Prepare to have your jaw rattled loose by Monster’s Katana (eventually … it’s not for sale yet)

Prepare to have your jaw rattled loose by Monster’s Katana (eventually … it’s not for sale yet)

The Monster Katana is one of the best-sounding wireless speakers we’ve heard yet, but it’s lack of availability is sucking some of the wind from its sails.

While browsing the Monster booth at CES, we ran across the company’s Katana wireless speaker. We heard a prototype of the Katana while visiting Monster’s headquarters late last year, and called it the best-sounding wireless speaker you haven’t heard yet. And, as we learned today, it turns out you still can’t hear it, because it still isn’t for sale. Monster doesn’t have an availability date set for the speaker, and gave no hints as to when we could expect one.

Still, it’s worth taking a look at the Katana because when it does finally make it to market; it will likely raise some eyebrows. At an expected $700, the speaker is on the high end of the wireless speaker pricing scale, but it is also on the high end of the performance scale, if not the very top. We haven’t heard anything quite like it from any of Monster’s competitors, and that’s saying a lot, considering how crowded the wireless speaker space has become.

The speaker is armed with three discreet amplifiers, a ton of DSP, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity with support for AAC and apt-X codecs. The speaker can also accommodate wired analog and digital sources with its built-in 3.5mm and digital optical inputs. 

The Katana’s form factor is fairly sleek, despite being one of the larger wireless speaker solutions we’ve seen, but it sounds even larger still. The amount of bass produced by this speaker seems to defy the laws of physics. 

If only we could buy one. Check out our video for a closer look.