Last Days Here trailer

Last Days Here trailer

Last Days Here is a documentary from Don Argott and Demian Fenton who were previously behind the lens for The Art of the Steal and Rock School

Argott and Fenton’s newest work follows cult metal legend Bobby Liebling. It chronicles Liebling’s attempt to resurrect his life and career after decades of hiding in his parents’ basement. In the 1970s Liebling was the frontman for the band Pentagram, described as a “street” Black Sabbath. The band was poised to break but Liebling’s self-destructive actions, band breaks-up and botched record deals condemned the band. 

Today he is in his 50’s wasted by hardcore drug use and living on the charity of his parents. Pentagram found fame and new appreciation in the form of the heavy metal underground. This film is spread over three years and Liebling battles his way back.

Music documentaries tend to fall in two camps: the triumphant return or the fall from grace. It’ll be interesting to see which side Liebling’s journey falls into, hopefully the former.

Last Days Here will be out on limited release in March.