The FP red band trailer

The FP red band trailer

This is a red band trailer so it’s probably not safe for work. There’s a lot of cussing and one random nudity shot. You’ve been warned.

Look, this movie has been a thing for some time but to be perfectly honest it was one of those things that looked more like an YouTube joke than an actual thing. It turns out that, yes, it actually is a thing and it will be in theaters. 

What is The FP? It is this description from the creators: 

After hometown hero BTRO (Brandon Barrera) is slain on the dance platform by trash-talking thug leader L Dubba E, his protégé little brother JTRO (Jason Trost) vows never to duel again and vanishes into self-imposed isolation. A year later, he’s located by distressed former gang-mate KC/DC (“Crank 2’s” Art Hsu) and learns of the desperate state of The FP. Not only is the neighborhood in pieces; the villainous L Dubba E has his claws on Stacey (Caitlyn Folley), JTRO’s ultimate crush. There’s no other choice; our hero must return to restore order and regain the pride of his hometown. KC/ DC enlists guru BLT (Nick Principe) to school JTRO in the sacred art of ancient “Beat-Beat” technique via rigorous training sequences. Eventually, JTRO defeats enough low-ranking challengers to earn his cage match with Dubba E, and hopefully win back The FP along with the heart of Stacey. THE FP is a fury of fancy footwork, triumphant montages, and neon street wear.

The FP will be out on March 16.