Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor shows off Kinect controls

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor shows off Kinect controls

About a year after Microsoft debuted the original Xbox, Capcom released a mech-war game called Steel Battalion. It stood out mainly for the fact that you needed a $200 controller peripheral that featured pedals, two joysticks and over 40 buttons. We’re not kidding, just look at the picture below:

steel battalion heavy armor shows off kinect controls controller

The original controller was only made in limited qualities but proved popular enough to have a rerelease and the game garnered a 2004 sequel titled Steel Battalion: Line of Contact. The series never really exploded, but there was a dedicated and loyal contingent that played the games for years.

For the latest generation of consoles, Capcom and From Software are bringing Steel Battalion back with with Kinect controllers instead of an over-the-top controller. You can see how the Kinect controls might work in the above trailer featuring an Orlando Bloom look-a-like. 

You might also notice that the gamer in the trailer is also holding an Xbox controller. The mech movement and battle controls will be available via the control with everything else using the Kinect. Also, supposedly, you can high-five your AI crew after a victory or, you know, kill them with the self-destruct button which seems like  bad decision making on the commander’s part.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor will be out next month on June 19 and will be exclusive to the Xbox 360.