Xbox Series X + Star Wars Note 10 Unboxing | Digital Trends Live 12.13.19

On the show today: Last night at the game awards, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice won GOTY and the next-gen Xbox Series X console was announced; Lyft is launching a car rental service in LA and SF…


It's Friday, December 13th 2019. Digital Trends Lab is about to start here Some of the topics we're covering today the name Project Scarlett is no more. Microsoft made a surprise announcement at the Game Awards yesterday, showcasing their upcoming new gaming console, The Xbox, Siri's X and We'll head to New York, where Corey Gaskin is going to be Unboxing, a very special Star Wars themed Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and then maybe sending it to me as a Christmas present. And then Sarah Hill, the CEO and chief storyteller of helium, will be on to discuss their V R and R platform that is designed as a biometrically controlled and drug free solution for stress. Also have Carl Afridi, the CEO and co founder of Invoice Pay, will join us in studio talk about how their company is utilizing cloud based technologies and processing to change the way business is and all their Elektronik invoicing systems all that more on today's episode of General Trends. Five. It is Friday and we have an action packed day of technology to talk to you about Hello, everyone. This is digital trends live. This is our Daily show here from digital trends, bringing you the trending tech topics of the day. News, interviews, headlines, discussions and Maura, all broadcasting live across. A number of different platforms were on periscope, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook linked in YouTube, Daily Motion, Apple News, two different mobile app, smart television app and a digital trends dot com flash lives. So wherever you're joining joining the conversation, let us know what you think. What, what? Your topics hard, what you want to discuss today. So we've got a lot to cover. Let's get it going, though. Right now I'm Greg Miller here with Nicole Rainie. Hello to call. Good morning. Good morning. It is Friday and there is so much to talk about that we're excited, and that's what we have to get through. I'm really excited for some of these headlines. Let's get to the big one right here then. So this is coming from the game awards last night, and, ah, it has to do with the new announcement of the new Xbox. So Project Scarlett has been the name that's been kind of used for the last couple of years, really about the mystery of Xboxes new console. But they unveiled it yesterday at the awards show. So this is what we're looking at right here. So it's the X box. Siri's X is the name they went with. Not so sure about that name, but that is what they Yeah, I feel like it could have been a little bit cooler, especially this project Scarlet Zone. So cool and X box. Siri's ex sounds redundant, Yes, but I'm excited for the way it looks. It's maybe it looks more of like a like a traditional PC or something like that. It does. It's it's it's kind of Ah, it's Ah, it's a departure from some of the standard consul that we know today, right where you have all that. All the architecture that goes into it as far as the design and the appearance is always just a big thing and make it look futuristic. Which is what some of the renderings of the PS five kind of look like. But this Yeah, it looks, it's a it's a big box. It's a big PC looking box, but that's what X Box is going for us. There's a couple of interviews that have come out talking to them about this where they Ah, what they're what they're focusing on is the gameplay. And because this is bigger and it's bulkier, they have all that room inside. And that's the key thing they're looking at is what they can pack in this thing as faras a ce faras different. You know, G pews and different graphics processors in order to make it the most powerful gaming system that they can possibly make and that looking at it from that angle, if you're looking at from from how it will play, that's pretty impressive. Yeah, I'm really, really excited about this. And I think that it's just going toe hopefully bump up the timeline. Or we can get a little bit more details about the PlayStation 52 right now that we know what the Xbox is calling its thing and what it looks like, I hope PlayStation or soap Sony like, announces something too. Yeah, you would think they've got a kind of combat it and come back with it because we know that P s five is coming out at the end of 2020 and now we know that this is coming out and 2020 So next just gonna be a big year for gaming. You can check out more about the Xbox, Sirius X at digital trends dot com and continuing on talking about the game awards themselves. Let's talk about those. There's there's a lot that happened at this event. It was a few hours long, and we've got all the coverage of digital trends. But just a couple of highlights that we wanted to touch on the game of the year was announced. And it was a game that I have not played myself, but secure. Oh, shadows die twice. So that one game of the year and this year was kind of up in the air. You know, you didn't really know who was going to win. It wasn't like last year. We had God of war and red Dead redemption do clearly. You're right. The top there. This was a little bit different. So you had, uh, yes, secure. Oh, Shadows died twice won the game of the year itself, which is, you know, good for them. That's a very And I think a lot of people were maybe expecting control or death stranding to win. Yeah, just because there's been a lot of buzz around that. Ah, but well, I'm very excited for this, but I still then played it either. So I think this is just gonna This is gonna motivate me a little bit more. Yeah. Jump on that train. Yeah. The death stranding one that I did kind of think that maybe they would get in there just because of the popularity of it, or at least as far as the hype that went around it. But yes, secure. Oh, shadows Die twice wins the game of the year. They also had speaking of PS five, Ah, PlayStation firewood. You know what the first game is going to be on the PlayStation five and it is God fall. So we got a trailer for that that came out as well. And this is going to be the 1st 1 I imagine there'll be some other ones that come out along with it. Well, at least this is the 1st 1 announced specifically for the PlayStation five. So God fall right there. It looks like it's kind of sticking with some of the theme that they've they've had going previously. When it comes to counter play games, you know, the first person shooter and kind of Ah, Western space theme that they've got going on there. There's a lot that you can unravel with this, but that is what it's going to look like. I'm excited. Yeah, I will definitely play that one when it comes out s that has got false again, walking through some of the announcements from the game awards. And there's a ton of announcement that we have a digital trends dot com. The last one I wanted to say was this and you already saw them on the screen for a minute there with Vince, Vin Diesel, Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez talking about the new game for the fast and Furious. So there is going to be a videogame version of it, which I can only imagine is going to be huge. This kind of reminds me of driver. Yeah, I don't know if anybody remembers that game from back in the day. The concept seems like pretty similar, but, um, good for the fast and furious franchise. Yeah, I mean, even if they've been able to squeeze out yet another installment, I'm not so sure about the videogame version of Vin Diesel, but that's yeah, doesn't quite look right. But but that's what That tank looks cool that yes, that looks cool. And imagine the game's gonna be fun. So they're both going to be in it. Uh, Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez and then also Tyreese. Gibson's gonna be lending his voice. I would imagine there's gonna be some cameos that will show up a CZ. Well, you know, Jason State is gonna show up at some point, but that's that's what we're looking at with that so kind of a kind of a cool adaptation, I would say of that of that franchise. But that's something else from the game awards. So you can read all about that at digital trends dot com continuing on with our news coverage. So we do have a lot to get to you. There's something else that was announced today, and I want to bring this up just because it's it's a further sign of the ever expanding presence of five G. It's a T and t announcing that they're expanding their sub six. So that's the five G. That is has a much wider reach than some of those really, really the fast and hygiene s o they announce that they're gonna be expanding that to 10 more cities and right now So Birmingham, Alabama, Indianapolis, L. A. Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and several other cities Bay Area really getting it to s. Oh, that's Ah, that's a big announcement. When when we look at what's coming up next year, we think about all these different five G phones, they're coming out. All of these networks are trying to expand their coverage of five G, and this is definitely another sign of that. Yeah, so you have to have a certain plan on A T and T to be able to tap into that network. But apparently the extra service is, uh, there's no extra charge if you're already signed up for the specific plan. Yeah, that's that's part of the other interesting thing to me, too, is how all of this is gonna shake out as faras the monetization of it and what the pricing structures are gonna be because you have what they're calling. You know you have five g e, which just to be clear for everybody. That's not actually five G. That 18 t came in with that earlier this year. That's not five G. This, though, is actually five g. So the sub of the sub six is the is the one where it it'll spread out a lot further. The five g plus millimeter wave. That's the really fast stuff. So it's kind of Ah, high teer low cheer when it comes to flab. G. Both are very fast, but it's a little bit different putting him where you're at. So they've got some of these higher tier nodes that they're saying they're gonna be used in, like sports stadiums or tourist spots. And you see a lot of NFL stadiums being equipped with ease, an MBA stadiums and you know, all kind of different places like that, like sporting centers. We're gonna have this really fast five G. I'm excited, but I still feel like it's gonna be a while until maybe just us regular folks feel the impacts of five G, right. It's still cool because originally they announced that it was just gonna be in five cities. It's actually intensive 10 new cities now, but with the cost of the phone. And like you were saying before, you know, we're not really sure what the cost of maybe some plans are gonna be, Yeah, I still think it's gonna be awhile until we're all using it, but it would be exciting. I think some major cities are gonna have it a lot sooner next year. And the more that we see the competition, you know, come up between these different providers. That's where we're going to see some more of this. But But that's just another sign, though. It is coming, so that's that's definitely a good sign. So that's a T and T with their five G network. You can read more about that at digital trends dot com. We're plugging right along here as we get through the news. We do have a lot to talk about today. This is an interesting take that lift has that I wanted to bring up in its announcement. They had about what they want to do to expand coverage of vehicles, coverage of mobility, and it's to provide rental cars now. So not just renting a car ride. You are actually renting a car, and so this is something Lift is launching in L. A in the Bay Area right now, but it's ah, it's yeah, it's right, of course, they're going up against, you know, hurts and enterprise in those kinds of organizations. So that way this plan works, is it goes right through your app that you already have. And you, if you are within 20 miles of where the rental agency is, they will give you a free ride there in a free ride home, and you rent the car. It has no extra costs for unlimited mileage is what they're saying. You won't be charged extra for gas, so if you return it, you know, if you have a rent a car and you return, it's like if you're if you're half full, they'll charge you like $10 a gallon or something. They said they'll just charge whatever the market price is. It seems like it's gonna be a really competitive pricing plan. But I'm curious to see how many people jump on board, since it's only gonna be available in L. A in San Francisco, right? Right now I feel like that's kind of limiting, as Faras may be planning a vacation or something. Yeah, I'm a little curious to see what people are using these rental cars for, because the the idea right is like lift once everybody to use its service is to get around. And so right now And maybe you don't have, like, a car on the bigger city or whatever, so you can rely on lift. So I'm curious that more people gonna be using it for Littlejohn. So, like, maybe they buy a couch or something like that so they can rent and TV did put the couch in or something? Yeah. Or if people are gonna use it to actually get out of town and go on vacation. Yeah, and that's that's kind of what I was thinking about. You know, for, like, business trips. Yeah, if you're if, say, you're going to a couple of different offices or locations that are outside of a city that this would be an easy way to do that. You know, things that you already rent cars for, But I guess you have the pricing structure would be the one of the key things and that quick, the pick up and drop off is also very nice. I know some of our services do you offer that? But this would be, I think, really, it's it's getting through that ecosystem where it's all in one app, which is something uber's trying to super convenient. But the only bad thing I guess right now is in addition to the limited cities, you only have a sedan, an SUV, one sedan, option one SUV option, both cities. So you don't really have, like, a truck. You can't necessarily rented minivan or something like that, right? Yeah. We'll have to see how how it goes. But I do want to know, You know, what people think is that something that you would be interested in using? And I think that convenience factor would be would be pretty big. They also said that, Yeah, just a couple of their things on it. This that the Islam? Yeah. Again, the free ride. As long as the trip is under $20 you know that part? I think this guy's gonna be key to it, but there's a lot there to unravel. And if you want to follow up on that, just go to digital trends dot com. There is one other thing I wanted to get to hear before we need to go to a break. So we are powering through. Ah, lot of news for you right here at the top of Show. But this is coming from who, Lou, And it has to do with, well, 75% of us, which are binge watchers. I think a lot of us just 75% 75% is according to what What who lose study said, is that 75% of us consumers of streaming television binge watch and I'm gonna guess the rest of the other 25% just aren't telling the truth. This'd is The thing is for hello, you know, with their ad supported platform is how do you work out the ads on there? And if anybody's used to Lou some of their adding programs before used to get really annoying. We see the same ad, like four times during one show, and I think this is really smart. So basically, if it knows that you're sitting down and consuming more than one episode, it's gonna respect that, and it's gonna serve ads based on that. So maybe, uh, I think it said who said it defines a binge watch is watching at least three episodes. I guess around the third episode, you're gonna get something that sort of speaks to your current moment, right? One of the examples that they have right now is this cheese. It's ad which I love because it's literally just saying like, Oh, this is your time to go Goto get up and go to get snacks or whatever right in the middle of your bid. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And so after that, like you said three episodes. So it finds it. Is that so? Then they're saying that you know, the ads will be specified to that, or they would do. Maybe you've watched three at or three episodes. This next one is ad free, courtesy of yeah, whatever. Yeah, whoever because it because you're binge watching those things. So it's cantering to that specific audience, and that's definitely an interesting way that they're they're working on it, you know, in combat with combating with Netflix, who's has no ads right now. But there has been talk that, you know, that could change down the line because with all these streaming service is there are gonna have to make money somehow. So we'll have to see how it all shakes out. But that's what Who is doing the smithy adds a little bit more tolerable for all the binge watchers out there. All right, we have a lot to cover here on digital trends, and I want to say thank you, everybody who's joining us alive and cool. Thank you. Thank you. Ah, a lot to talk about. We have a lot of great interviews coming up and up. Next, we're gonna play those something from the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, which was down in Maui last week, where I was able to talk to Hugo Swartz of Qualcomm and then also non from a company called Spatial and Spatial. Makes it very interesting a RVR platform to where you can interact no matter what platform you're on. You could meet in this a r V r space. It's really interesting. The interview's gonna explain a lot more, and you're gonna get to see Avi Army, which is kind of creepy, but that's coming up nonetheless. Stick around back here a minute with Maura. Digital trends life. Uh uh Dregg Nibbler with digital transfer, the Qualcomm Snapdragon summit out in Maui. And we're talking about all things five g and X R right now, we're gonna talk about the new x r two platform, which was announced in The Perfect Person Do that. We have to go SWAT. Who's the VP and head of x R for Qualcomm. You go. Can you give a Regis an idea of what this platform is and what XAR meets? So we have invested in a Next are, which is virtual reality of mental reality under one term over the best decade. And we have many designs, many products already with snapdragon, be it in virtual reality glasses, virtual reality headsets or augmented reality glasses. And now we created a dedicated chip called The X or two. That's what we unveiled today, which brings a lot of new features that you wouldn't see on a smartphone ship to take virtual reality of mental reality to the next level. Which means all the entire platform is just so exciting to see where this can go and talking about the excitement of V, R and x, R and R, and combining that with five G something we're asking anybody as well as What are you most excited about when it comes to five g technology, right? So actually, we see three friends actually converging the first is five beginning to, you know, finally, markets and devices. The second is artificial intelligence and now a special computer X are. So these three, we believe, is gonna change that these three together is gonna change the world both on the consumer side. How we do Gae Me, how we do entertainment and also on the enterprise side, haul your training how you do logistics with a mentor reality and virtual reality devices. So X r requires immersion requires a lot of data to be sent in both from the device to the network and from the network to the device. And we need it a very low latent. See, So that's what five G brings. Five G now enables us to have processing being done on the device, but also be done on the cloud and providing an amazing user experience for consumers and enterprises. Well, I'm one of the demos that you had kinda showcased. All of that was just kind of the seamless interactions that thes seamless interaction that were going on because of the power of all of these different things. I know. Coming up next, we're gonna actually talking to somebody about that with spatial technologies. Could you talk a little bit about what we're gonna be seeing here and we're gonna be talking to you next? Actually. My favorite example off a use case that combines five g a i N x r is something we're calling holographic telepresence, which is the next generation of communication. Remember, first generation of wireless second generation of wireless voice Third generation, four generation Vito calling comes fifth generation five G with X are we bring holographic telepresence. And we had the great pleasure to have on stage with us our partners from spatial that show a great scenario. A great use case with their customer, Corina, where you can collaborate together on a virtual environment so you can imagine people in different offices. But being on a sing virtual room through the spatial technology using an ex are two platform. Yes, a special is a holographic computing platform. We imagine if Zoom and slack were reinvented for the age of holographic computing. So instead of having we don't let on that kind of video conference call 10 different locations, 10 different videos, gravity windows and, you know, have you checked out checking their email with the power of spatial computing and holographic you put on eyewear. They feel like they're right in the same room with you. Get it from a to D photo, we can generate a three D avatar lifelike expressions animations and as they move around the room, they actually have special audio. And now, with X or two, we could have even more lifelike expressions because we have a camera tracks the lips and mouth possibilities of that. But you can now do you know someone's reacting and wincing and stuff like that instead of, you know, typical videoconference setup, one camera, the back room. It might be facing the back of somebody on DSO. The power of that is what we're building. The other beautiful piece is that were completely platform agnostics, even joined from a R like the whole lands or magic leap you conjoined from PR, like a quest or next to base platform. What were you doing from a phone? Which is also awesome because you can, you don't know you could be a maneuver running late to a meeting, and you can see that either via our kid Air Corps, which is what we used on the stage or just in a little doll house view because you're in back of a cross platform aspect is really incredible. Anybody can pick it up. I mean, you mentioned using a phone using your holiday inns or whatever the set up is that they have. That's great. And talking about enterprising, being able to engage with people. What are some other aspects? Another other use cases you can think of for this kind of technology? Yeah. I mean, we really are trying to be as broad a spot. We want this to be for a 1,000,000,000 users. So we've kind of your biggest competition. Not as necessary video confident, but Delta. We want to replace business travel so that you don't have to get on a plane, right? I mean, you know, commenting so great. But it's almost like we're traveling more and more because it's so good, because all these now we're collaborating on all these people from around the world. The beautiful thing is that we've had over 200 of Fortune 1000 reach out to special to use it and across every category. So oil and gas toe look, a three d seismic data financial also three D financial data Consumer product goods we're looking at like you saw on stage like Kareena, looking at packaging design or various forms of collaboration could be support all the ways to collaborate today. So, like power point spreadsheets, you can fill a room with that stuff now and set up like just one screen. You can have these project rooms that filled the room with content and that connect to slack and teams you can use the way you work already today. This is so excited you're taking on a lot of people there with this technology. That's that's incredible. That's what we love. Talking about two is just innovation in this space and seeing what you know. These chips, like the ex Artoo can do and powerful of that talk about five G technology for you personally, you're really heavily involved in this aspect of it. On a personal level, what are you most excited about when it comes to five g? Well, it gives us the power to like take this from kind of kind of what you see on stage to almost that, like just movie movies, level quality and the reason behind that is that like now we can do remote rendering. And so two things are critically possible with for specials one. The avatars could now become crazy life like, because we can have def cameras. We can actually turn on every death def camera on every headset in the room. And now you have, like, seven different cameras that you could be stitching together. Ah ah, really right. I'm all. Instead of a knave Atari that we generate, we'll actually have complete lifelike I have. A second thing is that we can now do remote rendering, and so you need to saw some of that talked on stage and really high Fidelity models. There is literally no limit to it now because currently these headsets were using the processor that's inside them, a mobile processor. And there's limits to that in the future of rendering, we can render a Star Wars level seen in real time, and so not only we have hyper realistic real time avatars like people presents. We also have room presence, which gives you effectively teleportation when you can stimulate everything that with that high fidelity, you're basically making your Holodeck. Are you your head that walks around. Yeah, that goes with it. While this is it's really, really incredible. And it's so exciting to talk to you, you know, at the forefront of this. Congratulations on the success so far, and it's really fun to see where this is all going. And that's part of the fun of being down here to the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit is getting to see this cutting edge tech innovation that's happening right in front of us, like what spatial is doing, like what an honest doing liquid Qualcomm is doing. And if you want to find out more about any of this, you can always go to digital trans dot com and follow up on everything that we've been talking about there. Welcome back to digital trends live. I'm Greg Miller. Thank you so much for joining us wherever you find it. So that subscribe button that we get the notifications when we do go live. And we like to talk about up to date technology and cutting edge uses of technology, including Blockchain. One of the things that could do for us what we're always finding out more uses, and in particular about how we can store our data and medical data is we're gonna be talking about right now joining us. We have Christine McFarlane, who is the founder and CEO of patient. Tori, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having me. That Chris is. So I want to give everybody an overview of what your company is. And maybe you could walk through what some of the problems are that you found with data and why you wanted to found this company? Absolutely well. I started patient Ori, based on my past experience working and developing a telemedicine software and company out of New York City. One of the major problems we had was actually gaining access to patient data. Whether that was the actual patients who came in to see doctors over the APP couldn't gain access to the information or whether it was our doctors were going to these different insurance providers and health care that wouldn't, you know, give them in this area information enable in order to treat their patients. So as we can't continue to look at the digital trends or current and health care and health care continues to adopt technology no. One of the major issues is access to private health data. So I started patient Tory with the focus of being able to securely store and access information to empower end users. Whether that's a physician, a patient with actionable insights into learning more about their their health care information. I love this increased access and interconnectivity to data because that's so important when it comes to medical information. If you I would imagine, you know, if you switch cities which doctors you want to be able to have that information accessible for everybody on both sides like you were just talking about. So, um, looking at it from that from that point of view, what is it about Blockchain then? And that I guess the platform that you're using that enables this this universal access to that data? Yeah. So with Blockchain were really able right now, we're able to securely integrate into legacy Siloed Elektronik medical record database systems, which currently are walled gardens. So they're housed in these, you know, health care institutions and maybe on an epic platform or sterner platform, which are two of the major current electronic medical record systems that do not talk to each other. So with the Blockchain were able to use it as an infrastructure tech apology to start to begin to interoperate data to make it accessible. And what's really important about this is you know, our company. We see the patients as the center of this ecosystem. So using block chain of smart contracts were able to provide patients with a secure key where they actually have ownership to this information and can share it with whomever they want to. So the patients themselves have access to their own data, and I feel like that's something that a lot of us don't have right now. Is that right? What all e mean it's your most valuable and personal information you don't have access to? I mean, if you especially if when we look at our chronic disease population seat multiple, you know, providers and specialists in different clinics that that's really hard to manage that information and gain access to it all at once, especially when these different clinics are on different systems. So being able to access those different systems is so key is like you said, they're walled gardens, But with this software, what you have with your platform, you can access that and incorporate it into this overall view of the data utilizing Blockchain. So with that in, this is something, you know, we ask everybody when it comes down to that When we talk about all this data out there and very sensitive information, what are some of the ways that you're able to keep that secure and safe for both the doctors or whoever else is accessing it? Yeah, So as I mentioned, you know, the key, Toto, What Blockchain is also pushing is this concept and notion of decentralization and distribution. So while data, right now, it's centralized as these walls artists, they actually service honey pots for, you know, five security theft and reaches. So the fact that we're using Blockchain to decentralize this information, um, and create a network where we also employ, you know, cryptographic option mechanism sacks to keep that information safe, it is really important. And the future of not only data storage but how we access, you know, sensitive information. What is the reaction been from the medical community so far? And maybe the adoption rate of your platform? Yeah. I mean, healthcare. It takes a while. It took us 10 years. It's like an actual decade to digitize health information, and you problems still go to some role. Um, places and they're still using paper records. So while this notion of, you know, decentralized, you know, information is really in fortune right now we see. Oh, and seeing in the air country who heads up, you know, our overall health care technology initiatives are pushing this, um, it's been it's going to take a while to educate, you know, the C suite and stakeholders in the industry, even though they do see this as a future. Yeah, there is just something about the medical community that that does seem to be a little bit behind when it comes to that kind of adoption of technology. There's probably good reasons for it, but it's always one of those things where it's like, Why are we still on paper records yet? We should be doing this right here. What you're doing, um, looking at it from for somebody out there. So maybe a patient or any anybody who wants to utilize this. How do they get on your platform and get access to this data? Yeah, Right now, we actually have a private data up where we currently take, you know, sign ups and and people were on wait lists to go ahead and test it, um, as well as you know, pilot it with their current health institutions. So right now it's it's available via the APP store. You can actually go to our website at patient torrey dot com and sign up as an interested user to start only in your health information. I will definitely do that. That sounds great. Well, thank you so much for joining us to. It's such an interesting conversation to see how you're using Block Jane. That's definitely going to help people's lives. I mean, access to data is so key, and it's nice that we could finally get access to that and see See what all those notes are about ourselves. So So because they do so much for joining us today. Here are digital trends live. Thank you again for having me. Really? All right, so what a really great use of Blockchain right there. And that's something that you know we all want. We all know that our data is being utilized in so many different ways, but access to our medical data is key. I mean, we should have access to that. Right? So that's one of those great uses of block train and patient Tory's. Certainly on top of that and and utilizing that platform. All right, here's what's coming up. Next, we're gonna take a break, and then I'm gonna be joined from our New York studio by Corey Gaskin. Who's gonna be unboxing a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Star Wars edition. I'm extremely jealous, but we're gonna get to see that will be going there. Live to New York here as we come up onto the brake where Cory is gonna be with us. Oh, there he is right there. Getting prepared. That is the behind the scenes prep if we're taking a look at that. But, uh, it's coming up here in just a little bit. So stick around back in a minute with more digital trends live. Uh uh. Welcome back to digital trends live. Thanks for joining us. Hit that subscribe button. Um, whatever platform you are watching, share this show, let people know about it and join in the conversations. I want to say thank you. Nobody who's having their own conversations on YouTube right now, or Link did or Facebook wherever you're at. And if you have questions, let us know what those are, because we can certainly bring those up as we go through the show, one of the fun things we get to do our on boxing's. We could take a look at some pretty cool products and show you what it's like. And this is definitely a cool product we're gonna be talking about right now. We have Cory, who's out in our New York studio with the Samsung Galaxy note. Plus no. 10 plus Star Wars addition. It already looks badass. And Cory, tell us about what this is that you have here in your hand. So, as you can see very special packaging here. This is the Note 10 plus Star Wars Edition that as a few extra things in this package is you could see a little bit bigger than a smartphone package. You have galaxy buds in here. You have some special Star Wars memorabilia. Just a little badge. I think we're gonna get to see, uh, so you're not just getting the phone, but you're getting galaxy buds and, uh, some cool color themes here too, along with some stuff where customers ations for the Star Wars theme. So this and this is on sale right now so people can pick it up. I believe that That just went on sale today, actually, so we have it right here with us. Let's go ahead and walk through this and start unboxing that I cannot wait to see what's inside. Let's get going. Yeah. So first thing first. Okay. By the way, Greg, are you are you big star Wars fan? Yes. Okay, because I'm not I'm not a huge Star Wars fan. Okay, Is this on the front? Is this kylo Ren? Oh, my God. Okay. Yes, that's Carlo Read. That is Kylo Ren right there on the thought. So I thought so. I know things. Yeah, so there we got him. Got his mask off. Yeah, and that put that in? Ah, I wasn't that way. Every star wars, peace that comes out of this box. That's how this is the good team, right? Yeah. What's the dark side? Just kidding. I'm just kidding. I know what the dark side is. You know, you can also see the dark side side. It says Okay, so So we're hoping to get up. So I'm sure people love this. We're taking a look at this. Is this is this the unfeeling right here? Uh, gotta gotta hinge. It's Ah, hinge box. That is your cool Star Wars medallion and a leather case. Well, there you go. Very nice. Real leather. Okay, so we're so we're opening it up here and again as well. What? Pretty cool. So they get Samsung Galaxy note 10. Plus, you have their leather case right there. That is that. Is that it? Hard boxes at a cardboard boxer? Is that actual plastic? Yeah. This is a pretty hard cardboard box, but you can see it's got a little hinged to it. It's got this Star Wars theme that is really a box you might hang on to. Yes, definitely. Okay. So as we're going through way, have the case. What is that that you have in your hand right there? Yeah. This is the medallion. It's pretty heavy to this. Might be heavier than the phone. Um, this is your Star Wars medallion that you get in the box and, uh, you know, if you could hear that, but that's a pretty solid piece of metal right there. We'll look until it's like a complete retail me about this. This is just his helmet, right? Yeah, I'm not really sure. It's just a commemorative medal, I guess. I don't know either. So I'm sure somebody can tell us, but yeah, I mean, it looks cool. I think that's maybe just it. It's just supposed to It looks really cool. So, yeah, so we have that right there and continuing on. So that's the first layer that we have here. I'm boxing this. What do you have there, Sim Tool? Okay, I have the same tool. Requisite things for a cell phone? Yep. Even against these manuals stuff you always need. Okay, The boring stuff. Right. But keep it blocked the spun stuff. Get this out of here. Okay, throw it out. All right. What? We got another level that we're digging in here. It's definitely something under here. I don't know if I'm digging right, but digging. The only way I know how you're doing a good job. You're here we go. You're digging your digging. Great. Oh, yeah. Okay. Okay. Wow. Oh, about this is that we're on boxing. this now. So? So that whoever gets this, they don't have to go through this struggle. You just did because you just figured it out. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Who knew? This box has a drawer pulls right out here. And that's where you get your galaxy buds. First and foremost nice. Is that with the Star Wars on it? Okay, so we got the galaxy, but I'm just taking a look at there. If there's anything, Star Wars seemed on the Let's open up the buds first. Let's go for it. I got my handy utensils here. Nice. So everything has this Star Wars theme. There's a dark Star Wars theme. So the galaxy buds are included in that. You have the black case here, and I can already see a red outline on the inside. Let's Ah, how do you like those? Yes. I mean, it's just it's cool. I don't care what it is. It's just cool. So, uh, yeah, definitely. Kylo Ren Darkseid theme that they have going there. The redder, the red lights, they were okay for sure. And I'm a sucker for black and red, so I'm loving this. Uh, I'm with the dark side all the way. Now. Also do some blazers gear, galaxy buds some $30 value for you right there. Nice. That's included in this $1300 package. Yeah, we should say this is so this is the the galaxy note. 10 plus. So you have $1300 for this whole package is the special Star Wars edition. That's right, that we're walking through here. That case was weather. Is that right? Yeah, it's leather with, like, a hard shell on the inside. Okay, so it's just like a leather covered, but it's a hard shell. Has some, like, flex to it, but it's definitely gonna It has a decent amount of protection with a nice level of class to it, too. So let's go ahead. And at least let's do this phone. Yeah, let's take a look at this phone and ah, again, this is the Kylo Ren Darkseid theme. Do you know if they well, I don't know if you know, Do they have a light theme or is it just the dark side team? It's definitely Darkseid deem for sure, and there's the dark side for you. All right, let's take a look at that. See, we get red accents on there. It's so cool. And the buttons Really nice. I mean, knowing too. Yeah. Okay, so here we're taking a look here right now to we've got the box up, Just showcasing everything that comes in this. So this is this is pretty awesome. I mean, I know you know, it's marketing and Star Wars. That does a lot of it, but I can definitely understand why somebody would want to go out and get this one. So just talking on the the actual phone itself, Can you tell us since is the note 10 Plus what? What you're getting with this phone as faras the actual internals of it. So this is a 256 gigabyte version. You're going to get 12 gigabytes of RAM and the triple camera system, which was one of our favorite camera systems of the year. Ultra wide angle lens, regular lens, telephoto lens, time of flight sensors so you can take three D skins. I'm willing to bet there's some fun star. I hope at least that there's some fun Star Wars, things that they added in with that three D scanner so that you can maybe scan yourself onto the body of Kylo Ren or something cool like that. They haven't told us the software custom is ations yet. We're just going to turn it on and see. But one of the other things that they had changed was the You had to go for the s pen. You guessed it. It's a lightsaber, dude. So there you go. You got the kylo ren. Well, it doesn't exactly have all the It's not the same shape, but you got the red. Will you do it right on that video? Okay, booting up now, I don't know if you can see the screen very well, but Chi Lorenzo opening splash screen, which was pretty cool. So So we're all boxing this live. We're seeing some comments come through here that people are People are leaving. Um, I won't answer all of them, but now the West This is what we're looking at here. So this is the sense that galaxy note 10 plus Star Wars theme Kylo ren The s pen is a lightsaber. I mean, come on, they're hitting up all of this. The nostalgia points here. So I had all the right places for sure. So again, we're doing this live. And this is one of the 61 of the comments, Martin. They should have had someone, actually who actually loves Star Wars to do this. I do. Martin. I do Martin stories before he knows the phones. I know the Star Wars. That's why this is a team operation here. But, you know, if Cory wants to send it out to Portland and we can showcase here on the show, I mean, that's totally something we could do. That's a thought. That's a thought. Well, okay. I just want to see if I was going to, but I did want okay. I just noticed something. I just noticed something. I'm gonna try and let you hear it. We can't pull out the lightsaber. Oh, come on. Yep. Can you hear that? Yeah, yeah, yeah. You had a nice Yeah, that's yeah, that's it's Harry. When you put it back in, you get a nice sound effect. It's very sats like that is awesome. Should be satisfying for all you star Wars nerds. Yes, indeed. That is. That is me. So again, you can't send that to Portland office. But all right, so there it is. That is anything else in the box that we can we can see is that we're at We're at the fatality. Make sure we're not missing anything here. Okay. Uh, doesn't look like it. That's all. Jing all the things that I expected. So no more surprises there. Okay? But still, that is the official unboxing of the Star Wars edition. There it is. All right. The star was Addition Kalac See doubt 10 plus two and 56 gigs. Version 1300 bucks. You get everything kylo ren that you'd ever want. Anna Medallion and Corey Thank you for Unboxing and showcasing this again. I am extremely jealous. I'm not even attempt to hide that on the show right now. And yeah, you know, if if it makes its way to Portland, I mean, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna be mad about that, but there is. So anybody wants to pick that up? That can go check that out. And I'm sure we'll have something up. A digital trends, not calm about it as well. Corey. Thank you. Thank you, Greg. I'm so incredibly jealous. All right. We have more to talk about the Let's continue on with the show, shall we? So, uh, hello to everybody who's watching live on whatever platform you are watching right now. Let's talk about what we have coming up. And I'm gonna tell you that right now we are gonna be actually, this is pretty exciting what we're gonna be talking about. Next, we're gonna have Sarah Hill, who's the CEO and chief storyteller of a company called Helium on. And we have been actually trying this out. It's an A R V R platform to help manage stress in a drug freeway and actually has biomedical data that utilizes it's able to sense your brain waves. It's a really, really cool platform. We're gonna be discussing that. We've got news coming up. We have Ken Young from foot board is gonna be joining us protect Rie. So stick around back your men with more digital trends. Uh uh. Welcome back to digital trans life. Hello, everyone. I'm Greg Nibbler. Thank you for joining us. You can join in the conversation because we are live. So if you have questions, please put those into whatever platform you are watching. And I'm really excited to talk about this next product. We talk about virtual reality and augmented reality quite a bit here on the show and the different utilization of it and how it can actually be incorporated into so many different fields of interests. And right now we're gonna talk about the medical side where there's such great possibilities. And this is a company helium who is certainly working on those right now. They have it right here. So we're gonna be talking to Sarah Hill, who's joining us right now. The CEO and chief storyteller. Hello. Thank you so much for joining us here on the show. To that great. It's awesome to be here chatting with you today and hello to everyone who's watching. And I want to say this. We have had this test unit here in the office for the last few days, and we've all been trying it out, and we all love this so much. But before we get into what what All it does I wanted to you to maybe give us a little bit of a back story on on the product itself and what some of the problems are that you're trying to solve with it. Yes. So helium is a virtual in augmented reality platform that's powered by your biometric information. So it's part by your electricity that's inside your body from your wearables. Whether that be your smart watch, um, or an e e g hand headband, we can harness the power of those different feeling states and allow you to control virtual and augmented reality worlds with your emotions and helium isa self management tool for anxiety That's for me. I was a television broadcaster for 20 years and the digital diet that I had chose to consume in with all of the things that were going around and the world with your social media feed, living by a police scanner and ultimately made me sick. So helium is for me as much as it is for the 41 million people who struggle with anxiety. That is so true. And I feel like for a lot of us out there to that digital diet that you brought up, I mean, definitely for you, with 20 years of news broadcasting, I can only imagine, but this is this is something that can really help out a lot of people and one of the interesting things I want to get into talking about what the V R programs are, but let's go to that biomedical data side of things. So tell us about this that I have here in my hand and what all it can. D'oh. Yeah, so that's amuse one meditation at headband. Others just a little e e g strip. That's not putting anything into your head. It's just listening to your brain patterns, much like a pair of headphones. And when paired with our virtual or offman and reality content, you can power these experiences with your thoughts. Um, you can power these experiences with a smart watch via your apple watch. Ah, an augmented reality. And so there are very specific brain patterns associate with positivity or associated with calm. We have different protocols, so you can power these experiences with a brain pattern called gamma a cemetery, which is associate with feelings of positivity. Lovejoy appreciation. Or you can power them by quieting your mind. So, for instance, if you think happy thoughts, it's kind of like Peter Pan. You fly at the side of of a beautiful waterfall and virtual reality or your feelings of calm instead of close your eyes and meditate. It's open your eyes and become more self aware of those thoughts and emotions that are inside you. So essentially, what helium is doing is just allowing you to see those feelings and to know that they have power to control things not only in the virtual world but the real world as well. And you see, in this augmented reality experience, you could make the flurries fly in a magic snow globe, you could illuminate the planets with your heart rate. You can grow flowers with your feelings of com, its power steering, if you will, for a traditional mindfulness and meditation and allows you to know Ah, have, ah a little idea to know. Am I doing it right? You can much like Harry past, Potter cast a spirit animal out into the environment with different feeling States and, um, see that little animal come around as your positive vibes personified inside the street. It is really fascinating how it works. And and yet, like you said, you know you have the e k. G right there. And you know this is how it for anybody who wants to know how put it on this is. I believe I'm doing it right on e g. Which stands for electroencephalogram it back in the day. Used to have Ah, huge You know, 24 channel E G cap. Now these air consumer e g with amuse one meditation head and then you're able to compare it with our experiences as a remote control. You're controlling it with your brand. So this pairs up with the V R platforms that you have And let's walk through a little bit of that as far as how this all works together, because this is one of the interesting things that we've been seeing. You know, obviously this you said this pairs up with with this or with the smartwatch. But on the technical side of things, what is it doing with the program itself as faras reading that and interacting with the V our environment? Yes. So it's a Bluetooth connection. You're smart watch can communicate with your mobile device on our abs air on IOS and Android in addition to the Oculus store. And so you're smart. Watch that heartbreak data via Bluetooth payers with your mobile device and our technology, and it allows you to control these experiences or modify this content with a brain pattern or with ah ah, heart rate. Um, and it's the same thing with the headband. You're able, Thio. You know, pair these the headband with a virtual reality headset. And then you use Haley's technology and he Liam's content in order to escape, uh, two different, beautiful places. So tell us about the importance of this kind of platform and what you see with this kind of treatment as faras using virtual reality or augmented reality versus traditional ways of managing stress. Yes, so the brain believes what it sees. Um, 75% of people are visual learners. We have three different published studies. This is an evidence based intervention. Predators and Psychology Journal of Neural Regulation. Ah, the scholarly journal of behavioral science and psychology showed that helium not only reduced anxiety quickly by 1/3 Ah, in his little less four minutes, but increased in area of the brain called gamma asymmetry, which is associated with those feelings of positivity. So these kits are being used in areas of acute situational, confined stress. Anything that sucks that you have to go through, um, blood donations, infusion clinics. Um any place that has has a needle, you could not only instantly escape inside the goggles, but you could have your mobile device there. You know, parents are using it with their Children to teach them about their mind body connection that allows them to see what it's like to calm down school's air, using it instead of timeouts or giving healing amounts to a child. When you tell your child. Okay, go, go get your act together or, you know, read the space so you can go get your emotions back in tech intact. What does that mean? Well, you know, with helium and very concrete, Lee means go and hatch butterflies with that feeling of positivity. Go float up that waterfall with your your your your thoughts of quiet mind. So it's, you know, again, uh, easy ways for people who might struggle with traditional mindfulness meditation. And every 60 days we add a new piece of content to the platform so it never gets old, either with our augmented reality, our iPhone or android APS, or in in virtual reality as well. You can go through your brain, um, on and see some of the different areas and how they work. You could be in a Zen garden. Um, you can let the cherry blossoms float all around you. It's just virtual peace. And again that reminder that your thoughts have power. It's it's really an incredible platform, and I do mean that to sincerely. We've all been trying it out here and are very big fans of what it can do it. It's very relaxing, and it's for me personally. Like this is something that I could definitely interact with versus maybe traditional ways of stress. Management wouldn't work as well. This has been really nice thing to use, and I want to let people know, too, for people out there who want to utilize this kind of platform, and you mentioned some of the places where it's being incorporated in right now. How can people get access to it? How can they use this and get set up with something like this? Yes, we have an e commerce sites on our website, and that's that. Try helium dot com and a reminder that helium is spelled like hell like healing. So that's try H E. A L u M um, and it's a subscription basis So you subscribe. And again, every 60 days you get a piece of content. Well, sir, thank you so much for joining us here to talk about this. It's really an amazing product and really appreciate you joining us here to just talk about what you're doing with this and best have continued success with it. Absolutely positive vibes to you and virtual piece. Have a great day. Thank you. That was that was really credible. So again, this product really is I'm sincerely we've tried it. It's really great. It's nice to see different uses of technology to manage problems that we all have, like stress. I know we need to get going on because we have a lot to talk about. We have Ken Young from FLIPBOARD is gonna join us for another edition of Tech briefs to stick around back here a minute with more digital trends live. Uh huh. Welcome back to digital trends live. Thank you, everyone for joining us. It is now time for another edition of Tech briefs, which is our weekly segment where myself and Can Young from flipboard recap the biggest stories in tech and I want to say this today's episode of Tech briefs is being brought to you by Bomba Socks. Bomb the socks, maybe the softest cotton in the world and with extra cushioning. So no matter where you're walking or what you're doing, you'll be perfectly comfortable. Bomb. It's also has a mission to help others. So for every item purchased, they will also donate a specially designed pair of socks to someone in need. You can take advantage of a great offer right now, but going to bomb us dot com slash digital and get 20% off your first purchase. That's B O M B a s dot com slash digital for 20% off bombs dot com slash digital. All right, let's get on and talk about some of the biggest stories intact to do so I have joining me, Mister Keun Yung. Hello, Ken. Hey, Greg. Nice to see you again. Good to see you too. And for ah, mid December it was a surprisingly really busy week in text. So let's get started off the beginning of the week And one of the big announcements from Apple, which is the Mac pro, is out and it is expensive. But for a recent it's actually designed the pro in. This is actually something that actually means something. I feel like versus pro and some of the other platforms that you use that term in because this is designed for really high end use cases. But starting at six grand, it could go all the way up to $52,000. Yeah, I'm pretty sure like if I asked my parents to buy me this for Christmas is going to not only be Christmas, but it's my birthday wedding, graduation. You know, whatever else presence for my grandkids, you know, this is this is an expensive ah computer that you know is made for the professionals. Uh, it's not made for the, you know, the college student. I mean, unless you're pretty well off. But look, you're right. This is this is at the space model. It's about $6000 just for the computer. Now, if you wantto attack on that, that pro display XY our monitor that's gonna cost you way. Morris. I believe that's another $4000 right there. Um, and if you go soup to nuts, the with, you know, all out custom. Er, uh, features. You're looking at about the cost of a cyber truck and you know, I don't know about you, but I personally would probably want the one the macro versus the cyber truck. Because unless the cyber truck hidden is an actual Optimus Prime transformer it, you know that's not gonna boot me as much as a back bro. You know, I'm going with the cyber truck. I got to go with that. I think it's it's what I would choose if, you know, we were each given $52,000. Clearly, that's a study that we need to do where each of us takes that, and then we'll test him out and see who's happier. But that is what we're looking at there with Mac Pro. We had to bring that up because it's definitely one of the biggest product announcements that we had this week. So people are taking advantage of it, and again it is for a very high end user who's gonna be using that a very professional video videographer, any kind of things like that, a lot of editing, processing power that you're gonna need with that. So that's the Mac pro. Let's continue on, though. Talk about some other news. Facebook, as always, finds its way into our tech news this week, but now it's with some disagreements is having with the Department of Justice and with the Senate. And there's a there's a couple of things to unravel with this one of them being that when it comes to encryption earlier in the week, they you know that Facebook has made it no secret. They're gonna integrate WhatsApp and Instagram and Facebook and further entrench each of those APS into each other. But they're also going to make and and encryption a possibility. This is something that they believe is necessary for them as a company and for the end user to where all of your messages are encrypted. Well, the government asked if they would provide a back door for government uses to be able to get into that and Facebook flat out said no. And I think that's a good thing that they said No, that's that's protecting the consumer. But it's leading to some other consequences that air, they're falling down. And that's what the big news was yesterday with the FTC. I think that this definitely has something to do with it putting out a preliminary injunction against Facebook. Can you walk us through those details? Oh, absolutely. So if you were called earlier this year in and my very similar to what? You what? You just mentioned Facebook. It has been been under fire for the past couple years. Over. You know, this is their abuse of consumer data of over there. They're user's data. And so, uh, Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg decided Thio, you know, do a surprise pivot of sorts and early on earlier this year said, Look, we're going to integrate Ah, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram together. And we're gonna basically you streamline everything and allow and end encryption. So this seems pretty good. And the no work has been done quite yet. I mean, well, I should actually quite myself. Some work has been done in the behind the scenes. So what? Not a lot that most people will see, But the at the end of the day, the department, justice and Congress are basically saying, Look, this is great way support privacy, but you need to give law enforcement access to this data s O that weaken a curb. Criminal behavior on you know, you guys control. Facebook controls three of the largest messaging APS in the world. And so the law enforcement needs to have a way to make cases against criminals, pedophiles, sex traffickers and, like so but Facebook saying, Look, no, we're not gonna do that. We don't want to compromise user data user privacy, and we want to make sure everyone has an encryption. What's up, if you recall, doesn't already have and encryption. But Facebook wants to extend that to all the other messaging apps. Department Justice is fighting against that, and the U. S Senate has said, Look, you figure it out. Uh, tech companies in general needs a cigarette encryption weaken it or we're going to regulate encryption. And that could, that could pose a serious issues in 2020. Yeah, the FTC putting out this injunction about about Facebook further integrating their APS and and, you know, making that threat it actually did affect their stock stock went down on Facebook. You know, that's probably something that I would imagine will bounce back, but still it's having an effect. And this is certainly the biggest representation for a tech company of going to battle about user data you had some of the stuff with Apple before, with the iPhone as faras encryption and them saying no. And then people kind of figured out ways around it. I suppose it's possible somebody could figure out a way around what Facebook is doing, but they're going to battle saying no, we're sticking to our guns is what we're gonna do. So how this all shakes out, Yeah, I mean, the ramifications could be huge, and whatever happens to Facebook is what we're going to see fall out with everybody else, too. But But I would I would caution, though, that with the FTC that's that's just currently reported. The FTC has not taken any official action yet against that and their basic. At the very least, that's going they're going. They're looking to stop the technical integration. According to New York Times, a technical integration of the three messaging service is together now, whether, but what other further action could that lead to? Could that Lee to breaking up uh, Facebook in terms of from their messaging apps? Uh, a port in New York? Times like the FTC hasn't really had any precedent to a nun do murders that have already been closed and if you're cold, Facebook but instagram for over a $1,000,000,000 of Facebook. But what's up? For over $20 billion? So and those those deals all closed. The FTC approved both acquisitions, so it'll be very interesting to see if the FTC actually does take action or if they're currently doing the bidding of the DOJ and the Senate in terms of wanting to, ah, weaken encryption. Yeah, but one thing especially note, uh, the F. T. C. Is currently investigating Facebook over antitrust violations. So it'll be very interesting to see in 2020. And what happens I not only with Facebook, but also just tech in general. Yeah, I think that's a very important, too, that you brought up because it is. There's a lot happening, and there's a lot of different moving parts to it. But whether it's part of all one machine or it's different things that are going against Facebook, that's true. It gets its. It's easy to draw that line, but it's not necessarily the line that's there. But these are all things that are happening with Facebook, and there's a lot that's going to shake out regardless, on all of those issues in the coming weeks. All right, One other thing that we have a couple other things that we just want to get to really quick when it comes to social media. Facebook also announcing that they have created a A. Are there going to be creating a CE, basically Supreme Court of Social Media to help them monitor at their the activity on Facebook? So that's kind of separate from them. They could take it to them. Twitter also saying that they want to create a decentralized platform for all social media. Utilizing this, this thing they're calling Blue Skies. Basically, it's not anything yet, but it's their idea where they're taking some developers and being like, Oh, okay, create this decentralized platform, then we'll just exist on it. So I think that's just another sign of of the social networks understanding that people are concerned about how much control they have, what privacy has on their on dhe trying to just at least say, Hey, look, we're doing something. It's two different approaches, right? I mean, both companies aren't, you know, be interested, would be fascinating to see both companies can go in that same direction in terms of trying to solve a problem. But you can see it's It's a tale of two cities. Facebook's trying to say, Look, we we want on independent source to to help us Judge are content that's on a platform. And so they're looking to create the Supreme Court, which could overrule Mark Zuckerberg's decisions in terms of content. But, you know, about a year after Zuckerberg A proclaimed that there was a Supreme Court in the works, we're still waiting on that. And he's the Facebook has clearly said this week that they're gonna take their time in terms of picking out who's gonna participate in this court. They're gonna invest, I believe, $130 million to pay the salary and basically set up this this operation. Now you look at Twitter. Twitter's now just an exploratory mode. They're trying to figure out this centralization, ah, of social network type of thing. Whether or not that involves the Blockchain, who knows? They're they're investigating that right now, with a small team of researchers, it's almost probably, you know, we probably expect some sort of white paper next year. Uh, but, you know, they're immediately receiving criticism from other platforms such as mastodons were saying, Look, Twitter, we've been doing this. Where have you guys been like Let's talk, talk to us. We've been figuring this out. Uh, and but whether or not this type of approach will solve Twitter's, you know, safety issue, it's it's harassment issue and and whatever else displaying the evils of the world on the Internet, you know that it's totally unclear whether the centralization will actually you actually make a difference for just kind of put everything into the shadows Definitely some big issues that are going on a tech as far as understanding how all that's gonna shake out. And I know we're out of time and I want to briefly mention that if you want. If anybody wants to follow up, there is the new Xbox. Siri's exit was announced. This project Scarlett is no more. The new Xbox platform was announced to the gaming War's gonna be heating up. That's probably something we'll be talking about a lot to in the coming weeks. We can read more about everything we've been discussing at FLIPBOARD or at digital trends dot com and catch up with all of the news that is going on something that we like to do here with tech briefs and, uh, can I want to say thank you very much? As always, it's fun talking about tech there. Is that never enough time to get it all in. But we try to help people out with at least to be to be knowledgeable on some of the biggest stories that have gone on. Ken. Thanks a lot. Thanks, guys. Appreciate it. All right, I know we need to get to a break because we have a lot to talk about here because there are so many different things in aspects of tech that we've been covering here on this show. And I want to say thank you. Everybody who's joining us live wherever you're at. So coming up next here in studio, we have Carl Afridi, the co founder and CEO, CEO of Invoice, paid to talk about their platform and what they're using tech, foreign, cloud based solutions to solve for enterprise issues. All right, so that's coming up. So stick around, back into bed with more digital trends live. Uh uh uh. Welcome back to digital trends live. Thank you for joining us wherever you are, hit that subscribe button and joining the conversation that we get to have about technology. I'm Greg Nibbler, and we like to talk about entrepreneurs and different solutions that people find problems that existed before. But tech can solve, and that's what we're gonna be talking about right now. So I'm very excited. We have ah, Carl Afridi, the co founder and CEO of Invoice Pay. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. Nice to be here. So let's give everybody a bit of a background. You know, you've been at this for a while as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, as somebody who has been, you know, working at this. Can you tell everybody what problems you saw back when you founded the company that you wanted? Invoice paid us off. So invoice paid does something that sounds really simple, but it's very complex, and so we transform the complicated and expensive effort that goes into paying suppliers, and we make that a streamlined, efficient, automated flow. So in other words, we help big companies pay their invoices electronically, and the world of business is so much different than the world of consumers, right, so that as consumers, we think, How could this be a problem, Right? Because we can go online and we can do Bill pay through multiple portals, multiple banks using our phone many different ways. But in business, it's really hard to pay invoices right in the world is really paper bound, so invoice pay uses technology and software to change that into a very efficient flow and make it much more like a consumer experience. So when we started invoice pay back in 2000 and nine, nobody was talking about B two B payments, right? Nobody had ever made money and B to B payments. The landscape was littered with failures, quite literally. And in Portland, Oregon, it's hard to raise money, right, And it was the start of the recession. So sometimes we laugh, you know, three strikes against. That's a rough time to start a business be baby recession in Portland, Oregon. But it was such a big opportunity and such a big problem that we were able to attack it and solve it, enabled a yet create this. This company that now you have is thriving nine years later exactly talking about it from From that standpoint, just to understand a little bit more about the product that I want to talk about your experience as an entrepreneur as well. But the product itself. So now the business are able t easily send and receive invoices, I suppose from business to business. Are you utilizing a lot of cloud based solutions? Can you speak a little bit to the technical side of that? Yeah. You know, when I talk tech are engineers kind of roll their eyes back in their head? General, get so weird. Thing of us is the next generation of of payment automation software. Okay, so the first generation was really banks going around and try to get companies. Hey, you can pay electronically. Use our credit card. Well, that, you know, there are. There are plenty of businesses that take cards, and you can move some payments electronically that way, but it's a small percent of the payments. And the real problem in paying your suppliers electronically is understanding what they accept, You know? What kinds of payments do they accept? Where's the Remittance CO? What information do they need about that invoice to receive? So the data is the problem, and there are hundreds of thousands millions of suppliers out there, right? So the consumer space there's 10,000 you can consolidate. That was on a bill pay website, but but the world of suppliers and capturing that data, managing that data dynamically is the big problem. So we created a cloud based software, and we use the cloud to bring down the cost of collecting and managing that data. In other words, we bring a supplier into our network. And once they're in our network, they could be paid by all the other customers in our network. Okay. And so think about as we get bigger, we get faster and stronger, right? So the day we turn a customer on, they can pay hundreds of thousands suppliers now that are already in our network. Because you've made this this uniform platform that they can all go to direct it. Right? So we capture the data, we dynamically use it, and we use the software to remove the air's Think of it is a gated community. Almost. We take the air's out at the front gate, right. We prevent ah lot of businesses for making problems. So the dirty little secret of free to be payments is things go wrong, right? Customers make mistakes. Suppliers make mistakes. So we use the software to find those mistakes, to give customers a chance to fix them before it becomes a payment. And that's important because that's great. Payments are not software, right? There's money in flight when there's money in flight. Somebody has not been paid. A customer doesn't know where their money is at, and it's an issue. So we reduce those airs. We manage that data and we deliver a great experience to the supplier, right? So now they can see who paid him how much was paid. So we automate that and kind of make it a push button. So now our customers can push a button and send a hundreds of thousands of payments to invoice. But all at one time, all at one time. Wow! Without worrying about it, that's tremendous as faras just managing workloads. And I can only imagine, you know, some of the things that you've seen over this time of growing this company and the changing way that people you know do pay, obviously, with invoice paid being one of them. Can you speak to just being this long into the industry? Some of the changes that you've seen and where you see the space going, like saying the next, like five years or so. So this category and again, I think we're all impacted by our understanding of consumer payments and how it has changed a lot. It has changed very quickly. There's titans on the landscape. Baby payments has changed very slowly. So this category of payment automation is still really early. It is, you know, less than 5% of the market has software like invoice pays. That's really next generation software that allows them to pay, ah, 100% of their payments electronically. So so consider that were you know, if you're a Jeffrey Moore fan, where early in that crossing the chasm in that technology technology adoption. Okay, so we got a long way to go in just based payments. But as the payment flow becomes more digital Oh, my gosh, there's tons of opportunity create value. And as that payment is connected with the invoice upstream, so now customers can see Jeez, Did they pay on time? Did they capture all the discounts that maybe they had with a supplier right and downstream suppliers. Now we haven't approved invoice. If the supplier wants early access to capital, we can do that. So coupling the data with the payment earlier on in that flow is there's a lot of opportunity to build more value to both the buyer and the supplier. So it's really a growing and expanding category. It iss it's It's crazy. It's gonna have crazy growth the next couple years. Um, last thing I want to ask you is is just for everybody out there? Who? You speaking to your tech side? Informing a business What would be your number one rule or advice that you would give to somebody who's out there starting a business right now? So funny, because I'm asked this a lot. And I think starting starting a business sounds really great and the reality of how hard it is I sometimes I would laugh my husband go. Oh, my gosh, If I knew how hard this was, you know, I never would have done it heals. Well, then, I'm glad you didn't know, right? This is this been great? But for entrepreneurs, what I would say is When you start a business, you have to focus all your resource is on your product right and getting a customer proof points. So as investors, investors don't want to invest until you're proven right. Tell you have success and lots of customers and growth rates. And so you have to as an entrepreneur think and be very scrappy. And be very careful with those funds, right? Use your own funds, raise seed money, establish proof points early, and then raising capital becomes so much easier. Right? That's some great advice. Yeah, yeah, so that when you have that record that people get when you're going forward, well, thank you so much for coming in here and talking about your company and for everybody out there, too. For businesses who want to utilize it, What's the best place for them to go? Invoice, Pay voice. Brady and Yeah, So it's end voice pay dot com and our customers. We have some very big customers. They can come and see. You know, we have customers MGM and Lift and ah listens Winterton. Some very big customers who use it so they can come to our website and start a conversation Perfect Well, thank you so much for joining us here. And thank you. Thanks. Everybody is watching live to appreciate. Nobody's tuning in. We cover a lot of things on here, and it's always great to talk to somebody like Carly just walked through some of the some of the different things that you've tackled and handled, and we have more coming up. So we're gonna take a break. We'll come back. We have between the streams, right? Money is gonna get me in here to talk about some things happening in movies and entertainment to round out the day here on this Friday. We are live ground back in a minute with more digital trends live. Uh uh uh. Welcome back to digital Trans Live. It's Friday and we're rounding out the end of the show with our usual segment here. It is time for between the streams. I'm Greg Nibbler here with Ramon. You. That's correct. That is you. It is you. It is Ryan. He is here. And we're going to talk about movies and entertainment, So yeah, um, the first thing I want that I want to bring up just I know it's a week away, but started its all star wars now its all Star wars everywhere. And I actually stopped watching some of the trailers because I'm like, Okay, I know I really I tried not to watch the clip, but I had to watch the clip. But you have to what you have. I know it's really annoying. Stop. Stop sending us stuff. Just watch the movie. Well, we've got a lot of articles that digital trends, too, about what to expect One people are wanting out of this movie and how they expected to wrap up for me just before we get into it. You know, next week I feel like no matter what happens, there's gonna be half the people that we hated half full of it, no matter what it may be. S O. I think that this is a really interesting time for Star Wars. In a lot of ways. The men Lauren has brought it some goodwill. That was sort of, I think, in some ways, pulled back with movies like Solo. So I think the man DeLorean has made it hot again. Maybe it's made it so that people want that retro, so they're not gonna be as excited about the newer stories. I don't know, but I do think that the interesting thing about this movie is it's really an endgame situation. Yeah, and endgame is one of the only movies I've ever seen. And by that I mean Avengers endgame. Not overall India. But yeah, that's one of the only movies I've ever seen that perfectly tied up with a bow. That such a massive spectrum of films. Yeah, we'd never seen it before. This is now positioned in a very similar situation, So it's really just all about Can Abrams stick the landing? And I think it's going to be less controversial than last shed I so it won't have as much divide. I think it will either be pretty much everybody thinks they stuck the landing and it and it tied up everything perfectly or, you know the other way. It could go very wrong. Yeah, but I think the early, you know, statements we've been having from from fans and people that have gotten those sort of early looks at it, it's looking like it's going to be very good on dhe, very sort of. Hopefully a nice ex elation on this nine movie trilogy, you know, try trilogy. Well, I would be watching it next Thursday. There's David going on Thursday evening, so I'll be watching its own it one week from now. We will know more. We won't give you any spoilers, but we'll know more about it, and it's just gonna be nonstop. So expect that for the next weeks and weeks it's gonna be all Star Wars all the time. But let's talk about a couple other things during out a little bit further. We are in the middle of as Ryan coin before a piano. A song that is officially coins right here in between the streets, actually, just Chiana Sants. Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You mispronouncing that The renaissance? Uh, actually, this has to do with some news that came out about Matrix for which we know is gonna be happening. We have matrix for And then also John Wick for and the report that they're both gonna be coming out on the same day May 2120 21 is officially going to be a quiano day. Yeah, forever. There's no way that's gonna stick that they gotta change that. You're probably right. He's gonna back down. This is Yeah, this is I said it's like a key honorees feedback loop. Like something went terribly wrong. And he just starts in every movie. We're gonna make six. Yes. Like that matrix to where it's just everywhere is Mr Agent Smith. Except it's Chiana was Yeah, Yeah. I don't know what they're gonna do here, but yeah, you do. You think they're going to split the vote? And that's just gonna you know? Then the other guy's gonna win. That's gonna split the Chiana vote, right? And then some. You know, some romantic comedy is going to take the right the box office that makes you think it's a bad idea, O R. Maybe he's that powerful. Maybe everyone will choose. Just go to both double feature. You know they're gonna go to a movie on Friday night and then Saturday night like I don't know how powerful Quiano is at this point. Maybe that's what they're trying to find out heat. Maybe somebody wants to push the limits and see how powerful Quiano is so they can re gauge how many more Sequels they need. I don't It's a very odd let us know How powerful do you think Quiano is? That's the new poll that we're gonna put out. That wasn't just a bad planning mistake, I think was just a bad planning mistake. Molly boasted years like crap. Who's gonna back down? Somebody's gonna back down. That's the next thing that I feel like The Matrix will not back down. You, don't you think So it's Ah, no figures. God, you. Oh, yeah, I know, but it's I just feel like my matrix ball back. They'll have to seek an overseas Kiana Tom Petty. All right, you can read more about that. Digital trends Not calm. I've got another trailer this week talking about superhero movies. We have Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984. And this is one that I mean Wonder Woman. Definitely in the d. C. Canada movies of these newer movies that they have one of them was definitely a success. That was That was a really good movie. I would say It's definitely the best one. The best one. Yeah. Um, yeah, I guess financially, some of the other ones were success to you, but certainly wonder Woman. I don't think anybody disputed. That was a good one. So Wonder Woman 1984 you're taking place. What is it? 70 years after the first film and we're getting some more trailers for it. It's definitely got that nostalgic feel. Yes, you've seen it before, but they did a very good job with it. The sound you know, the theme song that they've got going in the background is a classic, and it's fun. Are bullish, I would say is that although Captain Marvel's nineties never mind. Yeah, I mean, but yeah, it's same kind of idea. I agree with that. I think though it looks more fun than Captain Marvel to me. I love Galahad. Oh, you know, Not that I don't love Brie Larson, but I think that this movie looks really interesting, Really fun. The Maxwell Lord character is gonna be really fun to see. This is a common villain. So rich Rick Marshall, I should say, did a piece about this and sort of laid out some questions that he had going into this. So I'm definitely stealing from his comic book knowledge here. But apparently Maxwell Lord is sort of a multi versatile villain as comics. Do you know he's got a lot of different ways that he's presented in different comics. He's everything from a sleazy tycoon and criminal mastermind, the telepathic terrorist to pawn of scenting computer virus, Rick says. So apparently he could do all kinds of things. So it's hard to say which version we're gonna see of him in this movie. But he seems really fun, and, you know, it looks like it's going to be well played. And then we have Steve Trevor, who is supposed to be dead and 40 years old, right? Yes, 40 years, 40 years back. Respond died. So we're gonna figure out how it's possible that he's there. And apparently Maxwell Lord uses like illusions. So it could be that that's Steve. Trevor isn't really so. There's some interesting things there. And then we have Cheetah presenting herself. Which is Kristen wig kind of doing her best Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman thing going on. Yeah, so she's gonna be a villain at some point, but she's friends with Salgado, you know, in the galley that in the in the trailer, so that's an interesting factor. There's a lot of cool things happening here, a lot of good actors. It looks good and I'm pretty excited about it. Yeah, so that's wonder where in 1984 again, Taking a look at that. And, like you said, Rick Marshall's got a lot of information. A digital trends dot com If you want to dig into it more, yeah, those four questions get a little deeper for sure. Yeah, um, a couple of things here that we just want to bring up. So another trailer that we got the final trailer for the Witcher? Yes, and this is Netflix is push, and it's a term now, their game of Thrones. Escott, Siri's there. It's trying to be their game of Thrones. And, uh, some of the reviews will come back saying that it's actually pretty fun. Yeah, um, I haven't watched it. I don't know if I have any room in my life for another fantasy of this. It's like to get deep into this, so I really don't know much about this. I know that people really love the books, and I know that people really love the games, so I will definitely check it out. But I just have nothing to bring to the table on this because I just don't know the Witcher at all. Yeah. I mean, that's that's the thing with when you're looking at this. I mean, it does look like it's gonna be a pretty fun Siri's. I mean, you do get a lot of Henry Cavill is very Henry Cavil ish, and I love Henry Cavil in every cattle school. But that's what we're looking at it right there. So that's the Witcher, and we've got that trailer up. I'm excited to watch the Siri's and check it out, and I'm just going to kind of go in blind and see what it is. Yeah, and see where it's at. Yeah, he witches, he doesn't actually. Which which Rainier's s Oh, so that's what we're looking at. So that's the Witcher again right there. And so you can check all of that at digital trans dot com. Let us know what you think about that, and I think that we're times between the streams. This is our weekly segment here, and thank you, Ram, Juanito, End. They separate who's tuning in? So let's take a look at next week on digital trends live. We'll have Michael melting the head of culinary for Impossible food's gonna be joining us in the digital Trends kitchen to create some tasty holiday advertisers using their plant based impossible burgers. That's on Wednesday. That's a big day in on Monday, our New York studio. We have young circuits in the CEO and president of well, joining to discuss the continue advancement of bionic prosthetic technologies and how they're being used to improve the lives of patients. And I have a project for production team in advance. We're having Henrik tie Speck on the show, who is the CEO and founder of the EOE, the maker of a four K camera that's programmed to record soccer games without the need for a cameraman. So they haven't mentioned filming news yet. I hope our team is safe. We already know there's a V R version of me out there, so I'm already in trouble on Don't forget, you can watch digital trends live wherever you consume content with the Internet every Monday through Friday and not a Pacific Noon Eastern, and we look forward to seeing you right back here Monday for general trends on drug dealers. Have a great weekend