‘Michael’ – Playstation 3 Long, Live, Play full trailer

‘Michael’ – Playstation 3 Long, Live, Play full trailer

Don’t turn away just yet!

Yes, the first half of this video is what we showed last week for PlayStation’s Long Live Play campaign. Stick around though, there’s a few minutes more of some pretty sweet stuff. Mostly, it’s characters and voices that you know and love from various PlayStation games. My personal favorite is the Sackboy playing chess.

Here’s a little bit of the PlayStation blog had to say on the commercial:

Early last month, with some ambiguity, we announced that we were looking for a few good gamers to assist us with a special assignment related to our freshly launched Long Live Play campaign. Long Live Play honors gamers from all walks of life and recognizes you for making PlayStation who we are today.

We asked members of the PlayStation Nation to email us with pictures of themselves holding their PS3 controller and in 30 words-or-less, describe how they epitomize the ultimate PlayStation gamer. I know that PlayStation gamers are some of the most impassioned fans in the world, but I was blown away by the thousands of responses that flooded my email.

After weeks of anticipation, I can finally reveal the complete ambition behind Long Live Play. I’m delighted to announce that we’ve painstakingly reviewed each submission and selected a dozen or so die-hard gamers to represent the PlayStation Nation in a brand new Long Live Play campaign that will air on national TV starting October 5th. We think this film provides an insider’s look into what it’s like to be immersed in our universe and why it’s so compelling to game on the PS3.

Try and find all the PlayStation Easter eggs in the full video. It’s pretty fun.