Lenovo’s CES releases prove touchscreens come in all shapes and sizes

Lenovo’s CES releases prove touchscreens come in all shapes and sizes

Lenovo covers all the bases by putting a touchscreen on virtually any size computing device you could want. 

Lenovo’s CES offerings are all about touch this year — and not just on your average-sized tablets. Nope, the company behind the conservative and venerable ThinkPad line is putting touchscreens on everything from 10- to 27-inch slates, all powered by Windows 8.

The smallest of them is the ThinkPad Tablet 2, a 10-inch business tablet backed by a suite of useful accessories for greater productivity. One other ThinkPad we’re eager to get our hands on is the 11.6-inch ThinkPad Helix. This tablet comes with a full-sized keyboard dock that adds ports and battery life. But if you just want the tablet, detach it and go.

Another 11.6-inch entry is the IdeaPad Yoga 11S. This is an update to the Yoga 11 released a few months ago, but brings a welcome change. This version runs on Intel processors with the full Windows 8 operating system, not RT. We really liked the 13-inch version of the Yoga for its versatility — it’s a tablet, it’s an ultrabook, it’s a floor polish! — and the Yoga 11S makes the experience even more compact.

But what if you want to go big with your touch experience? Then you want the IdeaCentre Horizon, a 27-inch all-in-one PC that can either stand up at a number of angles or lay completely flat. This also runs Windows 8 and can handle any program you throw at it. The cool part is that with this giant touch surface you can play games like air hockey or Monopoly, draw, or create a collage of pictures and video.

All of this is pretty awesome for someone looking for a new computer. Say you want to add touch to an existing computer or you’re the type that wants the two monitor experience even while you’re traveling. Again, Lenovo has the answer: the ThinkVision LT1423 portable monitor. This USB 3.0 monitor weighs just 1.6 pounds. A wireless version is also available; it weighs a little more but eliminates the need for a cord.