Assassin’s Creed III: This aint your grandma’s Tea Party

If you watched any of the Inside AC3 trailers we’ve posted in the past few weeks, you know that developers at Ubisoft have worked hard to make the game historically accurate. They’ve worked closely with historians to ensure that everything — the clothing, the architecture, and even the geography of colonial cities — looks like it did during the time of the American Revolution.

The actual events that take place, however, will differ a bit from the history books. You might’ve learned in school that a group of revolutionaries called the Sons of Liberty were the perpetrators of the infamous Boston Tea Party — but what your teacher didn’t tell you was that an agent provocateur by the name of Connor Kenway orchestrated the entire event.

Sure, you won’t find reputable sources to confirm this story, but Ubisoft’s version of history certianly makes for a cooler video game than the real thing.