Check out the hulking Ogre class in latest ‘Titanfall’ trailer

You know a game is worth at least a cursory quick glance when it garners an unprecedented six Game Critics Awards at E3 (the most given to any one game in the event’s history). Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts’ Titanfall, the winner of such categories as best of show and best console game, is seemingly raising the bar on multiplayer first-person shooters before it’s even hit shelves in 2014. Still riding high month’s after the game’s E3 showcase months ago, Respawn Entertainment revealed a new trailer detailing the Ogre Titan class at Spike’s VGX 2013. The video reads like a product reveal on behalf of Hammond Robotics, quickly detailing the fictional company’s background and the hulking, pilotable mech suit’s achievements in the field. It’s a lumbering beast of a machine, laden with heavy armor and equipped with shoulder-mounted rocket launchers, but also one that will move slower than most other previously-detailed mech suits such as the Stryder and Atlas. Each mech will function differently, and the Ogre’s strength less in its offensive ballistic capabilities and ability to take a downright beating from opponents in the field.

Titanfall is due out on March 11, 2014, on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC, with a $250 special edition package — complete with a 190-page art book, an 18-inch Titan statue and poster-sized schematic of the Atlas Titan among other goodies — launching alongside the standard edition. Despite rumors, Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen confirmed during the publisher’s latest earnings call that the title will remain a “lifetime” exclusive on its three respective launch platforms, with the possibility of undisclosed franchise sequels uncertain. Check out our first look at Titanfall for a closer look at the next-gen title poised for the multiplayer crown.