UnWyze Data Leaks + A Publicly Traded Human | Digital Trends Live 12.30.19

On the show today: Wyze camera left info of millions uses exposed to the Internet; YouTube warns creators that revenue may drop after limiting data collection on videos aimed at kids


It's Monday, December 30th 2019. Digital trends live is about to start here. Some of the topics we'll be covering on today's episode will have the details on a massive data leak from Smart home product manufacturer Wise, which potentially exposed the personal information of millions of customers. And Apple has been jumping into a number of different service is to bolster its roster of offerings. But rumors are now circulating circulating they could be announcing a new gaming dedicated computer. We've also got some great guests, including Mike Merrill. The world's first publicly traded person will discuss what it's like to have shareholders make decisions for you. And we've got our own Drew Prindle during the show for another edition of Awesome Check You Can't Buy yet where we discuss some of the most innovative and sometimes strange products that exist on the world's crowdfunding platform. All that and more on today's episode of digital trends live getting back into the swing of things. Hello, everyone. This is digital trends lives in our daily show here from digital trends bringing you the trending tech topics of the day, news, interviews, headlines, discussions and so much more, all while broadcasting live across a number of different platforms. Ron Periscope Courage. Which Facebook YouTube linked in daily motion. Apple News. Two different mobile apse, a smart tell ocean app and they had that dismal trends dot com slash live So all of those places you can find us and we appreciate anybody who joins us on this. It's always fun bringing you the news. You got a couple of days left in 2019 to wrap up everything that's happening now before we look forward to 2020. So let's get started right now. I'm Greg. Never joined by Luke Larson. Hello, Luke. Pillow. Greg feels good to be back in the old, uh, little saddle back in the saddle, you know, and take a couple of days off. Just gonna get the get the bearings once again. But there's a lot going on, as always. I was always in tech, so let's get going, shall we? Let's talk about this to start off. This has to do with yet another date a week, and this one is coming from smart home manufacturer wise. So wise makes some pretty innovative cameras. We've talked about them before here on the show But this is a data leak that they announced it was just a couple of days ago. They said this has been happening for actually quite some time. So the data leak itself had existed and the data was exposed between December 4th and December 26th 2019. That's quite a long time to have this out here. And here's what happened. Essentially, they said that personal information of millions of its customers was exposed on the Internet. Now they said, there were no passwords involved, so that's a good sign. But a lot of personal information, including email addresses, WiFi network I. D. S and Body Metrics, because of the fact that they had some different beta testing going on for certain people were also exposed. And this is coming on the heels of all of these other data leaks have been getting here at the end of the year, and just just one more example of not handling your data very well. Is there anything more creepy than body metrics? Body metrics? Yeah, just that phrase alone. My body metrics radio that No, that's that's not a comfortable phrase for anyone. Toe cutter. Yeah, and this is because of the and this is a small amount of people that have that. They said there was about 100 40 beta users participating in the testing of new hardware, where their height, weight, gender and other health information were exposed. So that was a small percentage but potentially millions. I believe it was upto possibly 2.4 million people had their data exposed that are using these wise devices. A lot of cameras is what they have are smart home cameras. That's just a big A big issue. And what they said this was actually exposed by a cyber security firm called 12 Security. And they What wise is said is that it was actually because of one of their employees not following security protocols, and that's how this was exposed. I think the key thing to me is that's fine. People do make mistakes. I mean, that's expected, but you need to have some kind of a system with double check that you would think Yeah, it feels a little weird to just blame it on one employee. Yeah, it was. They'll cocktail didn't do it right. This really hits someone employees decision or something. Yeah, the entire company, like 2.4 million customers, are exposed because 11 person didn't didn't follow their protocols. Yeah, it's like if that could happen just based on one person's decision or whatever lazy about something, it's like you need to install some or barriers so that this isn't just happened, right? Check Dale's work. I mean, so that's what we're looking at here is just in this. This comes in like I said, like this long line of what we've been having. I mean, really not just this year has been going on for a long time, but we're seeing more and more of these leaks go on. It's just how do we protect ourselves? I mean, there are more smart cameras and those types of devices now, more than ever now. So it's like now we're starting to see that stuff really come out. And the most worrying thing is like like you mentioned this has been happening for a while. Yeah, and like who knows what other devices that we own that we have in our houses are doing stuff like this right now? We just have to know about it. Yeah. I mean, just in the last couple of months of that. All the ring weeks? Yeah, Nest had their own issues. You know, this is wise coming on the heels of that. Just as more and more people are buying all of these smart own products, we're seeing more and more of these leaks like, Are there any safe? I don't I don't know what all the main ones, right. Like, what is there that? So just assume you're living in The Truman Show is watching everything. That's is that what we have to come down to fit your body metrics, right? Yeah, that's where we're at. But that's that's what we're seeing right now. So again, this is from wise. You could take a look at digital trends dot com and find out some more information. They said that they did say, you know, according to them, that there were no no passwords, they they said that if you are a customer, you should probably change your password anyway. Get a new password. Token is what they're saying. And then also you'll be noticing some updates. They said that their their products are gonna be I hope so. You would hope so. Well, that's that's where we're at and wise, just another one in these line of all these, all these companies that are having issues with these data leaks. So again, take a look at that at digital trends dot com. Alright, continuing on here with some trending news. This comes from YouTube. In particular, it has to do with how videos started to Children are rated metric Lee. So how? How they handle data, how Google handles the data from those. And this is a big thing. If you remember just last week, we were talking about how the biggest earner on YouTube last year was actually a child who I believe made 26 $1,000,000 or something like something. Reviewing toys, reviewing toys. Yeah, so those These are videos that are targeted towards kids, and Google and YouTube have made some changes to that. Where, when you're uploading videos, if your YouTube creator you have to specifically say these videos are for Children or are not for Children, because that changes Ah lot, there's a lot of legal ramifications that we could talk about that come with this. But now Google said they are going to actually just stop mining the data from these. Stop, Stop keeping Tres They're not gonna keep track of all the data coming from these videos that are talking towards Children, which is good for a few reasons, as far as they're not gonna have all this information on kids watching and what they're watching. But for these creators, it's gonna cost them a ton of money because that means that they don't have the metrics to back up what they're doing. They can't, uh, some of the videos that they want a place on there. They're not gonna be allowed to do that. So this kid who made $26 million there's a lot of other people making a lot of money on these. Yeah, you know, and realistically, they don't feel too bad for that one, But yeah, there's a lot of people that make you know, some some substantial extra income after YouTube channels, and this could all be going away. How do you feel about that? Well, I mean, yeah, I mean, you're right. Like the some of the top channel, the most subscribed channels of all time are channels, including some of the most viewed videos of all times. It's a huge platter, Really huge problem for kids. And it's it's one that, like Like, it's not just like, oh, there are these companies out there making kids content, like kids really do go to you two for Yeah, Like I personally, I've known. I know some kids are just like, that's what they do. Yup. That's that I was around some during. Yeah, Yeah. You're watching YouTube on their left on their laptops or whatever. Yeah, And they're found. Yeah. So it's definitely thing. And, um, this does I think this is a necessary change. I don't know if this is gonna be the correct one, but, like, it is important for you to start taking this seriously and like considering. Okay, like how they categorize these videos and how much data they collect from them. All that stuff is really important. And I think they're gonna have to figure this out. We'll know it's really important that they figured that Yeah, I mean, and which way it goes because right now they're saying that this is, you know, YouTube's response to FTC allegations that they were tracking Children's online activities, which is a violation of the 1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. There's a lot of like before a lot of legal ramifications that come into this, and it's YouTube trying to say like, Hey, we're following what you said like we're doing what we're supposed to go. But yeah, it is gonna gonna hurt creators And that also could lead to less content online. You know, some people, if they're they're using this as the supplemental income thing or using that too pay for their production. And now they can't get any money out of that. Well, that makes it a lot harder to produce quality videos. Yeah, if you're not getting any income off of it, you have to see how it effects, like stuff like advertising and advertising there. Oh, yeah, Revenue. And because advertisers are gonna be very nervous about this as well, but where they're gonna be putting money. So it's It's a lot that's happening with that, and I think the ramifications were not gonna really know for a little while. But this is the next step that YouTube has announced. And so that's something that you can take a look at again at digital trends dot com. Let us know what you think we are broadcasting live to get. Thank you. Nobody who's joining us live will make sure and check the comments as we go through. But we want to know what people think about this. So that is one more trending topic for you here to start this Monday off. Get to the next one, and I'm really curious to get looks thoughts on this. And it has to do with Apple and a rumor that is circulating right now about them getting into gaming. Now we already know they've got Apple Arcade, which is for the mobile gaming platform. That's kind of its own animal, and that's not too surprising that they would want to get into that. This is something else. This is a rumor that Apple may be unveiling a new, uh, e sports centric PC that would be a debuted next year. It's at its worldwide developers conference, and that's Ah, that's a big move. So they're the rumor. With this, we'll get what the rumors on this is coming from patently Apple, which is reporting on the new rumor that's coming out of Taiwan. So you know there's a lot of so somebody said somebody said Somebody said, But a lot of times, these rumors do have some kernel of truth to them, if not completely true, that something's gonna be be Debuted. They said the price said could be up to five grand and that it could either be a large screen all in one or a large screen gaming laptop. But it would be part of Apple's move to get into the EA Sports market. Look, do you think this is true or not? My gut says that I mean, okay, I don't know if this is true or not, but I do know if this if they did this, if true, huge be, as you know, uh, like Apple has never made hardware that's for gaming Explicitly. Yeah, it's never even outside of Apple Arcade and some, you know, things old, they'll say, here and there from from stage, like they don't even address gamers as part of their demographic. Really Right now, it's not part of their they're like that's not part of who they're selling devices to, and there's all sorts of reasons for that. The 1st 1 is that they don't have a lot of games that are supported on their platform. Yeah, and this is again. That's been a thing Apple is just never focused on, despite there being people who want to play games on their MacBook pros and whatnot. And I'm ex, they just haven't supported a lot of the software there. So, um, that has had problems like they make it right. They make a Mac, whether it's a Mac book or an eye Mac, that's for Gator. Like what games we're gonna play. You know, they've Yeah, they put a lot of there's a lot of hurdles to get over. You know, just the fact that they're putting out the hardware is one thing, but there's so many other hurdles for them. They have to get through to make this happen in time. But with a company like Apple, you would think maybe they'd have a chance. And now this isn't quite as big of a thing as getting into gaming. But if you look at there their Apple TV plus streaming service to jump into original content, you either have to be have to provide very good content at a low price or just have a ton of money and just dump a bunch money into it, which is what they did. They spend a bunch of money to try to get into it. And so far I think the reviews have been, you know, not terrible for their shows. Newsroom are Correct me If I'm wrong, I think the morning show that some of its newsroom is great Morning. The morning show is the one that is getting all right reviews, but that's that's they're pushing of that. It's just a start. So wouldn't it make sense that they go into this or I mean, you're thinking just from that it would make sense, but like they've always had a TV presence, it has been minimal. But like they've always have Apple TV. That's true. You know that that asked, you even look at Apple music they've always had on important music has been, I'm sure, part of their like DNA. There's never been Gaming has never, ever been a part of Apple's DNA, so starting from scratch would be starting from scratch. And maybe there's a case to be made like okay, they have to make the hardware first and then and then, you know rolled it, and then they will come, you know? Yeah, and they do have the money to push that along for sure. But this would be just This would be just crazy, you know, like it's not like it's not like you need a a gaming specific machine to play Apple arcade games, right? Right. And maybe maybe that will change in the future. Maybe they have the idea of, like, stuffing that full of games that are actually require a little more hardware. But And this would be this would be this would be a big, a big change in the apples direction. And I mean, I think if this was true, a lot of people will be really happy about it. Do you think so? Oh, yeah. Definitely. Like in an audience out there for and I think people would be really interested. Did you? I don't know. If you tell us. The price that was floating around yes, was five grand. Yeah, which is a lot. It depends on the If you're talking about a Mac book pro or anti Max, something like that. My guess would be probably a Mac book pro, some kind of a gaming laptop. Um, I wonder what that interface would be like. Like if they kept it the same as PC. It was just running on an apple. Oh, no, they wouldn't do that. Yes, So they would have to have their own interfaith have to all work within Apple's ecosystem. That's that's where they, you know, get people in there like a five if and this is all speculative. But if yeah, it was a $5000 entry point to get in there and that was it, like that's the only way to get in. Yeah, that's a That's a tough sell there is, gave me hardware That's expensive, sure, and Apple would probably be making the best and then, you know, the slightest and the whatever. But, uh, yeah, that's a tough, so tough sell is if that's the baseline like I don't know. I'm really curious, though. If if this turns out to be true, like what? What? Their plan is right where they would go from there. Well, that's That's one of the rumors, you know, and just we want to bring that up when it does happen. These these kinds of things and it's getting a lot of getting at least a lot of spin today as far as a trending tech topic of Apple were to jump into the gaming arena, if you will, that's something. Didn't read more about ADT digital trends dot com. Let us know what you think, and we've got one more trending topic here, and we're gonna take a break and come back with some read it and weep when we talk about some other trending topics. But this is one that's, uh, right now that's that's hitting the Internet very big, and it has to do with electric vehicles. Obviously, that's a huge, huge topic of conversation right now with all the different manufacturers that are getting into the E V game. But now we have a state entity doing so. That is Turkey. Turkey has pledged. I believe it's $1.7 billion into ah, there line are 3.7 billion. Excuse me. Want to make sure I got that number right? $3.7 billion into a new Turkish electric vehicle? They have debuted. It's called The Dog the Dog. That is the name that they're going for, and it's from the Turkey Automobile joint venture group. And this is the model that's going to use that this this technology is apparently developed entirely in Turkey. And this, uh, I'm calling it a national car because it's $3.7 billion from the government. That's a pretty big investment. Um, taking a look at it, It doesn't look that bad, you know, it looks looks sleek. This is one that they say they're gonna be able to compete with everybody when it's got a 400 horsepower variant, a 4.8 seconds sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour, 300 miles of driving range. That's about standard right now for the for at least a good electric vehicle. A Suarez. What companies are touting 300 miles For that. It's got four different screens on the inside, including an instrument cluster and infotainment system, one for the passenger and then one for climate control entirely just for climate control. But you would have a screen for So this is what they're putting forward. And again, it's a trending topic right now of what what they're saying. They're saying that the plant that they're building would have an annual capacity of 100 75 1000 cars, which represents nearly 50% of Turkey's new car market. But they're thinking that they can go beyond Turkey into Europe. Oh, so that's what they're putting out. And I never want to bring up, You know, you go during this, but this could be This could be something that's actually pretty, you know, Maybe this will work. Maybe this will work out for a bit of work for Turkey. It's a huge undertaking. Huge undertaking, huge investment. Yeah, and I don't know, I guess I'm not super familiar with Turkey's other national products, right? I don't know if there's a tog microwave or a dog. I don't think so, But there could be Maybe there is. Yes. Yeah, who knows? Um, it's really interesting. I don't know if this is gonna like like, um, that we'll see more of this. And if you don't like other other because it does require, like the amount of money that was required to invest in this much technology it like if you're not a huge company in the U. S. Yeah, it does take, like a countrywide movement of money toe be ableto happen Yeah, they're not gonna pay off, though, You know, who knows, But clearly they think is worth worth putting it all in for, and obviously they have. You know, like you said, they have also said that I also read that they have five models planned. Yeah, in the next 50 writers, which they're not just being like, Oh, we're gonna thinking further out. Well, maybe we'll see more countries. You don't start to do this. Try to get it. I mean, I guess it does show how how everybody's viewing the electric vehicle market, that there is a lot of potential. I know we need to get to a break, so let's go ahead and do that. But I want to thank your buddy who's tuning in. Live right now. Whatever platform you're watching, we do appreciate you dropping your comments and questions. We'll take a break. We're gonna come back. We're gonna do some reading and wheat. This is where we take a look at some of the trending topics around the Internet and we address them directly to you, maybe even some comments as we go through the show. So stick around back here in a minute. with more digital trends alive. Welcome back to digital trends Live. Thank you for joining us wherever you're watching. Hit that subscribe button that we get the notifications when we do go alive. And since we are live, as I mentioned previously, we're gonna go ahead and take some comments. Right now. This is a section called Read It and weep. I'm Greg Gumbel here with Luke Larson. Are you prepared for this? I guess. Yeah. I guess I have you prepared to cry before the end of the year because it's a possibility. It's a good night and happy. Are you prepared to crime? This is what we give to the show here. Alright. Eyes from Morgan on Twitter out. Today is National Bacon Day. I did not know that. Let's all agree that bacon makes any dish 10 times better. I mean, I would say I am a bacon fan. I don't know if it's 10 times better 10 times maybe a lot, but it's a lot. I did put bacon in my recipe for Thanksgiving this year and it would make it better was a success. It was a success. Yes, Yes, yes. Okay. Well, congratulations. So I can confirm we can confirm. Well, Morgan, thank you. Yes, Bacon is good. Todd. Regarding in memoriam all the best tech that died 20 twenties. Bite me. I love my zoon and use it all the time signs. You know what? I would agree the Zune was awesome. And I am fully on board with that. It did die, though. Yeah, you still write? But whether or not dude was great well, they're not. Dina has a Zune at home. That actually works is irrelevant. It did. Does not. But But I did like it. It was I liked it better than the ones they were the ones that we had there. I mean, all the other MP three players that now they feel like they're all dead anyway. Alright. Flatters regarding Take that died 20 tents. I was going to get sponsored by the N w o. Who wants to know what you listen to and watch? Yeah. Flat Earthers sticking true to your brand. Appreciate that area on the new World order that's out there. I'm assuming that's what that stands for, but yeah. See, this is exactly exactly what they're what they're trying to tell you. Luke. Mr Arthur? Yes. So, Mr Flat Earthers onto your games. Knows what you're up to right there. All right. So flat, Earthers. Thank you very much. I want to check out that. I can't see what else is being sent. Simon will take 20,000 years for our earliest probes to reach office. Centauri. Perhaps the Robinsons will be there by the end. As what? By then, as well. Okay, I see what you're talking about. There. Do you watch? Do you watch that show on it? Looks eyes that, um uh spate Lost in space. Lost in space? No, I do not. Okay, I started watching it, but I will say that the, um the Children on the show are get quite annoying. So I had to turn it off. And I am a big SciFi fan. Takes a lot for me to turn, but that was that was where I was, But the new season just dropped. So there's that. Ok, yeah. So that's up there. Total non sequitur. Really? Just see an Alfa Centauri were reading these life. Everybody, um I don't even know Nemesio regarding WhatsApp. Why? Americans don't use it. The DEETs still hate this guy. Wow. Still. Wow. I'm assuming you're referring to our own Riley win there. Oh, don't know my name. 00 that's okay. I can handle it. May see how apparently still ate this guy yet You're still watching the video? That's all I have to say about that. You know, like, we'll check in and couple of videos down the line if he still hates this guy was going to say that every time if he's still watching him, he doesn't. Just doing that is just like his own little nemesis thing. Ah, the little Nemesio thing. Gerry Ewing of no number. I'm not gonna go there. Alright. Midwest Crypt Keeper regarding at crypt Midwest 2020 will be the year for the Twitter at it button. Oh, my God. I hope so. I am. Seriously, I am in so need of a Twitter edit button. Just give me 10 seconds. 30 seconds. 30 seconds, Preferably after I post. So that can fix whatever type. Oh, my stupid thumbs. Have just have it on email that you can You can un send an email. Yeah, You can't un send it to eat this. Not that I don't even need to unset it like you can still be out there. Just let me it can say like spelling corrected. You know anything? Sure. Yeah, I will say, I do think there has to be a time, time, limited time limit for sure, Because you can't go back and edit old tweets. I don't think that's fair. No, but I think you should get, like, Okay, fine. I'll go in the middle. 20 seconds. 20 seconds. Where would I post that I could be like? Because you're trying to type this fast as you can. And we have thumbs that are big. Sometimes they don't take it, gets a little messy, take a little messed up. So, yes, I am all for that. Well, that's that's certainly something gotta hope 2020 will bring. And we'll keep you up to date on what 2020 will bring in technology. This is digital Trans live and again, Thank everybody. Who's joining us? We're back. We're keeping up to date with what's going on intact. There's a lot happening up next. We've got Crystal Whitley who's gonna join us. Who's the founder of altitude approx? Talk about CBD. So we're gonna be discussing their products. How tech is changing that? What that means going forward, where they're at right now. A lot to talk about with it. If you have questions, Trump in whatever platform you are watching on before gonna break, though. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you for joining us. This is, uh this is always fun. We've got a lot to talk about when it comes to technology. And again, drop in your comments. We've accurate with more digital trends live. Huh? Huh? Welcome back to digital trends live. I'm Greg Miller. Thank you for joining us. You know, as we wrap up a decade of tech, it's time to take a look back at some of the incredible accomplishments we've had, but also some of the ways that we may be heading towards a black mirror like future. And that's what we're gonna talk about right now. The signs that tech is heading us into a dystopia. I'm Greg. Never joined by Will Nicol. Hello, Will. Great. Thanks for having me. Thank you for being here. I am excited to talk about this. This this article that you have out just kind of detail ing some of these signs of maybe an impending tech apocalypse that could be happening based on some of the tech that we have right now. And let's let's walk through some of this. So this is kind of taking a look back at the last 10 years of tech and what brought us closer to a dystopia? Yes, you, over 10 years ago, it felt a little optimistic, didn't write social media was kind of my focal point when I started this piece, uh, call back during the Arab spring. So much enthusiasm about how social media was going to spare you mass movements. United people promote democracy. And nowadays it's just a nightmare. How it's changed. Prepare to get depressed. No, but I mean, that's true. It has changed like some of the outlook on some of this tech really has. You know, I think it's a good point bringing up the Arab spring because that was such a great moment in technology. But now this is something that you highlighted in this and will kind of went through several different things. But social media changing in the way that we view it has changed. Yeah, there's, like so much pessimism around it, now. Yet no one can really stop using it. They feel like the cell. The self hating Twitter user has become such a right caricature of these days. Yeah, that's not unique anymore. If you're a self hating Twitter person, yeah, you're really just blending in with everybody else. But there's more. I mean, we've basically created a surveillance state around us now, with cameras in every room of our houses in our pockets will not write, just saw there was another wise hack today. Yep. Which, uh, yeah, I feel like we can't go a week without someone hacking into a camera and no hurrying in people in there living room. We're not right, especially with smartphone devices. I mean, that is such a key one with cameras or any other kind of thing that we have in our house. They are getting hacked, and these are, you know, when you talk about like a dystopian type of thing. You know, with that with your article and you look at like, black mirror, I mean, this is perfect, a perfect representation. It's bringing everything into your house you interact with in every way. It's in every room. In theory, so, yeah, the Internet of things is not. It's not difficult either. Like, people got these discords servers where they're just kind of planting it. And it's kind of a Yeah, like a game for them, right? So, yeah, it is. We're under the camera us literally now, right everywhere we go in life and the people can see through this. See, it's pretty creepy, and there's lots of good things that we can talk about. Whatever this article in particular, is about the dystopian nature of technology. And that's what we're looking at. And also probably, you know, future themes for movies that we're gonna see this year where all of this somebody's writing a movie about every single one of these things right now. So there's that. So looking at social media, how that's changed in the last 10 years, the way that we've surrounded ourselves with cameras in the Internet of things. Let's talk about a couple other ones here. Yeah, uh, kind of maybe a little more tame, but e scooters and delivery robots, or just another urban design and nightmare. Now, how is that a dystopian look? So how does that how does that a urban design nightmare. Uh, they're often cluttering sidewalks, which I know doesn't seem too terrible, necessarily just walking around them. But for people with impaired mobility, it's a big problem that's true, actually, just that off the bat. And then it's also it's kind of an eyesore, especially with people protesting them, I guess, by setting them on fire and whatnot. I remember I recently saw just a tree downtown where someone it's strung up like 10 of them into the trees. Yeah, like just dangling from branches is very haunting. There are a lot of examples to of, ah, of the scooters that's online. There's instagram accounts that are just dedicated to people you know with strong desire. Yeah, or accidents that happen with them that you know where nobody gets too seriously hurt. But still, people who are lauding the fact that, yeah, they're not welcome in their cities. So that is, that is true. That's another. That's another good one. That would be an interesting black. Everything's framed by Black Mirror for me, but, um, yeah, that would be interesting. Yeah, for me, it's not even like the Tech is too scary. It's just it's, you know these big corporations air launching a product with no no regard for how it's going to interfere with your daily society and were left to clean up the mess. Okay. All right, so there it is. E scooters. Another sign of our dystopian tech future. Let's go on to a couple more here that we've got. I asked you a drone warfare. Uh, not maybe. As obviously, we've been using drones in war for years now, but we're also kind of one of the most advanced militaries ever. Uh, but there was the attack in Saudi Arabia on the oil fields, where it was who the rebels were the ones who took responsibility. And they are not nearly as advanced as the rights militarily. So we're seeing this trend where weapons that can you do this huge damage remote are getting cheaper. These were, I think I saw a New York Times interview where an expert said it was like $15,000 Max to build these drone bombers, uh, and going forward like more could be more people could be able to get access to them. Yeah. Yeah, and that's that is true. When it comes to drones, there's always something new coming out and yeah, that accessibility do them does. You know, again, we're taking a look at some of the other the flip side of a lot of this technology. There's a lot of great things, but this is true. This is This is something that, you know, we're going to see more and more off. Is its drones being utilized in different ways than maybe we originally intended them for? On the cheaper that they are, the more accessible some of these different outfits school will have access to them. So drone warfare There's another one. Let's dio one more here from from your article and again I want to ask to Just sitting down and thinking about this article had to be, you know, very uplifting. And very you have is so funny. It was so funny brainstorming because I originally just wanted to do like, you know, the Black Mirror Award for 2019 Serious train. Then we started digging into it. It was so many things that have been going on for years. Uh, another one I thought was pretty frightening This year was big data. Yes. Uh, all of our data is constantly being hoovered up by companies. Thea quickfacts League I feel like was the big Oh, yeah, that one was a flash point for that. But, I mean, you know, Cambridge Analytica with Facebook, everything you do online is being tracked by people. And your information's being sold. Bonds sold constantly. And you're not getting him. Yeah, getting a cent of that. But it's also just frightening how much people know about us, right? So many of these targeted ads that I see When did you know you have No Yes. Yeah. What? It When did I click on that? What was I talking about? Yeah, that is true with the targeted ads. That's something that I always think about. That's what I'm on Facebook. How did you know? And where these corporations they can't keep this stuff safe. Who? I don't know who could possibly have my social Security number out there. Maybe someone does. Right? But I didn't even know it got stolen. Yeah, So there it is again, an uplifting segment here. Digital trends, taking a look at the dystopian future that we're all living in. But that's that's why this article's great. Let's take a look at 10 years of Tech, and there's a lot of angles to look at it. A lot of things have been great. A lot of things have changed a lot of things to think about, going forward with the New Year's. A time for reflection. Yes, occasional pessimism, Yes, but maybe this will spare some people. Thio, you know, really regulate technician forward, see? And I think that's a good thing. Like Yankee said, we came in 20 tens with a lot of optimism. You know, now we're like, Oh, here's what we've created here is the monster that could be coming. But now it's time to change. That's them by 2020 will be army waiting. It is 2020 by 2030. There we go. Another 10 years. Yeah, you know, I think I mean, back on the telly 48 hours to fix all this for 48 hours. There it is. Will is challenging you right now to fix all of this. All right, this is one of the series of articles that we got up, and it really is great. It's a great read, and it's a great you know, it's interesting, and it's all true things, and that's the nature of technology. There's good and bad depends on how people utilize it, what they do with it. But it's ah, it's certainly a fact of of our life and taking a look back At 10 years of it, a lot has happened, and that's why this is fantastic. Well, thank you for joining us. Thank you. Talk about this and that is part of a show here. And so I want encourage your body. Check out that article at Israel Trends. There's a lot of different coverage that we have wrapping up the year and decade and looking forward, So great reads coming up. Next, we are going to take a break and then we'll be joined by Crystal. Whitley is the founder of Altitude Products to talk about CBD, another very trending topic over the last, especially couple of years and where that's at right now, how how technology is changing that and getting into it. And since we are alive, we can't take your questions, so go and drop those in whatever platform you're on way back in a minute. With more digital trends. Life welcome back to digital trends live. Thank you for joining us wherever you find us. We do appreciate it. Hit that subscribe button. Of course you can join in the chat Any time that you are watching live to let us know what you want to know about. We're happy to ask those questions right now. We're gonna have a tech discussion and just a discussion on something that is so trending right now in general to do so. We have Crystal Whitley, who's the founder of Altitude Products, to talk about CBD and so much more. Thank you so much for joining us here today. Thank you for having me drag. You have such an interesting back story. I want to kind of give some give everybody an idea of that of what your company is and why you decided to found it. Sure. So Altitude products started five years ago. I was a single mom on my couch, the daughter who had severe eczema, and I was seeking ah solution to help heal her skin. And today we have nine wholly owned CVI brands and over 360 CBD products sold in five countries s. So we certainly have gone from my couch to the world. That is an incredible growth rate. And it does show, you know, a lot of your ingenuity, which we're gonna talk about as well. But just the growth of CBD to give everybody in case anybody out there is still one. I'm gonna feel like educations. Still an important part of learning about this. Can you tell everybody what you're what your elevator pitch is when somebody asked what CBD Sure, Stevie Dee is really this amazing natural catalyst that serves to help. Our body is natural. Heal ourselves S o. You know, it it isn't a snake oil. And, you know, it really has a lot of great research behind it from places like the World Health Organization and the Mayo Clinic. But CBD is a fantastic catalyst to help us boost our immune systems and just overall feel better and have a higher quality of life. And we've really seen it get a lot of popularity. And a lot of people are beginning to understand it, especially these last few years, as I'm sure, obviously you have seen when you discovered this and now I've created this amazing company off of it. What are some of the different technologies you've seen associating with CBD as more people are learning different ways to incorporate in India into other industries. Sure, you know, the most important component for CVD is to make sure that we have third party testing and that the CBD that you're consuming putting in or on your body is consistent. And so for us, we've really seen huge technological advances around how we incorporate the delivery of those third party testing results directly to the consumer. And so in our Kays, we have all of our third party testing currently posted in a description on our website. But really, where the future is with this and we can see even in the next 6 to 9 months where we'll begin to see those third party testing results and the verification of the potency level in each of those products directly on the packaging. And so there's some huge innovation happening there as well as around product development. Nan almost vacation, helping to make sure that products were formulated better and for optimal bio availability in your body, which means you can take less and have the same effect. So there's some really cutting edge technology happening. I'm right now and certainly transforming the way that consumers are interacting with their CBD products. That's Ah, and I think that's that's such an important thing. Thio Bring that to light and showcased different ways that we can actually utilize CBD in its own right and bring it into something, I guess catching it up. Maybe growing it up to where we have that information like we do with other products is such an important thing with the technology on this. And how have you see over the last few years just the adoption rates of it? And where do you see that going in the next year to two years? Well, my goodness, you know, today CBD is trending on Google at a higher rate than Kim Kardashian and Beyonce combined. So clearly, we know there's an insatiable worldwide appetite for quality CBD products. Um, and where we have really seen kind of where that's going is really people integrating CVD into their daily lives. CBD is the component that does not make you high. You don't have to worry about failing a drug test so you can safely use a CBD pain cream on your back to use those aches and pains from a long week. You can incorporate CBD into your bath to help you relax after a long week on DSO. Really? You know, I think what we're seeing is that there's just higher quality products coming to market and consumers looking for easy ways to safely incorporate CVD into their day to day lives. Really essentially paired with functional essential oils, eh? So what we're looking at is, you know, CBD formulations that are incorporating things like mental and camper and eucalyptus that we know are already going to help relieve muscle tension and improve recovery rates. I'm so being able to incorporate that has been really fundamental to so many consumers. Understanding how CBD confessed, help them live their best lives. Looking at this going, going forward, even Maur, you know, and with the Consumer Electronics Show is coming up. That's a big thing here, a digital trends that we're gonna be covering in different ways. You know that tech is gonna be changing our lives over the next year, sometimes even looking further out with that and different ways that tech incorporates in two other products. It's something that's always drawing me text pretty much part of everything. Now, how do you see that with CBD on Tech, you know, say, like five years out the future. Where do you see brands going with the technology? Absolutely. You know, I think that, you know, when we look at 5 to 10 years down the road, I think CBD will have absolutely mainstream acceptance. And we'll have much more educated consumers in the different methodologies that they can incorporate see beauty into their lives, whether it's using CBD to treat migraines as opposed to an opioid. Um, and I think mainstream medicine is having a huge, very quick adoption to incorporating. See beauty in all plants, natural therapies. And so I think, you know, 5 to 10 years from now, I think it won't necessarily just be the trending thing. I think it will actually become part of everyone's wellness. Just like we know that having 11 lavender involved helps us to relax or improve our sleeve. I think we'll begin to also see that mainstream adoption in everyone's wellness routine, so that day to day CBD is actually part of your natural solution and a part of your medicine Cabinet, I hope. Well, it's an exciting field to learn about. And certainly you are at the forefront of all of this and finding out different ways that C B can be incorporated into our lives, you know, just to help better lives. That's something we always love discussing here, a difficult trends, and for people who want to know more about altitude or get O. R purchased some of your products. What is the best place for them to go? Find? Information? Yes, a visit CBD carrying c A r i N g c p d. Carrying their see beauty products from people who cared Well, Kristin, thank you so much for joining us to talk about this, really appreciate it. And thanks for being here on digital trends live. Thanks for having me, all right, really fascinating learning about how that is being incorporated. And I think probably for a lot of us were figuring out it's more ways that CBD is being utilized. And that is Ah, that's a great thing to discuss and learn about. Here are general friends. That's what we're all about. It's having interesting conversations and discussions and learning about technology. So here's what's coming up Next, we're going to take a break. We'll give. Got lots of coverage coming up here on the show. We're gonna be coming back, and I believe we're gonna be talking to my Camaro. So Mike Merrill is the world's first publicly publicly traded person. Yes, I said that, right. So world's first publicly traded person to where he's on the stock market with his own. So we're gonna talk about what that's like, how that happened, what that means. All of that's coming up and more here on digital trends live publicly. Train thing is digital friends live. Thank you for joining us. We appreciate everybody who joins into the platform and, of course, hit. Subscribe to make sure you get the notifications when we do go alive. And let's talk about some cutting edge technology right now, in different ways, that tech can be utilized for us. This is an interesting conversation. We're gonna have joining us. We have Mike Merrill, the world's first publicly traded person, to talk about your platform and what it is. Thank you so much for joining us here. Yeah, thanks for having me excited. That started to chat about it. Um, where do you want to start? Let's start with the beginning And just what this platform was that you created and what it's like to be the first publicly traded person. Yes, and the project started Spend going for, like, 11 years. And I had this idea of a way to kind of collaborate with people online that I would, um, kind of create a stock market. People would buy shares. And then when I had big decisions to make, I could put those up for a vote and as many shares as you had with how much kind of power over my life I would give. And so, basically, any time I kind of think of a question, it's gonna affect my life in some way. I put it to my shareholders and they kind of guide me from one path to another, which is a lot of trust to put into random strangers. You know, essentially, it's true, and I think, especially with the Internet, we've seen some we've seen that go off the rails occasionally. I have a little bit of a safety barrier in that In order for people to come in, they have to spend money. So right now, my share prices $5.70 a share. So if someone wants to come in and control me, they for every little piece of influence they have pay for it. And that's been a pretty good not not a perfect. But it's been a good way to sort of, you know, he keep the trolls obey. That's true. Yeah, I guess money does is a good barrier when it comes down to that. Well, talking about the money, the financial side of things, to just to give everybody an understanding about work. So are their share of the shareholders. Get paid out of this war. What is the what is the cost benefit? On that end? You know, there's no no dividends, but there. When I started, um, 11 years ago, it was a dollar a share, and now it's upto you know, $5.70. So some people have made money over that time. It's gone up and down over the years, and yeah, some people have probably lost a little. It's, uh I'd like to say that I'm, uh I'm a high risk investment we'll target about and I want to get into your platform now, too, as well. But before we go to that, just a just a quick understanding of what are some of the big decisions that you've made. Based on this, the first riel personal decision that I struck was struggling with, and I realized it was kind of a shareholder. Question was when I was asking a lot of my friends about it, and it was whether or not I should get a vasectomy and that so I I was really, like, one way or the other wasn't sure. And I put it up for a vote and I was like, I just want the question answered. I don't wanna have to think about it anymore. And there was a heated debate, and ultimately I did not. I did not do it. They voted it down. So that was That was kind of the first big personal question. And then, you know, it really varies from something as dramatic. Is that to a small is, you know, should I be buying a car, or should I buy a car free? It kind of goes all over the place. Those were some big decisions I was expecting something smaller to start off with, but yeah, that's that's a big personal decision to put out there. Well, looking at it from this, you know, you've been doing it for a few years and you've got this other platform now, too. Let's let's get into talking about this. It's K Mikey M, um dot com. So let's let's talk about what that is and what that means. Yeah, so that is, that is the, um, you know, I can't go enlist myself on NASDAQ for the New York Stock Exchange, so basically had to build it, building myself eso with some friends who are pretty good at this. Uh, we put together the simplest form of the market so you can offer shares for sale and you can. And you can accept those offers for sale or or to buy. And and that's it. Like it's It's a very, um, very manual system. There's not even any auto matching of those orders, and so my share price. It probably trades. You know they'll be flurries of activity, but sometimes I'll go days and the share price won't change because I only I think right now there's about 1000 shareholders. There's a very low volume market and, uh, you know, nothing like the sort of business or agony that you see on the New York Stock Exchange. But at the same time, every day I wake up and it's the It's the first thing I checked. Were there any trades and my upper down, Um, how is I was being on this show gonna affect my stock price? Hopefully, someone wants to go and buy some shares and I go up. And then I get to feel great for the rest of the day, right? And that's where they can go. Do That, too, is K. Mikey m dot com. That's where they could buy some shares. I'm gonna get some of these shareholder votes using psychedelics, one of them official positions on crypto currency. How long do you let the votes go before you decide? Okay, we're capping it right now. I usually because the system, it's all yea yea or nay votes for the most part, and so usually let them run for a couple of days, sending e mail out. All the users have given him a chance to vote I. Occasionally there's been things that are really short term, and I need a quick turnaround. But then there's been a little bit of pushback because some people feel like they don't have agency the alert. So I try to give people a couple of days, which really means it's kind of for the bigger or at least longer term decisions. It's not. It's not a great system for spur of the moment, or even like direct control of my day to day life. Has the reaction been to this justus Far as have you had other people approach you wanting to do the same thing? Yeah, absolutely. Every I feel like every month or so somebody will reach out and either asked to use the same code base Or how did I do it? Or, you know, I should probably write up and sell a PdF or something about that. But everyone who tries it if they tend Thio attended kind of, um, fall off after. After a little while. I think there's it's a lot of work. It's it's really like it's about community building and engaging with these people and really taking into account what they say and treating it um, you know, there's no no formal obligation. But at any time that I violate that sort of trust that I have with those shareholders, they're going to sell their shares and my price goes down, and then I'm gonna feel terrible. How long do you anticipate keeping this going? I don't know. I don't have a set and date, but I've always thought that it should. It should end in the same manner that it started. So it needs some kind of like, financial equivalent to end. And like, hopefully, that's not gonna be like an Enron skin beam. Or like, you know, I don't want it to be bankruptcy. But maybe maybe I could do like a leveraged buyout, you know, and take myself private to a researcher that's always kind of appealed to me. I like that idea. Yeah, that's that's good. Take yourself off the market. Well, looking good going forward, Any other projects or anything that you want to let people know about associated with this, You know, it's it's ends up being a really kind of personal interaction that I have, and I think that comes from just I've been online for a really long time. So it's less about these, like big, giant kind of structures like a like a, um, startup or something like that. And it is this kind of what I like to think of a small Internet kind of moment where it's it's my interaction and trying to share these personal things and get feedback from from a small number of people, which is not the greatest selling point for anyone who's kind of looking at it. But I think what happened is people end up just curious enough. They come check it out, they get turned off and leave. Or is that the kind of people that find this interesting? They're generally the kind of people that are going to kind of get a lot out of it as a shareholder as well. Well, I know also this is kind of spun into some other aspects that maybe wasn't anticipated to begin with. I know the Amazon and Sony. There's an option there as far as a television show. Can you tell us about that? Yeah, So I sold. I sold an option on my life rights, Thio disowning, and then Amazon is working on developing a television show, and I'll be a co executive producer, which is really exciting. And yeah, and it's It's just one of those things that's in development. So this hasn't been any, uh, you know, you news about it for a while, but it's chugging along. I get I get occasional updates on how things are going, and I'm super excited about it, I assume, and hope that that will raise my share price when it comes out. You would think so. I mean, it's got to be a boost, at least you know, to some extent. I mean, what was that like selling, I guess for you, maybe it's not, as I guess. It's kind of a long line of what you're already doing but optioning your life story like just that phrase alone. What was that, like signing that paperwork? It's really strange. It's it's a very it's a huge contract that details every possible thing that could possibly happen. And I started to realize that, like someone else is going to be more famous for this thing, that I've done that and I am so that's kind of like that's the trade that you're making. You're getting a little bit of, um, you know, you're getting money, obviously, in exchange for, um, for your idea. It's really it's kind of like selling intellectual property, but I'm really excited because they're going in a You know, it's all fiction, and it's going to be a version of this thing that I do that can explore all the things that I never that I never could or did or had opportunity to some. I'm kind of excited to see it. You know, it's kind of a fork away from what I did and and what somebody else might do with it. What choices could have been made based upon exactly. Yeah, well, it's so fascinating. And I want to thank you too. So much to you for joining us here on this show just to talk about it and came I ke m dot com. That's where people can go and invest in Mike and pick up some shares. And thank you so much for being here on the show today. Yeah, thanks so much. I really enjoyed it. All right, so there we go. That was Mike Merrill talking about, um, you know, basically making yourself a company and selling shares in yourself. That's just such a fascinating story. And that's what we like to bring you here. It just real trends are really fascinating. Stories like that really appreciate Mike joining us here on the show That was so awesome and thanks. Nobody who's joining us right now. So wherever you're watching, we're broadcasting live. We want to know your questions, your comments. So drop those in, they're gonna come back. That's more news. Got Drew. Parental first, An awesome tech you can't buy yet. We're just coming up on the show to talk about some really cool crowdfunding stories that are going on to stick around back here in a minute with more digital trends. Welcome back to digital trends live. I'm Greg Nibbler. Thank you for joining us wherever you are. We appreciate you tuning into the program and going down this tech conversation that we get to have with you every single day, and we get to discuss some of the cutting edge things that are happening in technology and have great interviews. Let's talk about some news right now. Some trending stories. The first comes from NASA and ask you with the Mars 2020 Rover and the debut of that to the media, which recently happened from NASA. So this is something that's been a years, years long project where NASA has been working for this next rover, this next generation and everything is going to do. There it is. This is the actual laboratory where they're working on it. They have a live stream that goes on of this, too. We can kind of check in and see them working on it. You can see they've got all of their stats suits on just to make sure that they aren't contaminating anything with that equipment. There it is right there. So that's kind of showcasing what the robber looks like with the six different wheels and that myriad of different technical equipment that is on it. So the machine itself, talking about the build side of things, six wheels designed for added durability that the previous rovers didn't have. It's done a drive test where they actually showcased it moving and and part of the driving abilities of it. They also talked about how it's gonna be able to to, you know, go up different inclines, and that's gonna given accessibility to a lot of places that previously the rovers were not able to do so. There it is. Obviously, it's moving pretty slow right there. But that is some of what it's going to be do now that this this movement right there. You can see all of those different scientists sitting around on that, trying to make sure that everything's working correctly, because once it's on Mars, you're not gonna be able to really correct it afterward. And that is the last time it's gonna be moving until it gets to the surface of Mars. That's a big thing right there. That's the last time this will ever move like that on Earth. At least according to some of the studies that they've just released, it is gonna be moving to a different facility after this, Um, some of the things that's going to do, so if you're taking a look at it right there, you see all the different equipment on there, just a few things it will be equipped with. Its gonna have high resolution, wide field of view color navigation cameras. That means that we're gonna get to see better imagery of the actual surface of Mars and different things that's going to look at. It's got an extra computer brain for processing images and videos. That's a big thing for making maps and auto navigation feature. If you think about, you know, it's gotta have the most cutting edge technology right now because by the time it gets up there, it's gonna be 2021 by time. It Lance. So it's gonna launch this next year, probably July or August of 2020 and then it will arrive on Mars in February of 2021 is the anticipated arrival time to the zero Crater is where it's gonna end up, and then it's gonna be able to use ground penetrating radar. It's gonna look for biological signs of a possible past life, all kinds of different tests that's gonna be able to do. But it's such a huge accomplishment, so it's always cool to see these things come to fruition. You know, several years ago these were just animations where they anticipated maybe what they would be able to do, and now we're actually seeing the the actual object itself before it's launched to Mars and pretty cool achievement by them that's going from NASA you can read more about that at digital trends dot com. Did you go on with the space theme right now? Let's talk about you on musk. Certainly, Space X has had a huge year, if not a huge decade when it comes to commercial space exploration. And now we're getting ever closer to Space X, finally launching a human, a human powered flight where we're gonna have humans on board, and that is what we're looking at right now. So this is all these tests that they've been doing with their, uh, with the Dragon capsules with the Falcon nine rockets and different ways that they want to get people up there into space and going to the International Space Station. This is a video that Elon Musk released, showcasing an animation of what it's going to be like once they send humans in their capsule right there. So in their starship, this is an example of going up into space and actually getting onto the International space station. It's a pretty cool rendition of what they're going to be doing. And part of this that they talked about. Part of what he posted was when this could be happening. So some people ask them questions on Twitter, saying, Will this be ready by February? He said that, yes, it will probably be ready by February at the Cape. But there will be a lot of safety reviews that go after that, and that's the key thing with all of this. Why we see so much testing going on is because they want to figure out every single issue and problem possible before you actually send a human on board. There's another example, too, of working on the dome for this. So that's for the starship itself. And that's the actual dome that will be used by, you know, to protect humans once they're inside of there as it goes up into space. So it's still pretty exciting and and yeah, he said that they have all these safety reviews. They're going to go on over the next few months after that February completion date, you know, tentative completion date. These things changed quite a bit, but what it all gets down to is that it means we could be having our first manned mission that could be happening here, coming up in possibly even his earliest spring 2020. I'm gonna guess it's gonna go a little bit later than that, probably later in the year. There's other companies that are working on this, too, but Space X seems to be at the forefront, possibly later. But it looks good right now that 2020 could be that year that we see this happen so exciting stuff to follow up on and just to stay tuned for. You can always check more out at digital trends dot com and our final story. Let's go toe a mystery, a mystery here on digital trends live, and it has to do with a drone mystery happening over the skies of Colorado and Nebraska. So this is something that's been going on for a few weeks. If you live in that area, you're probably aware of this. But I feel like the broader world is just finding out about what's happening in Colorado, and the drone mystery is this. There are reports and actual sightings of this happening quite a few different times, and it's different sets of drones that are flying hundreds of feet over the surface of these random rural counties. What are they doing? What are they looking for who's flying them. All of that is part of the mystery that's going on now. We don't have an actual footage of these I scoured trying to find some. There's some really grainy videos, but we'll just show you some drones tow give you an idea of what we're talking about. So authorities have been reporting that they've been receiving tons of calls, and this is from local law enforcement officials and residents who are trying to figure out who's operating these drones. They say they fly in grid like patterns of some reports say 6 to 10 times some say 3 to 4 at a time, and that there are about six foot in width is what they're estimating. These things are, and they fly around in these formations at night with lights on, and the speculation is, what are they doing? So like we said, we don't know who's flying them, the Air Force's said. It's not them. The Army has said it's not them, the D A said. It's not them. So pretty much every government entity is denying that has anything to do with them, and no private entity has come forward and said that they're the ones doing it now. The other side of this is, is there Are there any legal ramifications? And apparently from what everybody's tried to ascertain so far is that really there's nothing legally wrong with what they're doing? Whoever this is, it's flying the drones. They're high enough up. They're not invading any kind of airspace that there's an issue. So technically, there's not even a legal violation. So law enforcement's kind of limited on what they can do to investigate this. And like I said, everybody's denying it anyway. So there's There's rampant conspiracy theories about who is doing this. Of course, you know, there's always the aliens could be doing it. There's speculation that it's Mexican drug cartels. I really don't see that one being the case that they're gonna be flying drones over rural Colorado for that. But you never know. People get worked up about these things and all kinds of different theories that are going on, or even just this is a test from the gas industry to map the ground below them. Who knows what it is, But that's the mystery that's been going on. It's been happening for a while. I started in Colorado going to Nebraska. If you've seen these drones, let us know what you think sent us in some videos because nobody seems to get very good videos of these things. So I would love to see that we can check more about that at digital trends dot com. Alright, let's go and take a break coming up. We have Drew Prindle, come in here for another edition of Awesome Tech. You can't buy yet talking about some of his favorite things that he has found on the crowd funding sites around the Internet. So that's coming up here in just a minute. Stick around back here with more traditional Trans live after this. Hello there. This is digital trends live. I'm Greg Nibbler. Thanks for joining us. It is now time for another one of our favorite segments here on the show. And that is awesome tech. You can't buy yet to do so. We have our own droop rental during its Hello Drew. How's it going? Doing well? I always love this. We do it once a week here on the show. And of course, there's the series of articles that digital trends this kind of going over some of this. But it is scouring the Internet to find the best and sometimes greatest and sometimes strangest different. Crowdfunding. Definitely. Strangest. Definitely strange. It's part of that. So let's walk through three of these that you have selected today. I think the 1st 1 is the Theon Park. Three electric skateboard. Yeah. So electric skateboards are obviously like they've been around for quite some time now, and they're all pretty equal. I don't know. They're all the same. Like you don't see a ton of innovation is pretty much just a board with a motor on it ends wheels. This one is significant because unlike all of these other ones, it has swappable batteries, which is a huge deal, like most of them. Just have the battery pack bolted to the board. And when you run out of juice, you your only option is to just go and plug it into a wall and wait. Yeah, wherever you are, wherever you end up. Yeah, So this one is significant just because you can presumably get two batteries and right around and you get Was it like 16 to 20 miles per hour battery and you know If that 1st 1 runs out, you could just hot swap the other one that you got in your backpack and get right back to writing. That is a big Why have five companies not done this before? I think it's because it's just a little bit more technologically like challenging to get, like, swappable battery system and make sure that it's like, you know you're not gonna get, like water or dirt or whatever in its elements. Yeah, there's there's a couple, like, just tricky engineering challenges to get around, which is gonna bring up the cost of production and all of that stuff. And it's just too easy to get the standard battery packs that are all self contained and you'd bolted onto the board and you're done right. And that's that's probably why we see so many of these two that have come out. But this one in particular? Yeah, that's that's a huge difference. 500 box. Is that really what it is? Yeah, that's how much it is on crowdfunding. I imagine it's gonna be a little bit more once it gets produced. Yeah, like selling it retail cause usually on crowdfunding, they're selling it for, like, a discount If you're, like, you know, willing to be an early pledger or whatever, because I was gonna say that seems cheap compared Thio. Yeah, it's crazy how much the price of electric boards has gone down in the past few years. Like aboard like this. Just like 23 years ago Would probably have cost, like $1000. Yeah, And now it's down to that with that straw poll battery. Now, does it come with the swap? A bladder ears? That probably depends on the level that you invest. Yeah, I'm not entirely sure if it includes two batteries or if you just get one from the offset. Still, that is a good sign of innovation when it comes to Ah, electric. Yeah. I'm honestly just surprised that this feature has not been, like had not become a regular. Yeah, Like sooner. I mean, especially if somebody wants to commute. Then you know, you have to sit there and worry about Oh, how many miles I got range and I make it back home. It's a real problem. Yeah, so that's Ah, that's a great addition. So that's the on park find three e board and check that out under Awesome check. You can't buy yet. Let's continue on with this next one. We got to get some drones. So say flash Forest drone Reforestation squad. So, yeah, it's not like you're not funding a specific drone. Like if you back the project, you're not going to get a drone. Basically, with this project, this is so this is a weird project. It's this, like, Canadian group that the this idea has been around before. Basically, what they want to d'oh is instead of using humans to plant trees, they're just gonna enlist a bunch of drones that have special software and they fly up in the air and get to where they need to plant the trees. And then they dropped these little like seed pod things. Okay, stab into the ground and, uh, basically plant trees and stab into the ground. And there's, like, three spike things, but yes, So what you're getting, if you back this project is you're basically helping to fund this project so that they can like, you know, increases as their fleet and pay for some, like, software development costs. And it's a really weird project and honestly, I think they've got They're gonna have a lot of trouble like scaling up, and you're going to miss the point where it's actually gonna make a difference. And they don't have just like three drones doing this, right? Those look like I mean, this can't be cheap. Drum. No, those those d J I big ones like that are like, got there like 10 grand minimum or something. Probably have some customization drought. So yeah, there's a lot of ground work to be done. But I included that one this week just because I think it's like a worthy enough cause, and it's like it's really need to see. And I also believe they've made their funding goals, so that's exciting. So, like they're at least gonna, you know, start working on this. Yeah, whether it comes to fruition, you know, that's one of those things that's always kind of up in the air, but it comes to crowdfunding projects, but but yes Oh, that's that's That's a pretty cool use yet of technology. If if it goes, goes for, did they say where they want to reforest? I'm assuming in Canada, but you know, I'm not entirely sure I'm sure it's gonna depend on where, Like what flight laws allow him to do that kind of thing because these things are gonna be flying mostly autonomously, like there. It's not like we're gonna have a dedicated pilot for each other. That's three darts on people. That's not like a scalable solution. If you have to have a pilot for every single dress like this is kind of going to depend on laws, whether or not they can scale up effectively. This is one of those things, though. In theory, if you know whether this comes a fresher not the idea behind it. And I see like that's something that ah lot of people could take and then scale up, like, talk about like your government doing it or much people don't begin for Brazil or something and trained, you know, totally. You know, I don't know what kind of ramifications there are for it, but but reforestation with with autonomous drones that that idea is great. I think we're really all it needs is money. Money? Yeah, just why they're hot crab. Funny money is really what it comes down to for everything. That's the flash for his drone reforestation squad. Let's talk about this last one. I don't know if I'm saying this right. X e v. I'm not sure e v or Xev like that. I don't know, but three D printed car. Let's call it Xev. That sounds Yeah, that does sound good. Yeah. Xev three D printed the yo tow the aerial unit car. Okay, let's talk about this. So yeah, it's right here. It's a three d printed car. It's an electric three D printed car. And the benefit of that is that because it's additive Lee manufactured and they're making it with, like, a minimum of parts that they need. It's really only like 57 components make up the whole thing. How How is that? Even because they're printing like multiple pieces at all? Yeah, I like that you couldn't like it would be very difficult to make those parts to really traditional manufacturing. That's true. I guess that does thing. And because it's an electric car, the drive train is extremely simple compared to like what you get from a combustion engine, you know, traditional cars. So there it is. That's the three D printed card. Yeah, So it basically looks like a smart car. Yeah, um, the smart for two that they're no longer making in the U. S. Air selling in the US, but right. I gotta wonder about the safety of that. Yeah, me too. There. They're probably gonna have to pass a bunch of safety regulations. So this is one that I would feel a little bit sketchy about backing on Kickstarter. Like if you don't have actual metal. I mean, maybe there's some kind of pretty, pretty little that goes in, I guess I don't really know that process. Yeah, they can three d print with metal, but I'm not entirely sure what they're making. What materials they're using to three d printed with. Yeah, I would I don't know. I mean, I love this idea. I think that's great. Are they? Don't even I mean, assuming these screen comes separate, but, um, we have three d printing an entire vehicle. I like that idea. I don't know if I would want to be the first adopt. No. No. And this is another one that's gonna have a pretty big uphill battle in order for this to be like a thing. Yeah, I've got to pass a bunch of different regulations, and I don't even think this would be street legal in the U. S. So if you're interested in this and you want to back it, definitely do some research and make sure that you'll actually be able to drive it, because I think for now it would be classified as basically like a golf cart. Okay, so you would only be allowed to drive it on like closed road systems like college campuses and like retirement communities, but in ah, in China And the company behind it is a Chinese company. I think it's totally street legal. It's the Wild West out. There s Oh, yes, that is the again that the three D printed yo yo car from Xev. It's what we're calling it. Uh, you can take a look at right there. I mean, I think the idea of going forward of three D printing things at home is great. This is definitely I feel like a ways out. Well, yeah. I don't know if you're gonna three to print this one, but like just the fact that they can, like, use additive manufacturing and cut down on materials, cost and get the price of a vehicle down toe under $7000 is a pretty significant milestone. That's pretty big well, that you can take a look at that at digital trends dot com Again, that's all part of awesome tech. You can't buy it and drew, Thank you, Yeah, as always, always fun. It's always plan with this show here, and I want to thank you, buddy. Tunes into digital trends live here every single week day where we bring you the trending tech news, interviews, headlines, discussions and more. And let's talk about next week. So looking at tomorrow on Digital Trends Live will be joined by Keuren Moussa Naru, the associate professor of cardiovascular medicine and genetics at the University of Pennsylvania, talking about crisper and gene editing, how scientists and researchers use gene editing technology for prevention and, of course, all technology News of the day for digital trends. I'm pregnant