Max Payne 3 shows off its multiplayer mode

For fans of gaming, you have probably heard quite about Max Payne 3 already. Besides just having the prestigious Rockstar sticker on the cover, the game itself is shaping up to look like one of the breakout hits of the year, so the attention and scrutiny have begun to ramp up.

In the game, Max heads to Brazil where his luck continues to border on insanely bad. Yet again the now former detective finds himself in a position where he has to kill more people than influenza in order to escape the increasingly crushing pressure his situation puts on him. The staples of the series–things like bullet time, painkillers, and lots of enemies looking to play catch with your bullets–will, of course, return.  

For a better look at the campaign, check out our recent hands on preview.

But while we have a rough impression of what to expect from the single player offering, the multiplayer has been a bit on the vague side. We knew there would be one, and we knew that it would probably rock, but we didn’t know how it would be offered.

In the fourth video in the “May Payne 3 Design and Technology series,” the multiplayer takes center stage. Catch up on parts one, two, and three of the series, then watch part four and circle May 15 on your calendars, when Max Payne 3 is released on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.