Saints Row: The Third – The trouble with clones

Saints Row: The Third received more downloadable content yesterday in the form of The Trouble with Clones pack. This new pack adds more story content for players to explore involving the youthful scientist Jimmy Torbitson, who is one of the Saints’ biggest fans. 

He makes a clone of one the Saints, Johnny Gat to be specific. The Gat clone proceeds to run around wreaking havoc upon the city of Steelport. This forces the Saints to step in and stop their lost friend’s rampage. Trouble with Clones also adds a new gun called the “Bee Gee,” and it appears to be adding superpowers that come from an energy drink that players can use in the game.

The Trouble with Clones for Saints Row: The Third is available now on the Xbox Live Arcade or the Playstation Network.

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