Mortal Kombat Vita goes live-action with Mileena

The Mortal Kombat Vita continues its series of live-action promos featuring various cos-play version of popular MK fighters. This time Mileena steps up to play in an abandoned train yard. 

While Mortal Kombat Vita is a port of the full console version there are supposed to be Vita-specific features that you won’t find on consoles. Most of these will more than likely revolve around the touchscreen, rear touch-panel, and gyroscoping built-in to the Playstation Vita. This trailer sticks to Sony’s marketing theme of being able to play anywhere with the option to battle other Vita owners. 

For a more in-depth peek at how the Vita version will look and play check out our full hands-on preview.

Mortal Kombat will be out for the Vita on May 1.