My, what wide rims you have! DT heads to SEMA 2013

My, what wide rims you have! DT heads to SEMA 2013

Comic book nerds and superhero movie devotees have Comic Con. But where do gear heads and aftermarket automotive tuner junkies congregate? The answer is SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association.

Held each year in Las Vegas, SEMA hosts the world’s greatest motoring modifiers for a five-day event honoring the flashiest and most outrageous car creations on the planet.

As you can see in the teaser video above, created by FATLACE in association with us here at Digital Trends, there is no shortage of subjects and no automotive alteration is off limits. Trucks, motorcycles, supercars, econoboxes, and just about any wheeled object you can imagine goes under the saw – and into the paint booth – to prepare for SEMA.

While DT has never before tackled the aftermarket world, we’ve become recent converts to the jalopy rejigging that is SEMA. What was once homage to the ludicrous has transformed into a tech-y tract of high-concept cars and vivacious vehicles.

Over the next several days, we’ll have a few videos that delve a bit more deeply behind the scenes of SEMA and shed light on the creativity, the personalities, and – most importantly – the cars that comprise SEMA 2013.

Be sure to check back all week for more!