This is 40 trailer

This is 40 trailer

A brief glance through Judd Apatow’s IMDB page reveals that Apatow has never really made a sequel or a follow-up to any of his movies or TV shows. You could, however, argue that most of his movies occur in the same Apatowian universe. 

With all of that said, he is doing something of a sequel/follow-up to his 2007 hit Knocked Up. This time around, he’s focusing on the relationship between Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann). (Debbie was Katherine Heigl’s sister in Knocked Up, and Pete her husband.) It’s an interesting tack considering that most of Apatow’s popular comedies have focused on man-boys finally growing up. With This is 40, Apatow’s focus moves in to middle age and the resident fears that come with it (plus some immature humor, of course). It seems to land somewhere in between Knocked Up and Funny People. 

Jason Segel returns in this one, but neither Seth Rogen nor Katherine Heigl will make appearances in the movie. 

Interestingly, this is something of a family production for Apatow. In addition to his regulars, like Segel, Rudd and Lena Dunham (she’s more in things he’s produced, like HBO’s Girls), the film also stars his wife (Mann) and daughters Iris and Maude, who play Pete and Debbie’s kids in the movie. 

If you’re curious to see Apatow’s first sort-of sequel, look for it in theaters this winter on December 21.