Medal of Honor: Warfighter single player gameplay

If you’ve been wondering what the single player mode will look like in the upcoming MoH, this trailer should give you an idea. Thanks to the Frostbite 2 engine, it looks every bit as gorgeous as the multiplayer gameplay footage we’ve seen, but with a thicker plot and more choreography. 

This trailer puts us in the shoes of a handful of Tier 1 Operators who have infiltrated an Abu Sayyaf terrorist stronghold to rescue hostages from the capitol building of Basilan, Phillipines. When things don’t go as planned, the operatives have to shoot their way out. What really stood out in the trailer is how interactive the environment is. At one point, the player shoots away a portion of the cover he’s crouching behind, and proceeds to blast away an enemy soldier. 

Warfighter is set to be released in the US on October 21st.