Whole Lotta Sole trailer

Whole Lotta Sole trailer

For the last few years Brendan Fraser has spent his time doing more kid-friendly fare with movies like Journey to the Center of the Earth and Furry Vengeance. It’s been awhile since he’s done anything a little more adult-oriented, like 2004’s Crash or 2007’s The Air I Breathe

For his most recent turn, Fraser appears in the Irish film Whole Lotta Sole. It’s something of a mobster-comedy that follows a young man, Jimbo (Martin McCann), who owes gambling debts to the local mobster Mad Dog Flynn (David O’Hara). In a misguided attempt to save his son’s life, the man robs a fish market, which happens to be owned by Mad Dog. On the run, Jimbo finds himself cornered in a curio shop run by Maguire (Fraser) and takes a number of people hostage. Surrounded by local cops and the Mad Dog’s gang, Jimbo has to find a way out of his situation with the help of his captives.

Many of the Irish actors in this film, including McCann, Colm Meaney, and O’Hara, are people that you’ve more than likely seen in other movies as cops or villains. Meaney was in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Chief O’Brien; McCann appeared in HBO’s The Pacific as R.V. Burgin; and O’Hara you might recognize as Henry Howard from The Tudors.

Whole Lotta Sole was written and directed by Terry George who previously wrote and directed critically-acclaimed drama Hotel Rwanda.

Whole Lotta Sole does not yet have a release date.