Street Fighter and Tekken clash outside Comic-Con

If you have been following the development of the game Street Fighter X Tekken (pronounced Street Fighter Cross Tekken), then you know that the rival producers, Street Fighter’s Yoshinori Ono and Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada, are what some might call characters. Others might call them goofy with a side of insane, but six on one hand half a dozen on the other.

To promote and celebrate their upcoming collaboration game, the duo have been going at it with pranks and jibes, ranging around the world from Japan to Germany to America. Now the show heads to San Diego for a little Comic-Con hijinks.

In the video, the Street Fighter X Tekken Comic-Con event quickly devolved into wackiness when an Ono win at the game led to Harada getting beaten by a beautiful woman with a whip. But that’s not the weird part—in fact, that is pretty normal for these too. Next the games, which continued outside with fans of each series facing off in a series of challenges, with the winner taking bragging rights. Check it out below.

The frightening thing is that Street Fighter X Tekken won’t be out until March 2 of 2012 and then Tekken X Street Fighter is due later that year, so we have at least another full year of shenanigans from these two. God help us all.