Mirror Mirror trailer

Mirror Mirror trailer

Two Snow White movies are coming out in the next few months. We’ve already shown you the trailer for the first, Snow White and the Huntsman. The second is Mirror Mirror from director Tarsem Singh, who was behind the recent Immortals and The Cell. 

Compared to the Huntsman, Mirror looks like it will be a much more stylized telling of the story. It somewhat reminds us of a Bollywood film. 

Julia Roberts plays the evil queen with her comedic henchman, Nathan Lane. Armie Hammer is the desired Prince Alcott. Roberts steals control of a kingdom and exiles the princess (Lily Collins). Nicely, Snow White actually encounters the seven dwarves who decide to help her win back her kingdom. 

Both Huntsman and Mirror seem to feature Snow White training to be a warrior princess of a kind to take on the evil Queen. Mirror though seems to have the dwarves the Huntsman doesn’t. Also, Mirror is going for a more comedic tone than Huntsman. 

Should be an interesting duel. Look for Mirror Mirror in theaters on March 16, 2012.