Mems|Cam: a pint-sized Lytro for your smartphone

Mems|Cam: a pint-sized Lytro for your smartphone

Camera phones are about to get a serious boost in awesomeness. Mems|Cam, a new camera module from DigitalOptics, is essentially a slimmed down version of Lytro that can be built into a smartphone. 

Never heard of Lytro? You should definitely check it out – it’s a camera that doesn’t need to focus. Instead, it instantaneously takes a bunch of photos at various depths of field, and allows you pick the focus point after you shoot the photo. Now, imagine that but smaller and with more megapixels conveniently fitted into your smartphone. Excited yet? 

Mems|Cam has yet to be implemented into any phones, but DigitalOptics says that we can expect to see it in mobile devices released later this year. Check out our full post on Mems|Cam to find out more. 

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