The Darkness II – Vendettas trailer

The Darkness II – Vendettas trailer

The Darkness II won’t just be a single-player campaign with Jackie Estacado. You’ll also get a chance to team up with four buddies and play a side story that adds to the overall campaign but is seperate from it. The new co-op mode will be called “Vendettas”.

The co-op will feature four unique characters. Each comes with their own look, abilities and darkness powers. All four have their own grudges against the Brotherhood — the organization that Estacado battles. The game mode will be mission-based, and place an emphasis on teamwork and squad behavior. The missions are supposed to touch on the main plot, but branch off and take the player towards new areas and plots that are unique to “Vendettas”.

The four new characters are Inugami,: a kind of modern day samurai, Shoshanna; a Mossad agent, Jimmy Wilson: a modern day Scottish Celt warrior of sorts, and J.P DuMond: a witch doctor and real doctor. 

You can check out all the new game modes when The Darkness II is released for the PC, Ps3 and Xbox 360 on February 7.

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