Unreal Engine 3 features trailer

Unreal Engine 3 features trailer

The above video is from the 2012 Game Developers Conference. It shows off various features of Epic’s  Unreal Engine 3 and some of the integration  the system comes with.

Some of these features include the various platforms that Unreal runs on including Flash, PC, PS Vita and Xbox 360. It also includes Macs, iOS devices, Playstation 3, and Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U.

The video mentions social media integration but doesn’t really go on to explain it.  In addition, the video highlights some of the graphical features the new Unreal Engine 3 will be capable of including NVIDIA Apex clothing, enhanced depth of field, and a lot of DX11 features.

Most of the video is spent showing off various tools developers will be able to use in the engine. These include mobile device tools like a unified PC and mobile editor. The more game oriented tools include cascaded shadow mapping, seamless light transitions and FXAA & MLAA post-processing anti-aliasing. 

Check it out if you’re at all interested in seeing the tools game developers use to make their games look the way they do.