Charge your Apple Watch from anywhere with Amber, the charging case

amber apple watch case charger screen shot 2015 10 30 at 3 04 15 pm

If wearing an Apple Watch is meant to make you look cool, you should be able to charge your favorite wearable with the same level of suaveness. Luckily, now that Amber has launched its Kickstarter campaign, that may not be so difficult to do. Self described as a “watchcase power bank for Apple Watch,” Amber is a “chic watchcase” that allows you to charge your Apple Watch from anywhere without being chained to your desk, waiting for 100 percent. And better yet, it’ll charge your iPhone too.

Relying on the same magnetic charger that traditionally has been used to power up the Apple Watch, Amber’s secret weapon lies in its specially designed spool, around which a charging cable is snugly wrapped. Then, the cable is carefully fitted to the magnetic connector, and it’s all encased in a sleek and beautifully designed watch case that only exposes the connector. This, Amber’s creators claim, creates “a space-saving and attractive case following the beautiful Apple aesthetic that we have come to know and love.”

Relying on “world-class battery manufacturer, Desay,” Amber notes that it’s able to charge your Apple Watch, your iPhone, and itself at the same time whenever it’s plugged into an external power source. “By directing the incoming electric current flow outward, Amber effectively saves its battery cycle life,” says its makers. “And when Amber itself runs out of charge, it simply functions as a normal charger and powers devices immediately.” So now, if you find that any of your smart devices are running out of juice, simply plug them into the Amber (or place it inside the Amber) and let it charge while you continue about your day.

Mimicking the colors currently offered by Apple devices, you can buy an Amber that matches your watch or your smartphone, and if you order now, you can snag one of these beauties for $55. Already, 944 backers have pledged $67,490, allowing the Amber team to exceed its $50,000 goal with 13 days left in the campaign. So get yours while you can, and never be caught without a charged Apple Watch (or iPhone) ever again.