Quantum Conundrum: some puzzling promotional videos

Today we are graced with yet another episode of “The Super Dimensional Quantum Learning’s Problems and Solutions Gametime Spectacular” — an ongoing series of extremely strange promotional videos for the first-person puzzle platformer Quantum Conundrum. Each video consists of a zany live-action game show in which contestants are transported into one of the four obscure dimensions found in the actual game. In this fourth and final installment, Kevin Pereira and the unsuspecting contestant demonstrates how difficult moving around can be inside the Anti-Gravity dimension. 

If you didn’t already get your daily dose of weird, be sure to check out the other three episodes, which feature real-life examples of the other three dimensions found in Quantum Conundrum: Fluffy, Heavy, and Slow-Motion. And of course, if you want to check out the dimensions for yourself, grab a copy of the game for PC, xbox 360, or PS3.