Ted trailer

Last week we showed you the red band trailer, which didn’t offer too much context behind the plot of Seth McFarlane’s first live-action movie Ted. This new trailer explains the plot a bit more. John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) wished for his teddy bear to come to life when he was kid. His wish came true and the bear has refused to leave his side ever since. However, Bennett and Ted’s lives start changing when John meets a woman (Mila Kunis) who wants Ted to move out.

As you can see, the movie is not completely without an animated element — which makes sense, considering that the titular character is a talking three-foot tall teddy bear. 

The Family Guy/American Dad creator wrote, directed, and will be the voice behind Ted. 

Joel McHale, Patrick Warburton, Jessica Stroup, Laura Vandervoort and Giovanni Ribisi will also be feature in the movie.

Look for Ted in theaters starting on July 13.