Hands on with the OtterBox Resurgence Power Case for iPhone 5S

Hands on with the OtterBox Resurgence Power Case for iPhone 5S

The death of a battery is a very dramatic and tragic occurrence. One minute, you’re on your merry way and next thing you know, you receive the most dreaded notification of all: “Low Battery 20 percent remaining.”

Slowly but surely, your battery ekes away until there is nothing left. Suddenly, that brilliant 4-inch computer you were holding is just a light chunk of aluminum and glass. It’s so sad and it doesn’t get any easier each time it happens.

You could, of course, walk around with your charger, but a good outlet is so hard to find. You could buy an external battery pack, but then you’d have to carry it around with you. Or, you could buy a power case with a built-in battery to charge your phone.

That’s where Otterbox’s new Resurgence Power Case comes into play. After two weeks of use, multiple trans-Atlantic flights, and a lot of power use, we can say that the Resurgence case is one of the best options to save your power hungry iPhone.

The case has a 2,000mAh battery that gives your iPhone an extra charge when you need it most. The case doesn’t add too much weight or thickness to the iPhone, either. It also adds protection and a bit of style to your device.