Will Samsung unveil ‘the next big thing’ in television at CES 2012?

Will Samsung unveil ‘the next big thing’ in television at CES 2012?

While some analysts and pundits are beginning to question the relevancy of CES based, in part, on the assumption that nothing all that new or exciting will be revealed at the show this year, consumer electronics (CE) companies like Samsung are doing what they can to drum up some big excitement for the much heralded event.

Remember when Samsung was that new brand on the block that made practically-free mobile phones, cheap DVD players and bargain-priced TVs? Yeah… those days are over. If you haven’t already noticed, Samsung has become a major CE force to be reckoned with. If you’re still unsure, just ask Apple. The company has shown it is willing to lock horns with some of the biggest and best to defend its position in the industry.

But it isn’t all about smear ads and legal litigation. Samsung makes some of the best TVs and mobile phones on the market. If any company other than Sony is likely to bring something seriously innovative to the CES table this year, it could very well be Samsung and, according to this video recently released by the Korean-based company, that’s exactly what it intends to do. 

The video doesn’t doesn’t get into specifics. Maybe that’s why they call it a teaser. What it teases, however, is pretty bold. Clearly, Samsung thinks it has the next big thing in television technology. Well, Samsung, you have our attention. With a build-up like this, whatever it is you have in store for us at CES had better be pretty great.

Of course, Digital Trends will be on the show floor at CES from day one and we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest from Samsung and others, for better or for worse, right here