Mass Effect 3 – Rebellion pack trailer

Mass Effect 3 – Rebellion pack trailer

Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer has remained popular since the game dropped in March, with billions of credits earned and even more Reapers killed. Part of the game’s continued multiplayer success is because Bioware and EA haven’t let the multiplayer stagnate with several previous downloadable content packs. 

The multiplayer only came with six maps, but previous packs boosted it up to eight and added more character and weapon options to keep it fresh. With the new Rebellion pack, two maps are available along with a new objective to mix things up.

The Rebellion pack is out now at no cost and includes: 

  • Two new maps – Firebase Jade, an outpost under a series of waterfalls, and Firebase Goddess, the last Asarian holdout.
  • Six unlockable characters – Vorcha Soldier, Vorcha Sentinel, Quarian Engineer, Quarian Infiltrator, Cerberus Defector Vanguard, and a Cerberus Defector Adept.
  • Three new weapons – Cerberus Harrier assault rifle, Reegar carbine shotgun, and the Krysae sniper rifle

 With the new objective, players have to retrieve high priority packages and escort them to a designated extraction zone in maps. This objective will join the queue, and will randomly occur during wave 3, 6, or 10.  

Mass Effect 3’s “Rebellion pack” is out now and can be downloaded for free on PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.