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Your shoe will also be your running coach with the new Altra Torin IQ

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Getting the right pair of shoes to run in has always been of the utmost importance, but now, Altra and iFit have made your footwear more important still. Meet the Altra Torin IQ powered by iFit, described as the world’s first smart shoe. What’s so intelligent about this sneaker? It’s the running coach that’s built into each pair that promises to give you “accurate running intelligence in four critical areas and live coaching feedback during every run.”

“For too long, the two main metrics to measure your run have been ‘how far?’ and ‘how fast?’” said Altra’s president and co-founder, Brian Beckstead. “With Altra Torin IQ shoes, you get a much richer picture of your run with real-time coaching. We analyze the problems in real time, and provide you with proactive suggestions so you can correct and improve right away. Running has never been smarter.”

Despite the presence of a smart coach in the shoe itself, you won’t be weighed down during your run. Featuring full-length but super-light sensors and transmitters in the midsole of each shoe, the Altra Torin IQ gives you live data for each foot. By way of Bluetooth technology, the shoe is able to communicate with the companion Altra IQ iFit app, and give you information about your landing zone, impact rate, contact time, and cadence. The app also keeps tabs on your pace, distance, and time.

While you’re running, the Altra Torin IQ will give you live feedback on your movement, both on your app screen and verbally. For example, by tracking your landing zone, this shoe can help you avoid landing with a harsh heel strike or in a manner that is too far forward on your toes. And thanks to the shoes’ dual sensor, you’ll get feedback on how hard each foot is hitting the ground, and if need be, how to land more softly and achieve better balance.

Despite the high-tech nature of these shoes, you’ll be able to use them just about anywhere. Promising to be rain- and puddle-resistant, you can take your Altra Torin IQs anywhere you want to go. And the flexible electronics packet embedded in the sole is good for about 600 miles, although Altra guarantees replacement should the sensor system fail.

So if you’re looking for a way to step up your pace, you may be looking for a new pair of smart shoes.

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