Toshiba disappoints with little to show at CES aside from its Ultra HDTV

Toshiba’s CES 2013 booth lack both the pageantry and products we’ve come to expect at the largest electronics show in the United States.

We take no joy in the suffering of others. It’s not as if we giggle in delight when we see that consumer electronics companies are having a tough time keeping up in a competitive market. As we see it, competition is good – it inspires innovation and drives people to succeed. With that said, we are somewhat sad to report that we are a little underwhelmed with Toshiba’s A/V showing at this year’s CES.

When we arrived at Toshiba’s booth, we made a bee-line for the Ultra HDTV we previewed earlier in the week, and, sure enough, there it was. We still think it looks great, as we’re generally fans of Toshiba’s signature picture quality, and it appears that Toshiba has done a good job with its L9300 series. You can find out more about why Toshiba thinks its Ultra HD is superior to others’ in our video coverage from Toshiba’s booth below.

But that’s about all we have offer you where Toshiba’s A/V line-up is concerned. When we asked what else was new, we were told that its entire TV line now features 120Hz refresh rates. And then we waited in awkward silence for what felt like an eternity as we collectively realized that we had nothing more to discuss. We attempted to throw a bone at Toshiba, asking about new Blu-ray players “or something.”

The reply: “They’re not here.” 

We’re not suggesting that Toshiba should have rolled up to CES armed with a big circus tent, flying monkeys, or any other manner of unnecessary pomp and circumstance – we get enough of that already. But if you want to inspire confidence in your brand with consumers and industry folk, you need to bring it. This is CES. If you don’t do it now, when are you going to do it?