gonna be having on Thursday evening. So we're gonna be talking about that a lot next week and certainly gonna be a big push when it comes to test us. We'll find out more about that later, and, uh, that's it. Thanks for joining us this week. I'm Greg Nibbler, and I'll be back on Monday morning at 9 a.m. Pacific Noon Eastern for another edition of Digital Trends Live