Sharp’s new IGZO material promises sharper, thinner displays

Sharp has developed a new semiconductor compound that boasts twice the resolution of LCD’s.

Sharp has just raised the bar for display tech with its introduction of IGZO, a revolutionary new material made from Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide. Essentially, it’s a semi-transparent semiconductor whose chemical properties give it electron mobility that’s 20-50 times faster than the amorphous silicon we currently use. What does that mean in plain English? It means smaller transistors, which ultimately means smaller electronics. IGZO displays also reportedly consume 80-90 percent less power than their silicon counterparts, which would boost battery life substantially for mobile devices.

Since this is a relatively new technology, none of the gadgets shown are real quite yet. They’re still concepts at this point. However, it appears Sharp is poised to start mass producing IGZO devices soon, so keep an eye on them later on in 2013.