Safe trailer

With Jason Statham movies you expect to see him in one of only a few roles. These include, ex-special forces vet, ex-cop who played by his own rules, or current special forces/cop who plays by his own rules. 

The trailer for Safe actually does a decent job of hiding what Statham was/is because for awhile it appears that he’s a homeless guy that rides the New York Subway because he doesn’t have any other real options and its warm in there. In the end Statham is an ex-cop who played by his own rules. 

He ends up saving a 10-year-old girl from some thugs on the subway. This girl has an amazing photographic memory and a gang has forced her to remember a really long code that also has a cypher in it. Statham decides to help the young girl and take on the gangsters and corrupt cops that are chasing after her. Martial arts and gunplay ensue.

Safe hits the theaters on March 2, 2012.