‘How to Survive’ offers seven tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse

‘How to Survive’ offers seven tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse

Having the perfect brain-bashing utensil on hand during the onset of the zombie apocalypse is an absolute must, however, it’s not going to be of much aid when you’re in desperate need of the basic human necessities. Your pickaxe and sawed-off shotgun, while no doubt handy, probably don’t make for the best afternoon meal and thirst quencher.

The latest trailer for 505 Games and Eko Software’s upcoming arcade-style survival game How to Survive, offers seven handy survival tips and a quick hit of in-game footage. The downloadable title appears to feature all the hallmarks of a great zombie-survival game, including grotesque zombies and a custom-built arsenal of weapons and tools, while offering a slightly top-down vantage point from which to view it all. Additionally, players will be required to scour the rural landscape for food, water and shelter to sustain their vitals, adding a welcome spin on the classic run-and-gun of most arcade titles. Who Kovac is exactly, remains a mystery.

Kovac’s seven ways to survive the zombie apocalypse (in a nutshell):

  1. Pay attention in class (brains matter)
  2. Grab lunch or be lunch.
  3. Hydration (not just for soft skin)
  4. Rest your head (or end up dead)
  5. Get into alternative medicine
  6. Make it up as you go along
  7. The remake is better than the original

How to Survive is slated as a downloadable release through the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and Steam later this month, with a release date for the Wii U to still be determined.