The Future Of EV Trucks + The Search For Earth 2 | Digital Trends Live 12.17.19

On the show today: Amazon halts FedEx ground shipments on Prime deliveries; The next-gen Xbox console will work with already backwards compatible games; A new PS4 controller add-on – the DualShock 4 adds 16 new button functions…


It's Tuesday, December 17 2019. Digital Trends live is about to start here Some of the topics we're gonna be covering on today's episode. All right, Microsoft has clarified a few more details about their upcoming new console that was announced last week, including the name and whether you can play your Xbox 360 games on it, and we'll have Sam Hodges joining the show. Sam is the CEO and co founder of Vouch, a new kind of fully digital insurance platform developed for start up businesses. And entrepreneurs in our own role in Guam will stop by to discuss the ongoing electric vehicle battle centered around Elon Musk, Tesla's cyber truck versus yep, coming all electric version of a Ford F 1 50 And we heard your e mails messages demanding more robots. So that is what you're going to get on today's show. We'll talk about agility, robotics, new robot digits and how it is learning to respect personal space food. All that Morgan when Well, hello there. This is digital trends live. Thank you for joining us, of course. We broadcast live here every week. Day 19 Pacific Noon Eastern. Bringing you tech headlines, news interviews to discussions and so much more. All well, broadcasting live across a number of different platforms. Ron Periscope, Twitter Twitch, Facebook. YouTube linked in daily motion, Apple News treated her mobile app, smart television app and a digital trends dot com slash live. So wherever you're fighting, issue conjoining the conversations that we get to have and that is part of the fun. Let us know what you think, good or bad, whatever way. Want to see your comments? So go and drop them in there. We'll read them, I guarantee. And as we go throughout the show, that's part of the fun that we get to have here. So let's get started on this right now. I'm Greg Nibbler, Joined by Adrian were Hello, Adrian. Hello. Good morning. Good morning. A pleasure to be here is always Yes, indeed, it is weird that it's December 17th when I just said that out loud. That seems. I know it seems late in the year like, Oh, are we ready for 2020 minutes? Coming around the corner? I mean, real hot. Real fast. Hot Rod Rod. Switch on that. All right, let's It's no inside coming. Let's talk about some trending news right now. This 1st 1 has to do with Amazon and an announcement that they made in particular with their marketplace application, which is essentially the third party sellers on Amazon. Banning them from using certain FedEx service is, and this comes amidst Amazons really big push to slowly become their own shipping organization, Actually, not even slow anymore. They have tremendous investment in that, but this banning part of FedEx is a huge move. I think it's the FedEx Ground Service and Home Service from the marketplace there, saying they can still use FedEx Express but explicitly saying You can't use the service is and still be still get that prime designation. That's pretty huge. Yeah, that's pretty scary. I mean, sellers could still use, like you said, some FedEx shipping options for like, it's, I think it's nonprime up items. But yeah, this really comes after, um, Amazon and Xbox did not reach her. Sorry Xboxes, one of her next door's and FedEx too many exes after Amazon, a FedEx did not renew their contracts this summer, so we kind of saw this coming. But, uh, the shame of it is that it's really going to affect small, you know, businesses, marketplaces. Especially right during this, the holiday rush where people are really trying to get things out the door cheaply. Yeah, that's why it's I mean, I I understand why Amazon is doing it. You know, they're in a battle with FedEx, but I really like you said it's going to affect all these small. I mean, you can't just wait another two weeks. No, do that. I mean, the fact that they're doing it right now just does seem a little bit, um, little bit intended as faras how they would affect FedEx. But that's part of what this is. An Amazon's made it no secret that they want pretty much own every point of distribution when it comes to their platform. Yeah, they've invested an insane amount of money and fulfillment and just in the last quarter alone, and they're slowly and are not slowly, quickly surpassing ups and FedEx. And they will definitely be, you know, from each end from order fulfillment, they will be owning everything in some some point in the near future. Yeah, with their own airline, they've heavily invested in that. I believe it's in Kentucky. They've got a place where they're gonna have space for 100 plus air airplanes that are just Amazon airplanes and then let alone what else they're gonna be doing. So it's It's a pretty big move and part of this further pushing of Amazon to really control everything. So let us know what you think about that. Maybe if you're a small business owner or things or if you are somebody who buys things from these, you know these small sellers, See, if you were gonna be affected by this, you have to pay that premium price for FedEx Express or you just gonna go with ground, right? Let us know and continue on here. From FedEx to Xbox next back through the Xbox, Siri's X it will. There's a couple announcements that have come out for it. So they have confirmed Microsoft has confirmed that it will launch with backwards compatibility, so you will be able to play those Xbox one games. Is Xbox 360 games even all the way back to the original Xbox? Potentially depending on you know, if people want to upgrade their games for that. Another big announcement is that Xbox Siri's X is just Xbox Yes, this is a little bit confusing, but they're actually doing this to alleviate confusion, even though that didn't work out, so it didn't go so well. So, um, and we'll talk a little bit more about the backward compatibility here. The second, too. But just talking about the name. So what they clarified is that, you know, everybody's been calling it the Xbox. Siri's X. This is after we all knew it as Project Scarlet, which was still a pretty cool name. But they revealed this last week during the game awards and Xbox, Siri's X. What they're saying is, it's X box. Sirius X lower case. So that's That's the Siri's of the new Xbox. But it's actually just called X box. So it's kind of like you think about a make and model of a car. Yeah, it's like that. So this is the Siri's ex of Xbox? Yeah, yeah, so that's what they're They're trying to get everybody to get back to you is just saying it's the X box and and this is the one that's gonna be coming out towards the end of next year. The 2020 in competition with PlayStation five, which is gonna be coming out around the same time. It's a big coming up here for gaming, absolutely, but that that backward compatibility is going to be a really big issue. And that's that's why it's important that they're doing this because I think I think just learning. Hopefully it and does seem like both. Both of these platforms learned is that people invest a lot in their games, so don't and that's fine. You know, if you want to go out and get the brand new one because you want to play all that stuff, that's great. But you're not gonna have a huge catalog, a game. Just wanna play hero, Would you? Yeah, exactly. You used to previously have a different huge catalogue of games and like because these consoles are so expensive and a lot of times people wait a couple years after their release toe actually invest in one and then suddenly, you know, two or three years later, another corn comes out. It's a shame to lose all of your gaming progress. Yeah, so that's Ah, that's gonna be good that they are saying that that's gonna be happening as part of it. That one of the major soft representatives even said that he's been playing his Xbox 360 games on the thing, So it's kind of showcasing it, Yeah, talking about that. So that's that's part of the news coming out regarding gaming. Just that yet. It's gonna be the X box and backward. And yeah, I think it's gonna be a really big year in 2024 backwards compatibility because they talked about it so much. E three. And this follows that That rumor. Yeah, and PlayStation Also announcing that they're gonna have that same thing as well for their upcoming PlayStation five console. And speaking of places station. So there is some of the news. The trending news today is this to do with the dual shock for comptroller? Of course, that's the PS four controller and a new ad on that PlayStation as announced, that adds you extra buttons on the back of it. So it's an attachment that you can put onto the PlayStation for you coming shot, controlling onto the dual shock. You have a dual shock controller itself, and so you kind of clip it on to the back. It lets you program two new buttons. It's gotten OLEDs screen as its advertising, which will tell you what it is that you're ah, what your programming in there. And then it's got still the headphone jack there so you can still plugged in. I mean, that's a cool ad on it seems like it's weird timing and the words that seem we're diving with the with the PlayStation five, you know, shortly hot on its heels. It's only 30 bucks, so it's kind of Ah, it's a nice thing to see, but it's not even coming out for the holidays. So see how quickly this actually catches on. I do want to say that after seeing the Xbox elite Siri's controller Yeah, I have a feeling that this is slightly in response to that because that controllers so expensive. But it's so programmable, and then this one is like, Okay, this is just a little bit of customization for not that much extra money. Yeah, you can clip on something that you would pick up. You know, I wouldn't think about it until recently. I have, like, I think this would be really helpful in, like, boss fights or, you know, if you're competitive gamer, you're trying like Spam. Your special attack. It's really far out. And like, it kind of cramps her hands after a while, right? I have short hands, that's for sure. Handed people like me, I might get one. That's Abby, That zit. That's an interesting take on TV, but yeah, it's like just the fact that they haven't done it before. You're not coming out until after the holidays. What was with weight? Yeah, Why? Why wait until right now, Right before you put out this new console. But maybe there's more to it that we don't know about. Yeah, and we'll see if it works with the police station five controller. If it does, then. Actually, I think that that could be something worth investing some. Yeah, you can take that and transfer it onto that. Or if the dual shock controller works with P s five. Yeah, we'll see. Maybe that would be cool. Very cool. But I wonder how much the strains of battery to just a battle that's not it is not long at all. I am constantly swapping by now. Yeah, after about like, two or three plays, it's already Yeah, completely drained. And it's really annoying what happened? Maybe that maybe that for battery life in there. All right, well, that's some of the news from the from PlayStation regarding the dual shock for controller that we've been seeing today keeping up to date with the trending news. What s so it was more trending news more from space act. So they successfully deployed another satellite into orbit this past Monday. However, they were not able to catch the nose code that came down from it. So they've had kind of a couple mishaps in catching their, uh yeah, And this is part of the, you know, the whole push for reusability, right? Absolutely. And and they they've had some success with it, but this one, they really tried to go all out. So essentially, the the nose cone. The fairing is in two pieces, and what they've done before is they will catch one in a giant net and let the other one fall into the ocean. This time they try to catch a little Yeah, Yeah. They've sent out two ships, It sounds like, but they you know, they and they they have a lot of controls, obviously, to help guide it into place you know, with their GPS system and everything. But like, it's still very tricky to maneuver. And as soon as it gets into the ocean, you know, salt, corrosion and things can happen to it. So they're really, really aiming to make. This is reusable as possible. Yeah, that's saltwater. Damages is a big thing, and when you think about it, each one of these are $6 million is a $6 million faring. So if you could recover that, obviously, that saves a lot of costs with his minimal amount of extra work that you have to do on it. And that's one of the big things we're seeing with all of these companies as they're trying to make sure that every little piece of it is as reusable as possible. Space sick. You know that they have had a lot of success, yes, but to give us some context to. These things are 13 meters tall, five meters wide, the way about 1000 kilograms. That's according them that, as you mentioned, when it's coming back down, they do have kind of it's kind of it's something called a parafoil, which is kind of like a parachute GPS enabled, so it can kind of slow it down and try to hit that. And then they have no thrusters. Correct? Yeah. Yeah, I believe so on this as well. So it's got some different ways yet slow it down. But that is a tough thing that is very tough in the middle of the skill of the ocean. Catch one, I mean in contact. That's a tiny piece of equipment. I mean, yeah, it's big, but it's tiny in that context, falling down from the sky. Try to catch it. Billy Ocean. Yeah, that's that's our job. That sounds like a video game. I don't want to play. Yeah, for $6 million I g I guess I try. Yeah, maybe there's a reward for that, but that's what we're looking at with space exo. That's their launch. We also have coming up. I believe it's not Friday is that Boeing is gonna be launching their Starliner doing a test launch of theirs. So everybody's really in the it's really been a space launch kind of season. Right now. You've got everybody have that. So I'm gonna call it speech lunch, Sea bass launch season, which is gonna become more and more next year to us. Me As we round out 2019 we're gonna see a lot more of these launches until eventually. I think this year we're going to see the launch of some humans in one of these private space endeavors. But it's super exciting. Yeah, I think they got to do some more tests clearly, but that's what we're building toward. I think by the end of 2020 we'll definitely see some humans going up. Hopefully, when they come back down, we can catch them, catch him in a giant. I would not be fun. No, wait. We do have one final training stories to two that we want to talk about. This is you know, as we're going through, we just try to keep you up to date with everything as it's happening in technology and make sure that you know, and again we are live. So we do want to see your comments as you have them about whatever it is that we're bringing up here on the show and let us know what you think about this. This one has to do with autonomous flight in particular autonomous taxis which is something we see a lot of companies working on. And there is a company called I Want to Get It Right Sky Rise Sky Rice, who has now debuted a video showcasing some of their technology. So sky rise was it was a company that had been kind of a secretly building. They unveil themselves earlier this year, but now they have showcased some technology that they've been working on for autonomous helicopter flights. So this isn't creating a new vehicle. It's adapting an older vehicle. Yeah, and that's what's really, really cool about this is that they are applying their technology to an already existing helicopter instead of, you know, we've been seeing these models from anything from like uber Thio. I forget Bell helicopters, those working on a lot seeing these very futuristic looking helicopters. This is one of first times we've seen a helicopter being piloted autonomously with already existing, you know, retro retro fitting. Essentially, So this is a modified Robinson are 44 So that's what that is. That's an FAA approved helicopter, helicopter nerds at that for all your helicopter. Yes, so that's that one. But the key here being that it's already FAA approved. So that's not one of these brand new vehicles. It's just like a drone, like a flying drone or, Ah, something like that. This is already approved. So the tech is they're already over. One hurdle, I guess, is what I'm trying to get to. It is talking about that side. So this system, the way it does is they said it not automates few specific aspects of the flight. It's said it's similar to cruise control for cars and under high level guidance from the pilot. So there's that aspect. But there's also the fully autonomous aspect of it. They're really building up a lot of technology to encompass a lot of different issues to where they said that that basically their goal is going to be your punching where you want to fly to, and it just flies you there and just takes you there, and that's a pretty incredible achievement. There's a lot of technique has to go into that and a lot of work with existing infrastructure when it comes to the FAA or wherever is governing the air. You know the airspace of wherever you're at Volvo Copters, another company that's been working on this. They did it with Finland. I believe they tested out in Germany, like, test it with people, actually, or with I believe there was people in there. But what they did is the key thing for them was testing and integrating into the airline's structure, like the airlines system that was already in place s O so that they could communicate directly with it. And that's gonna be big. Yeah, absolutely. Especially in congested cities. Which is what? This is help with this. What? This is aiming to help alleviate congestion and said he isn't getting from place to place with commuting. So have you Totally did. I'm super excited about I've never been in a helicopter of you. I've been in once. Yes. Yeah, it's pretty fun. Cool. Yeah. I don't know about an autonomous one. That would be a little bit on every but I'd do it, You know, if I didn't have to sit in traffic, there's a lot of be willing to put up with risk. All right, let's make a list. Yeah. I mean, I'm fine until I get my jet pack that I could just fly directly up here to the building, you know? Then then I guess I'll have to snuck in the window every day. Yeah. You just open up the window, give me a little landing pad out there, and yeah, I'll be fine. I'll be fine. Yeah, that's all I want. I mean, even even in the rain. Yeah, OK. All right. Yeah, no, I get a little, you know, slicker on or something. And you know, we'll be just fine flying up on my jet pack. All right? Anyway, uh, enough about that. Let's save that vision for all right. We've got a lot to get to here today. So a lot of technology we're gonna be covering we're gonna be talking a lot about cyber tracks, electric vehicles giving you up to date on all kinds of things. First off, before I talk about what's coming up next. Thank you, Adrienne. Thank you for having me. As always, it is fun. So let's talk fun. So fun. Let's talk about what's coming up next. We have video actually from Riley with we've gotta Siris on YouTube called the DEETs, where Reilly will go in depth with the specific subject to kind of explain it out a little bit more in a short video, that really great and got a whole bunch of them. Check them all out of YouTube. And right now, though, we're gonna play the one about net neutrality, I believe, is what we're gonna be talking about. So what? Robbie's gonna kind of well, down and explain. So that's coming up next. We are broadcasting live to drop in your comments as we goes, rather show back here in a minute with more difficult. It's the holiday season, and politics may be a forbidden topic at your next family gathering, but there's another topic that you can and should discuss The future of the Internet. Net neutrality has sparked the biggest Internet debate since the dress. So here's everything you need to know about the issue and how it could change the Internet as we know it. You're watching the DEETs, a show where we demystify the technologies that are shaping the future. I'm your host, Riley win. So what is net neutrality? Well, net neutrality means treating everything on the Internet equally. It's a guiding principle that preserves an open Internet. You get the same connection speeds as well the same access to sites such as YouTube and Netflix. And your Internet service provider can't show any preferential treatment anywhere. It can't block or slow access to a site because it doesn't like the content or because of sight competes with its service is. Two years ago, net neutrality shook up the Internet in 2017 a Jeep I and the FCC voted to repeal Obama era FCC net neutrality rules established in 2015. The new ruling tell state and local governments they cannot create laws regulating broadband service or craft their own net neutrality laws similar to the 2015 FCC regulations. Eyes Ruling also only requires I S P s to be transparent about their practices. For example, a provider can slow down or block access to a streaming service like Netflix or Spotify for any reason as long as they notified. This is all part of pies plan to have the federal government stop micromanaging the Internet. Another feature of the 2017 repeal broadband now falls under the purview of the seat. So often I SP doesn't want you to see something. They can slow down, how quickly you see it or even halted all together again as long as they simply notify you beforehand. Those who are pro net neutrality would say that the repeal allowed bigger I s peace become gatekeepers of the Internet. The pro repeal side would say that net neutrality is stifled innovation within the industry and specifically with building out broadband infrastructure. The battle between both sides have been raging on for two years now, and it still is relevant, as it was the day the repeal was announced early in 2019 attorneys general from 22 states and the District of Columbia, as well as consumer groups and tech companies such as Mozilla, the people behind Firefox sue the FCC in federal court to reverse the repeal. There were two big questions in this lawsuit. One. Whether the FCC had a sufficient reason to change the classification of broadband and to whether it has the right to pre empt states from adopting their own net neutrality rules. The federal court upheld the FCC is repealed the rules and its classification of broadband. But the court also denied a provision that block states from passing their own net neutrality laws and protections. So the repeal stands on the federal level. But the federal government also can't stop states from setting up their own protections. California, New Jersey, Vermont, Washington and Oregon, where this company's headquarters are located, have already pushed legislation through to protect net neutrality. And 34 other states have introduced their own bills. This all just sounds like a bunch of party politics. One side doesn't like the other, he said. She said, But why does it matter to you? You haven't noticed any changes since the repeal, right? Take a second to imagine a scenario with me. It's a lazy Sunday in April 2020 and you want nothing more than to just sit on the couch and veg out to Netflix. But your screen isn't a never ending buffer swamp wall. But why? Well, let's say your I S P plan to debut their new streaming service on this fine Sunday in April 2020 and to avoid any competition with Netflix, your eyes piece slowed down your Netflix and stifled your office marathon to incentivize you to watch their streaming service. Now I know this is definitely a first world problem in a somewhat trivial scenario, but pro net neutrality folks say the implications could be much worse, They say the FCC is ruling could essentially stop the Internets flow of important information. The net neutrality debate has been going on for years among politicians, advocates and the big Iess piece, but it's not grabbing headlines like Baby Yoda or Cyber Truck. Still, the way you get those headlines and speed at which you get them is very much the issue here. Okay, hello, This is digital trends live. I'm Greg Nibbler. Thank you for joining us. Wherever you find us. Hit that subscribe button that we get the notifications when we do go live, we get to have all kinds of discussions here, and a lot of it is about technology and how it can improve our lives. We're gonna talk about that, end the entrepreneur side of things and small businesses in different ways. All of this is converging in a great way for all of that factor, all of those factors. And to do that we have Sam Hodges, who is the CEO and co founder of Vouchers joining the show. Sam, thanks for being here today. Eso vouch. We're gonna talk about insurance for small businesses, but I want to talk to you about founding this company and what some of the inspiration was for why you wanted to create this Absolutely so we co founded. Vouch about a year and 1/2 ago with the thought that if you currently look at the way entrepreneurs get and then scale the insurance programs they need for the company's just a huge number of frictions in the experience and in personal lines are consumer side of insurance. There's been a lot of really positive developments, but frankly, commercial insurance still frantically. It's paper based. It takes a long time, oftentimes, that products they actually get is an entrepreneur. Don't feel tailored to the business. And so, while we started opted, that's all about those problems and in particular were focused on helping very early stage companies get all of the insurance they need to get their business killing and then make sure they have the right pepper just a scale. So talking about that from from the start up standpoint of somebody who's getting out there and starting a business, what are some of the main insurance needs that they should have when they're getting going end that they could be able to scale later on. So my general view is that you should really think about covering the property and the business, as well as the set of liabilities or risks that come inherent with their business model. So the property side usually that's pretty basic. Many companies. It's computers and basic office equipment where things get a lot more interesting and frankly, a lot more complicated is on liability side. And if you look at what's happened in the technology sector in particular, you know, younger companies are now being held to similar standards, as much more mature businesses. And so some of the practices that for a long period of time, you know what kind of the whole move fast and break things ethos. You know, I think a lot of people in the ecosystem are realizing that's probably not the right way to build a viable, sustainable business and serve as a result. You have to think about you know, what are the activities in your employment practices? What are good practices around managing data and cyber defense? What good practices around governance and linked to that coverage for directors and officers of the company and at Vouch. We provide business insurance to meet all of this needs. So again you get the basics. But you can also get much more looks. Liability coverage is which most companies will need is they actually start to take off. I think that's that's a really interesting standpoint. Too important to note that the business landscape has changed where everybody needs to think about all of these things to make sure that you're covered when you're going forward talking about your platform in general. So you get this idea. You want to make it easier. You want to move from this paper based system that that seems a little bit antiquated. The other people were doing. How did you do that? And let's talk about your platform itself. Absolutely so our platform really comprises 22 major pieces. First is digitally native experience that allows anyone who's applying for visits insurance too common in just a matter of minutes to go through a set of very basic questions to understand what coverages might apply for them in their company. It typically takes less than 10 minutes to get that experience, and you can actually get a quote and then move to check out with zero paperwork and zero agency. So, you know, cover draw actually kick in the very next day. On the other side of the platform is all of the kind of insurance infrastructure we build out in terms of actually building custom programs that again are tailored to the needs of early stage, high growth technology companies. And so we did a lot of work thinking about, you know, how did these risk actually manifesting companies like that? How should they therefore be priced? And also, how do we make sure that the coverage is comprehensively meet the needs of these businesses s O that you know if bad things do happen if things break, there's not this production place be sitting today. That's what insurance is really about, right? And that's such an important thing. So talking about how fast it is, that's really I think, a key element because I think a lot of people when you start thinking about insurance or anything along those lines, you think Okay, this is gonna take a long time. It's gonna be confusing. How do I get through all of this? How do you make it that it's that fast. Sure, So part of it is really around focusing the experience on the archetype, sir, or different types of companies that we know exist. And, you know, we got to that by talking to literally hundreds of founders and looking at the insurance needs of many, many different companies. Part of it's also frankly informed by our own experience as entrepreneurs, Right? You know, I've been a founder of multiple times. You know, I've been working in this ecosystem for 15 going on 20 years, and, you know, I've seen firsthand how hard it is get insurance and also, frankly, how important it is to have insurance if it when things go sideways. And so we really kind of took into account the experience of our founding team in our leadership team as well as in that market Discovery, work, Thio really engineering experience that we think it is really dramatically security than anything. The market data also plays a really big piece of this, and so we're working with a set of partners so that we can use data to help with both the client on boarding side of things, but then also overtime underwriting and Randall ready? Because, you know, insurance is obviously something that needs to evolve with a company, as it, you know, as its risk footprint changes talking about data. Actually, that's that's a question that I had just about cyber security and how big of an issue that is for for any company. It doesn't matter what size cyber security is very important. How does a start up business ensure themselves in the case of anything happening in case of a hack or or something going on where their date is exposed? Is there in an insurance platform for that? Sure. Well, s O, I would say they're really two things to think about. One is water set of activities that company can pursue to actually reduce their exposure from a cyber perspective. And, you know, typically speaking, you know, cyber events happen in one of two ways, either, you know, there's kind of a front door full on attack, and you know that that would be going after someone's infrastructure, taking advantage of vulnerabilities that have to do with how they've actually set up in manage their software in their data, the other side, the one actually where we actually see Maur exposure and frankly, more risk events happen is actually stuff that's kind of out the back door, where you know the company's employees may actually, you know, succumb to ah, fishing or smoothing attempt. And the incidents of those sorts of activities is on the rise. There are whole sets of different vendors technology providers that put in place, monitoring tools to mitigate the risk on both fronts. The other side of the equation is obviously on the wrist transfer side, and that's where having a really good conference of cyber coverage that matches to the amount of data and link with the sensitivity of the data you have, that's also really important cos they're handing handling a lot of personally identify information. P. I have confidence in financial technology, you know, sometimes in health, attacking another categories as well. Those are areas where that likelihood that someone's gonna target you from a cyber perspective on also, frankly, that the exposure you have given, you know, the kind of parent weight of those data. It's obviously a lot heavier. Yeah, it's a lot to factor into just just thinking about you know, all of those different things, hasn't constantly evolves and changes. And you know, it's what a changing landscape we have all because of technologies because of people changing and looking forward to, like, you know, the next year or the next five years, where some of the biggest issues that you see other than, you know, date data, which we just talked about. But there are other issues that you see on the horizon that businesses are going to need to be aware of. Well, I mean, if you take a big step back, you know, I think as an entrepreneur in the technology space, you have to be mindful of what's going on in the broader world. And I would say that although a lot of signals and use economy look really encouraging, I think there's obviously a lot of concern around this moving into a more reactionary environment. My personal to you. Is there still a lot of liquidity in the system that a lot of people who are interested making investments in good companies that are doing things that, you know, potential has really changed the way sectors work, And it really helped consumers and companies do their businesses better. Same time fundamentals matter, probably more now than they did at any point of the last several years. So, you know, just kind of reorienting how you think about building a long term, viable, sustainable company. It's just really critical. Well, this is some great advice. I think it's really fascinating how you've been able to grow this and change up. You know, this, this previous infrastructure that we had for for when it comes to a commercial insurance and what people can do and I want to know for for everybody out there, I mean, we kind of walk through it. But just to give him another guideline of signing up, what's the best way for them to do it? Where is it available right now and how can they get started? So the best way to sign up for Vouch is to go to our website. It's bouche dot us. It's a very short application experience. It takes just a matter of minutes to get to a quote, and our hope is that over time we conserve. The insurance needs a very wide share of entrepreneurs here in the U. S. And over time, other parts of the world as well Well, Sam, thanks so much for joining us here on general trends live to talk about this. It's always fascinating learning about different facets of technology and how it's changing up what we were doing previously. And this is definitely at the forefront of that. Thanks for being here on digital trends live. Thanks for coming on the show. I enjoyed it. All right, So that again, you know, talking about different tech entrepreneurs and different ways that we're changing up the things that we do because of technology. This kind of covers a lot of that. All in one subject. So that was vouch. That was Sam from Batch that we were just talking to you. We have more technology coming up, so we're gonna have our own room. And Juan is gonna be joining us here shortly to talk about everything going on in the automotive industry when it comes to that technology. So in particular, we're gonna talk about this battle between cyber trucks and the Ford F 1 50 the E f. 1 50 some other trends that he's seen going on with electric vehicles and all kinds of things that's coming up next year on the show. We are broadcasting live. We take your comments, your questions. If you have questions about tech in the auto industry, let me know what they are. I'll ask running. Maybe he'll be able to answer him for us. Live right here on the show. Because that is what we are. We're live. So again, thank you. Embody for joining us. It's around back in a minute, right after this. Welcome back to digital, Trans Live. Wherever you're watching, we appreciate it. Of course, you could join us for the conversations that we get to have about technology here on the show. I'm Greg Nibbler, and we like to cover all facets of tech, including the automotive industry, which is evermore present in all areas of technology. We're seeing everything evolve quickly and a lot of having to do with electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. We're gonna talk about some of that and more and joining us right now we have our own rodent glowing to talk about all this. Ronin. Hello. Why are you doing good? Um excited to talk about everything that's happening. I think we got to go right right out of the gate and talk about this impending battle between Elon Musk and the Tesla cyber truck and the electric Ford F 1 50 that seems to be revving up. I mean, I guess, to get your perspective on this, how do you feel about these two vehicles? And do you think that we have a really a genuine rivalry that's brewing here? It's gonna be interesting to see how the cyber truck stacks up against the F 1 50 but also against the bigger F 2 50 Tesla's said It's gonna be a class to be truck, which doesn't put it in the same segment as the F 1 50 The effort because the class to a there's a very small distinction between the two and most. It comes down to how much they wait. And as you know, electric vehicles are quite heavy because they need a massive battery act to achieve peace, a mountain range. So that puts some kind of bigger and then the next category up. So it's gonna be interesting to see how where is Number 20 lands in the fort back in order. So with the S o being heavy, and that's something that is interesting to take into account to do We have any estimates on how heavy the cyber truck is going to be. No test lives inside of me. It's gonna be so it's probably gonna depend a little bit. I'm gonna guess on which level you get as far as how big the battery is because they have those was three different categories of them, like a 2 53 5500 mile range. Yeah, exactly. And it's gonna the weight is gonna depend directly on the battery that the customers select. I mean, if you want more ranging in a bigger battery pack, even though technology is advancing, so sooner or later, really, you'll be able to get the same on a range get today from a big battery pack medium battery back. But it's still gonna depend on the battery at the customer chooses. So let's talk about them the comparison. So maybe it's not exactly one and apples to apples comparison with the cyber track versus the F 1 50 even though the hype around the two seems to be that they're going that way. But let's talk about the company's in general because Ford is definitely making a push push towards towards more electric vehicles. And, um, you know, we talk about Tesla's. It's certainly spurring a lot of that competition. How do you feel about the two companies in general? And is Ford ready to take them on directly? I don't think Ford even wants to take him on directly, to be honest with you, because the cyber truck is, You know, I can't picture the local utility company rolling up in a cyber tracked fix a pipeline. It's, I guess, kind of War on an adventure Focus track vs 50 which asked, You could rent it from 50 from the review. All were from Home Depot. You I don't I don't see that happening with cyber track, so I'm not sure that there they overlap in some areas in terms of capacity, dimensions, stuff like that. But they're not aim of this exact same fire. Yeah, they think that is kind of telling a little bit. As faras, you know, Cybertron just looks so different from anything that we've really ever seen before and is, you know, the general F 1 50 buyer. Even if the significant poem, like the statistics like it's it's tow capacity all of that stuff is better. Whether people would still pick it over just because of the design over in F 1 50 I think that's that's probably gonna be a big deciding factor when it comes down to it. It is, Yeah, and s. So we haven't seen the electrical from yet, but I know it's gonna be based on the next generation model. Let's do have in 2020 and it's reasonable to assume it's gonna be what it sounds like. It's gonna be an electric f 1 50 It might get some powertrain specific design details like it might have, you know, Blue Green accents or a different group, but it's looking like it's gonna be a body on frame vehicle. I've seen Patton images showing out the battery's gonna be integrated in the frame. So it's ultimately it's gonna come down to whether or not I'm gonna drive a cyber truck or or enough 1 50 which is a great you know, an old school looking truck. Well, going from there talking about just the electric truck, an electric vehicle range. We are finally seeing this push outside of the senator electric cars that we've seen into trucks, pickups, SUVs. Um, could we get kind of Maybe I'll round up. What? What do you see coming out here and like the next year or two when in a broad picture, I guess as far as this, this push into these styles, that category of electric vehicle, one of the biggest challenges is gonna be privy in. I'm guessing you've seen the arm one t on the arm. Want asked for? Introduced about a year ago in Los Angeles Auto Show, that one kind of splits the difference between the Cyber truck, which was a cyber truck, and the F 1 50 which is kind of a more traditional mama. It's It's electric, but it has been a futuristic design. It's got a pretty high tech interior, but it's still more or less a traditional truck. You've also got a bunch of a smaller, fashionable players in weight, getting it, trying to get a slice of the segment. You've got Lord's Time Motors, which was born from the ashes of the Lawrence Town General Motors factor that make the Chevrolet Cruze. They won't bring electric truck to market sooner or later. Atlas Motors in Arizona, but I haven't seen their truck yet. It's Photoshopped images, and interestingly, you also have General Motors, which that there was a big strike recently about the fate of the Detroit Hamtramck factory that made the bolts kind like you learned other models and they want to close that factory, they're not gonna close that. They're going to keep it around. And that's gonna be kind of the company's hub for electric SUVs and pickup trucks. They're going to see there's gonna be one electric pickup truck, and I don't know if it's maybe a Chevrolet or a GMC. They haven't said that yet. There's also probably gonna be electric version of the next generation Cadillac Escalade. You have four alarm from the V A. But it's gonna be a TV model. And there's quite a lot of rumors about the Hummer brand coming back. Maybe it would be a huge, ironic Yeah, that would be an interesting push by Homer to come out, come out with that. Um, I guess it makes sense if you want to really have a vehicle. I mean, make a giant battery in it, and I don't know about the market. The Hummer market being into an electric vehicle. And that's actually another question to that. I want to talk about just this, you know, with all of these these manufacturers starting to offer electric options or pushing into that. How do you feel about the competition between electric vehicles and just gasoline vehicles in general? Are we seeing the phasing out of gasoline vehicles like in the next 10 years? Is it gonna be all electric? Or how do you see this playing out right now, where the indications in the market I know it's gonna depend? It's gonna very from market to market. I mean, obviously Norway's. And then there's a huge percentage of electric vehicles in the U. S. I think TV's and 2018 have a 2% market share, which was on par with cars of the manual transmission. So it's gonna take a very long while before electric vehicles make up a bigger part of the market. Then gasoline powered before you will see that are more hybrids. I mean, there's a new hybrid coming out every you know, every week, it seems. Are you gonna see a lot more hybrids in the coming years? More E V E's to unfashionably and you're gonna see more compelling eighty's Just significant is for a while they were not terribly Mellie, but there's still before any of the richest before a bee's reached the mainstream. It's gonna take a while. There's still concerns about range, and to be honest with you, automakers don't really. They want to sell as many visas they need to get through emissions regulations because they lose money development expenses to develop. Dealerships are also not terribly interested in selling used because they're gonna lose customers. You know, if you buy any of your not gonna come in for an oil change and come in for radiator flush. Um, so there there's still quite a few hurdles before Evey has really become mainstream and overtake market. That's interesting. I didn't think about that. The maintenance factor that yeah, all of that just kind of goes away because you just don't need any of that when you're dealing with an electric vehicle. Yeah, yeah, There's obviously gonna be making something even just left tires break past. There's a cooling system, but you're not gonna have a head gasket. You're not gonna have a leaky exhaust your stuff like that or water pump. Really? Yeah, that's which is great for the consumer. But I can see how that would change up a lot for the industry in general. This entrenched industry that we have for so long yeah, and car dealerships off. Historically, they don't make a lot of money on a car that we sell them in the profit margins. Really, where they make money is on parts and service. So I mean, that's where there, broadly speaking, of course, kind of elected the salad TV's and market it because it's lost money for that. Well, it's definitely interesting just seeing how all this shapes up, but I'm sure it's CS will probably see some more news on electric vehicles, I would guess, or some different some different things being showcased since the auto industry such a part of that, but definitely going forward through through this next year. It's a fascinating discussion and just seeing how it's all gonna play out and we'll keep everybody up to date a digital trends running Thank you very much for joining us. Give us your opinion on it that is important to know what you're thinking. As far as how all this is shaping up. And thanks for joining us here today. Yeah, I always find talking and learning about different trends in technology in this electric vehicle battle that's going on, whether it's a battle, whether it's right to call it or not. It's definitely fun, and it's definitely interesting to see how it's gonna go and certainly test. Let's shake things up with cyber track. All right, we've got more coming up here. Though we are broadcasting live, we have a lot to talk about. We have Rahim is all he's gonna be joining us, the co founder and CEO of the S V Academy reams gonna be talking about their platform and how they're changing things up and and also some great investments that they've been having lately. So all of that's gonna be coming up here. We're talking about all kinds of technology, so stick around back here in a minute with more digital trends of live thing is digital trends live. Thank you for joining us again wherever you are, hit that subscribe but and share the show joining the conversations that we get to have. We get to have a lot of fun conversations about technology and how it's changing lives. We're gonna talk about online education right now on a whole lot more than that. But to do so, we have Rahim Castle, who is the co founder and CEO of the S V Academy. Thanks for joining us. Absolutely. So yeah, it's good to have you back here on the show. And I want to give everybody who may be missed the first time around. Ah, have a background and understanding of S V academy just in general. What some of the issues were that you saw and why you wanted to co found it. Yeah, but a tremendous amount of elitism in the tech industry. It's very hard to get a job. You don't have the right skills, work experience if you didn't go to the right school. Andi, you don't know how to call. So you think about SP Academy as the Norman police way breaking into the tech industry and making it to this country? We have a free program which are no tuition to job seekers. We provide them with all of the skills and mentorship and job opportunities to break into a role on the business stuff business side specifically technology sales. We've been doing this now for about two and 1/2 years, we've generated about $40 million in full time uppers for these graduates. Working great companies like Cloud Player and Survey won't be possible to networks, which is so big. I mean, we see so many industries and so many companies, you know, going into the tech industry. But you do you think about it as the coding things like. Okay, well, I need to learn to code to get into that, and that's that's a whole other ballgame. So figuring out these other ways to get in there and be a part of it is huge. Yeah, well, if you didn't grow up with someone in your family, you know, a sales position or marketing position in your career, it's not immediately obvious to you is your is your beginning your career and we're trying to make a shift that there are actually ways where you condone break into this industry and make a lot of money for you and your family that don't require Eunice in front of a computer. And the reality is that in most of the end of history, most of these companies the greatest growth and jobs he's actually having on the customer basis. So, for example, Lincoln just released the jobs report 2020 out of the top, I think seven or eight jobs. The 1st 6 We're all tempted. The seventh job. Thejob. Tremendous grow customer. Basic technology. Sable Sands Development, Customer success Thes. They're some of the fastest growing positions, I think 40 50% year over year. We don't talk about it. Yeah, and that's that is just an important part of the economy. And I think that's great, you know, to educate people. If that's even available, that's out there. That's something that can d'oh I know one of the other things you you do. And, you know, one of the other missions with SB Academy as well is to make sure that if there are communities who are underrepresented or are unaware of some of these things, you reach out and you try toe, try to bring them up and give them that education they need. You talk a little bit about that. Yeah, absolutely. So for example, myself personally, I didn't I didn't even go to college. Actually, I grew up in government housing. I worked in retail. I've been fired for McDonald's. I'm an immigrant, too, the country co founder as well. And the idea is that, you know, for populations were coming from communities where they don't have access to these types of opportunities social, economically, culturally, racially and other backgrounds. We specifically look for the best talent anywhere it might be, you know, we don't care, and you provide them with with this fast track that in a very short period of time can really change their lives. And we hope also helped them in turn, change life there. You noticed. Right now we have about 25% African American, 17% Blackie next 70% 1st generation. And we continue to look for of these under resource disconnected communities that I have the talent. I just need to know which is great. Yeah, that's such an important appointing. The talent is there. It's just gotta reach them and get them into these positions. You know where they're going to succeed. The company succeeds everybody. Everybody wins talking about the courses themselves. So for people going into this, you know, thinking they're going to go into expensive long process of going through this. Can you kind of walk through some of that side of things? So, first of all, uh, applying to the program and enrolling in the program and completing the program is entirely free, so we don't charge any tuition whatsoever. A job seeker, it's entirely funded by the employers. That's most important. Second of all, we designed the program in such a way where it's part time and can be taken nights weekends on your own time so you could fit in other responsibilities you might have in your life, for example, a part time job or, in some cases, a full time job as well as care, taking on other responsibilities that you have in your day to day life. But the idea is that if you're really committed to transforming your life and this is the very best to do so and we know your experience now, doing this for almost coming on 500 graduates that it's that it's that commitment that's the secret ingredient to really getting through this program. Well, talking about success as well, you know, even since the last time that we talked to you, which was several months ago. I know that S V Academy has had some pretty successful announcements to make where you could walk through what some of those are. T bring everybody up today. Yeah, absolutely. We just There's a lot that's happened this year. It's announcements that we made public just in last couple of days or that number one we announced investment from Ashton Kutcher and his venture her or very, very excited about a particular is huge supporter of this mission invasion that has been involved in begins systems change between future of education and the future work for the last number of years. And so we're very excited to bring them on board as well. The other one is that, you know, major pipeline of job seekers for us, our graduates coming out of public universities across the country. And we don't really teach today sales human center skills as it relates to breaking into the tech industry Really anywhere. There are just a few dozen programs, but but there are thousands of thousands of institutions, so we want to close that gap, providing SP Academy, the institutions all across the country we partner. But to that, we announced just recently Arizona State University or the International University, two very large public institutions that have populations of students and graduates that very closely overlapped the communities in which we're working in. Well, that's great. Congratulations on that. You know, on all of that, the partnership that Ashton Kutcher that's great for that investment. And then also, you know what these universities and it really helps bring other people up, brings people these opportunities and also helps the businesses. I think that's important to the businesses are really gonna benefit from this is Well, well, well, go ahead. Well, I was gonna say absolutely, I think like the way this idea sort of came about was talking to orders all across the country, not just here in Silicon Valley, but really everywhere. Speak to leaders, CEOs. You hear that? Their biggest constraint to grow their businesses, not having access, qualified talent. And we're in particular specifically in sales and in the customer facing part of the business, because that's where they generate revenue. And we need to be doing drop it at all, you know, providing access to communities which are really participating in the tech industry today because of the elitism were him to direct everybody where the best place to go is Can you just give him the website that you want to send everybody to to find out more information? Very simple. STD not academy. They're easy to find us. We're also on G Twitter under sgh You easy to find this and yeah, I want to learn more Goes to reach out to me directly. I think the social channels my twitter at reading dream always around. Nice. I love the handle. Thank you so much for joining us. It's always great to talk to you and find out where you're at with with what you're doing and keep up the great work you support. All right. So very cool. Talking about the S V academy, right? There s v dot academy. Go there, check out more information. You really, really fun to learn about that. And that's different ways that tech is changing lives all across the board. We have more to get to the Oh, I know. I need to get to a break. We've got some more news coming up and we're gonna have Richard Rain is gonna be joining us after that stick around back here in a minute, with more digital trends live. Hello. This is digital trends live. Thank you for joining us as we go throughout the show. We like to keep you up to date on the world of technology and trending news as it happens. And that's what we're gonna do right now. I'm Greg Nibbler, by the way. Thanks for joining us. All right, So let's talk about this. We talk a lot about commercial space exploration, but let's talk about actual governmental space explorations. This is something that's gonna be happening today is from the European Space Agency. And it is a launch that they have going up for a new satellite, a new telescope that is going to be space based. So this is the what's called CI ops, which means characterizing exo planet satellite. I know it's kind of a stretch that they worked on their butt. Still, that's what it is characterizing exo planets, satellite shops. So this this satellite is gonna be very important. So the reason that you want to send these things up to space is that that is the best way to really take a look at everything. You get rid of all of the exposure to light that's here on Earth. All of the distractions that come with these things and everything that can block out. That that gathering of light, which is really what you're trying to do when it comes to a telescope. So this one going up is going to orbit about 500 miles above Earth's. Or just by comparison, the Hubble Space Telescope is only about 350 miles, just hardly gone at all, 300 miles above first. So this is 500 miles above, so it's really far out there. It's all gonna have a really unique pole to pole orbit, so it's not going around like you normally think around the equator. It's going from pulled a pole, but it's also going to It's going to do that because it's going to ride that line right between daylight and nights that it can always be facing night. And that's kind of one of the key things, so you don't have to worry about it. Not being able to do that during certain times is going around, you know, you only get a little bit too thio, you realize it when it's not getting all of that sunlight on it. So that's a key thing. So this CI ops Space Telescope Space Telescope Whoa! Wow! She ups Space Telescope Space Telescope. Say that 10 times fast. Eso Here's what it's gonna be doing that it's gonna be searching for habitable planets. That's really what what we're looking for with this. So finding these exoplanets, you take a look at stars. You see the wobble in their system. That's how you know that there's a planet there. This is what it's gonna do. So if it can block out some of the other light, gather more light to find out more about those planets. That's what it is going up right now. So I just want to bring you up to date from this from the European Space Agency. This is the CI Ops Space Telescope that they are launching today. There's more space telescopes that going up the next few years one from the James Webb telescope and ah, lot to keep track of with there. But it's very busy time for space exploration, and there is just one facet of it keeping you up to date here. on digital trends. All right, let's continue on keeping you up to date with some trending news. Let's talk about some robots. So this is coming from agility, robotics, and we've talked about agility before here on the show. They're at the forefront of creating these humanoid robots, but they're real, real thing they want to do with eases Have these be assistance before deliveries and in offices to help facilitate things that humans would normally. D'oh. So they have released a new video showcasing how they're working on their technology for these robots. And if you think about a robot being involved in ah, in human space, one of the main things is that they are going to be needing to interact with humans. So the new video that they showcased This is one of the videos from before where we're taking a look at this robot as it's ah, you know, picking up a package and walking through the office. So that's one of the things that they're looking at, and this is doing it all autonomously. The newer video that they're showcasing, though, has to do with this robot and being and spatial awareness. So the the robotics itself. If you think about interacting with humans, one of the things that's gonna have to do is not get in your space. Personal space is an actual issue. You want a robot all upon you. You know what? You're trying to just walk through the office and bugging you. So the video that they showcased is, ah, is this one where they're standing there and they have the person walking up, and the robot actually backs away from them and tries to keep its distance from the, uh from from the person itself. So it's it's aware of what's going on. It's aware of how it's interacting, so that's one of the cool things with it. So this is again agility, robotics and one of the things that they have been showcasing with what they're doing. And so it's Ah, it's kind of cool just talking about how how robotics is changing and thinking about. You know, if these are things that we're gonna be interacting with, all the different facets that you really have to think about when it comes to that, it's not just understanding its job and understanding what it has to do. Its understanding the space around it. So that's something that they're working on again, always fascinating talking about robotics and the advancements of them. And some of different things are gonna be able to d'oh and what the important things are that these different companies are working on. Can read more about that at digital trends dot com. All right, let's give you one more here. We'll give you one more topic before we take a break. Let's talk about driving and artificial intelligence, and I'm not talking about autonomous vehicles. I'm talking about the aye aye watching you. This is something we brought up here on this show before. And there are some new regulations going on in Europe, where by 2022 all of the vehicles there that are being sold are going to have to have some kind of an aye aye, that can and and a camera system that can watch the driver for distracted driving. Whether that's on your phone, whether that's looking around in the back seat with that somebody falling asleep, you know, these are things that it's going to have tohave. It's gonna be required that the car has that so I can monitor what's going on and then if either alert you to what's happening or notify authorities of that something it needs to do. And there's a new system from Bosch Bosch A. I s Oh, it's this guy Powertech that that we're taking a look right there. So this would be a camera that goes in your steering wheel and could watch everything that's going on. So see, you got the guy. They're yelling. It's kid in the back. She's upset about something. The kid doesn't care this. I'm just analyzed the photo as I'm looking at it, but that's these air, the different things that is gonna be monitoring. And so there's a couple of key things with that, one of the things they're as its monitoring in the back seat. They said that it what it could do is take a look and see if someone say left a child unattended in a vehicle, it would know that it would be able to send a notification to ah smartphone, letting somebody know. And then if there wasn't a proper response, it could notify authorities that, hey, there's an issue here. There's a lot that goes on in that and distracted driving. It's such a huge issue for for so many different reasons, whether it's because we're distracted by our phones, distracted by the tech, that's in our vehicles that you know, it's almost Justus bad in their statistics to go out there for this just as bad as drunk driving. And that's why this is being instituted to try to combat. That's trying to combat our bad habits that were forming with the tech that we're using. And there's a you know, there's a lot that kind of goes into this, you know? How do we feel about that? How do you feel about a I watching you while you're in your vehicle? Um, I think it's eventually gonna become irrelevant. This is going to be like a like, you know, probably how people felt about seatbelts. Originally, I think this is something that we're really going to have to get used to that this is gonna be part of the vehicle. Ah, lot to unravel with it, and it's definitely changing fast. But this is Bosch with their solution. They're a I solution to this, and like I said, Europe is already going to be instituting it I would not be surprised us. Us is gonna be a little bit slower to adapt to that. I think for a lot of reasons, there's a lot of regulations and hurdles to get through with that. But I'm pretty sure that that we're gonna be adopting something like that, too. So I think it's a discussion that we need to have, how comfortable we feel about it, how we feel about this tech changing. But that's what we're looking at right now. So that's Bosch with their artificial intelligence system, that's going to be watching you. It's a technology that they're developing. All right, we've got a lot to talk about your on digital trends. We're gonna continue talking about automotive technology coming up next. We're gonna be discussing number different things. Electric vehicles. How that's changing. Discuss some different cameras. They're going into cars. So a lot we've got Richard Reynaud is gonna be joining us from car i d dot com. So rich will be here just shortly to talk about that. So stick around back in a minute. With war general trends live, welcome back to digital trends live. I'm Greg. Thanks for joining us and since we are alive particular questions and comments as we go throughout the show. So no matter what platform you're on, if you do have some, please drop those in there will address him as we go on. Right now, we're gonna talk about some automotive technology to do so. We have Richard Raina, who's joining us right now. Who is the product training director for car i d dot com. Thanks so much for joining us. My pleasure to be with you tonight. Ah, lot of exciting things to talk about in the automotive field before we do, though, just to give everybody a little bit of a background. Can you explain car i d dot com and what it is that you d'oh cardi dot com is your one stop online shopping place for everything. Automotive interior, exterior accessories, performance parts and, of course, repair parts to fix your car. I do internal training for our employees here, as well as a lot of the writing and editing for our website. Well, and certainly doing the training you are most likely up to date on everything going on in the world of automotive technology and everything that's happening in that field, and it changes quick. I want to talk to talk to you maybe a little bit about some of the recent trade shows and some of the things that you've seen come out from that I know. Seema. And can you explain what the what the acronym stands for? Seema. Yes, Seema is the specialty equipment Market Association. So it really is the automotive aftermarket, which we distinguish from the O E. Original equipment manufacturers. The folks who build the actual vehicles seem it represents all the companies that are making manufacturing parts and accessories for the vehicles. So they had a show recently. And what were some of the themes that you saw from this? As far as the industry itself, one of the big things way saw it seems that the show was every November's was just last month is electrification Now. Electric vehicles have been coming out in dribs and drabs, but it seemed that we saw a riel wholesale embracing off electrification as a future wave both on the oh east side as well as the aftermarket side from the O Ys, for example, General Motors took an old school pickup truck gutted the gas engine and put an electric motor in there, which is pretty cool. What? They also implies that GM might consider making the electric motor available as a crate motor for future hot rodders. So electricity is not just about saving the environment that manufactures now see the performance advantage there. And speaking of performance, what Ford did was take a Mustang, Take the electric S o. I take the gas engine out of it, put an electric motor in there. But they included a six speed manual transmission, again trying to appeal to the performance enthusiast. And that's that's an important thing to, I think, for selling us as people become more and more aware of, I mean, not necessarily aware, but more used to electric vehicles. Being part of the the automotive landscape is still keeping some of that original. I guess the something something that's a little more original, a little more with it that gets faras manual transmission. Look the appearance. Do you think that's an important factor? I think it is great, because what we've seen with the O. E. Electric cars that have come out is that on purpose, the only manufactures have designed these cars to look different. Now some of the early adapters like that they appreciate the fact that you drive a Prius down the street. Oh, look, that's a Prius because it stands out from the way it's designed. But a lot of people, frankly, don't want that attention drawn to what they're driving. So we think there's a big segment of the market that wants an electric vehicle that looks just like a gas engine vehicle. Well, looking at it from something that definitely doesn't look like a normal vehicle that you would see on the road, let's talk about the test list, cyber truck and what your opinions are from your standpoint. In the auto industry, how do you feel about the cyber truck? Well, the cyber truck this was whether you like it or loathe. It doesn't matter. Greg. Let's talk about what Tesla has done. Tesla has come out with a vehicle they've priced it so attractively, used a vehicle that in its all wheel drive tri motor guys can go 0 to 60 in under three seconds. Canto of £14,000 and Tesla claims a range of 500 miles, all at a starting price of around $59,000. So again looks aside from a technical aspect, this thing is really breaking through what anybody expects a just little pickup truck to look like On that begs the big question. Well, the traditional pickup truck buyer be attracted to this vehicle. Time will tell. I think they'll take at least a segment of that existing pickup market. But it's gonna be two years at least before Tesla has the vehicle available for sale. Yeah, that is, when the it's a it's a long time to wait for this thing to come out to see how it's going to affect him, what with the responses, of course, two years from now, maybe opinion start shifting a little bit, because in the interim we do have some other electric pickup center coming out right well, and that's that's a great point that you just made. And what I love about talking about this is that the competition does not stand still. So Tesla's admitting where two years away from these vehicles that the cyber truck being offered for sale In the meantime, you've got General Motors saying we're committed to electric pickup trucks Ford now is finally said, We're thinking my electric pickup truck and you've got a new company like Vivian, which has the money of Amazon behind it, coming out with their electric pickup truck. This is a big market, Greg for your audience, maybe for people don't realize this, the top three selling vehicles in the country or the Ford F Series pickup truck, the Rand pick up truck and the Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck. So Tesla's sees an opportunity here. You're talking about the big three right now, capturing almost two million units, ah, year in full size pickup trucks. If Tessa can get even a fraction of that, that would be a big success for them. That's that's huge. I didn't realize all the top three were all pickups. All those like mid Siri's pickup trucks. Well, look at it that you don't kind of looking forward on the electric vehicle side that switch to something else as far as the interior. What were some of the trends that you have seen changing right now? You know, connectivity is something that the industry's been talking about for a long time, and you've snaps in carmakers attempt of C E S Show Consumer Electronics show. One thing that I find particularly interesting is how course rule of smartphones. The smartphone is ubiquitous, and now car owners want similar technology inside their cars. So all the court makers have gone to the center screen, which is getting larger and larger. We had six inch and seven inch, eight inch tension that we've got 12 inch screens inside cars on the car. Owners are demanding the same kind of technology that they have on their smartphone inside their vehicles. So haptic touch control, the ability to swipe icons, voice commands. This is something that the carmakers have had no choice but to change their technology to rise up to that again because the car owners are demanding. That's it. That's an interesting way to look at you just because we're so used to that, like we need it in all aspects of our of our life. You know, all aspects of our experience seems that that's what people want exactly. So now you've got Android Auto, an apple carplay, for example on Not all carmakers are on board with that, but there's something they're going to have to because from what I'm reading and seeing Greg. People are actually making purchase decisions, not based on how much horsepower not based on fuel economy, but how well do I. I enjoy the integrated experience off the center console screen. That's actually one of the prime driving decisions behind the plunking down your 40 or 50 grand on the vehicle. Well, it's definitely interesting to learn about all of this is just some of the different ways that people are, you know, changing up their driving habits, different demands that they're making it in the car industry. You're responding to it. I guess the final thing that we wanted to talk about two was just looking at this, you know, Oh, East Side of Things. And in the aftermarket side of things, what are some of the biggest things that people are purchasing right now in adapting to their vehicles? Well, one of the things that I've noticed and I enjoy talking about this because of what I call the trickle down effect or these cameras that we have in the car. It started off with a rear view camera which eventually the federal government recognizes being so important that it became a requirement to put in new cars. Now you've got high end manufacturers like Mercedes and Volvo coming out with 360 cameras. So there's cameras front, center and rear, which give the driver a bird's eye view of the vehicle. Greg, this is a safety feature. If you're in a crowded parking lot trying to back out, you've got a car on either side of you. You've got pedestrians in front of you. You've got traffic passing behind your rear bumper. The ability tohave that bird's eye view and see all around your car is really critical to your driving safety. The after market has stepped up, and now there are 360 timers that are available in the aftermarket that you can purchase and input install on your five year old Honda or Toyota. So car owners don't have to wait for the trickle down for the 360 camera to finally be available in lower price cars. Instead, people can go out to the aftermarket and buy an accessory like that and sold it on their car tonight. Well, I love that idea that you can modify things even from when we first talked about possibly having these electric motors available for people to modify their vehicles existing and then now doing this as well. While Richard must thank you very much for joining us, You know, there's so much to unravel when it comes Thio this. Where should I direct people to go for you and your sight www dot car i d dot com that c a r d dot com It's all there and enjoy the sight. All right. Thank you so much for joining us here today, Right. My pleasure to be with you today. Thank you. All right. Very interesting learning about, you know, some of the different ways that automotive technology is changing some of the things that people are doing and always fascinating having these discussions. And that's part of the fun here of general trends, lives. We got to have a lot of discussions with you, and we broadcast live every day, so I want to remind everybody to hit that subscribe button. But let's go ahead and take a look at some of the things that we're gonna be talking about tomorrow because we're live here every single day where we get thio, discuss all kinds of different technological things with you. So let's talk about what we have coming up tomorrow. I know this. We're going to be joined by Impossible foods. So we have J. Michael. Let's see. Sure. Have his name. Right. I just wanna make sure I have this J Michael Milken was gonna be in the digital trends kitchen. So we're with that we're gonna be doing is actually doing some cooking. So live here on the show. We're bringing your cooking segment to you. We're gonna be trying out some of their chili con que so and some cocktail meatballs. So that is going to be fantastic. We're trying out all of that. So that's going to live here on the show. Really excited for that segment tomorrow with possible foods. And also, we're gonna have Evan Shapiro, who's the new president of National Lampoon. So Evan Shapiro is gonna be joining us to talk about the re launch of the National Lampoon radio. Our podcast remaining a podcast. Originally, that was a program where you have the jumping up with Bill Murray for Gilda Radner. Everybody has come out of National Lampoon, and so it's really exciting to have him on the show. We'll be talking to him tomorrow as well. And we'll have all the latest tech news right here on digital trends live. That's what you're watching right now. Enjoys that 19 Pacific Noon Eastern. Wherever you consume content. So we subscribe to let us know what you want to think. Let us know, even after the show. If you're joining and what you want to talk about Digital Trans. I'm Greg Nibbler, and I'll see you right back here.